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Bandzoogle Review: The Best Solution to Create Band Websites?


As a musician or a band, the best way to develop your music and grow your audience is by promoting your content. The easier people access your songs the quicker your career will grow. Coming up with a professional platform where your fans can interact with you and your compositions is one of the best ways to familiarize with them. It tends to link your world and theirs, and they get to understand you as an artist. It is also the best way to catapult your career either as a solo artist or a band.

You will be able to grow career-wise, and you will be able to reach a much bigger audience which otherwise you wouldn’t. This is precisely why you need Bandzoogle, the ultimate way to create music platforms.


What is Bandzoogle for?

Bandzoogle is one of the most incredible website builders that gives an artist the rare opportunity to design their professional websites without necessarily possessing any coding knowledge of skills.

Most artists have no time to sit down and learn a programming language with the aim of coming up with an outstanding website for themselves or their bands. Some end up outsourcing the work to website building companies whom at times deliver shoddy work that does not conform to the artist’s requirements. This may be due to incompetent web builders n the company or the inability to actualize the ideas given by the artist.

To curb such disappointments, Bandzoogle came with an original web building platform that allows you to create your music website by merely using your basic computer knowledge and your thoughts. All you have to do is visualize and create exactly what you want. Technical codding is out of the question with Bandzoogle. Once you access the website building interface, you will have every tool required to come up with your desired website. This incredible platform was developed in 2003 by Chris Vinson, and ever since, it has had quite a number of artists both established and developing popularizing their music through it.

This comprehensive site-building platform enables you to maintain your online presence by ensuring that you have everything required to do so. Even though Bandzoogle does not come for free, it has some of the most generous offers that beat other web hosting companies by far. You only get to pay a few dollars a month. There is also the yearly package that is much cheaper and thus affordable to many artists. Their services are the best, and if you are from using other web hosting companies, you will be impressed by what Bandzoogle can do. This is a site that has been created by a musician for musicians, and that is why it is much easier to relate and acquaint with it.

band music

My story with Bandzoogle

When I started in music, I knew that I had the talent and the content.

I composed some songs and recorded them, and despite producing some of the best music locally (according to my fans) I was having a rough time maintaining my online presence. The platform I was using was much slower, unappealing and incredibly dull. Before the platform was set up, I had a sit-down with the web builder and discussed at length what I wanted. The most disappointing part is that he ignored most of my requests. It is like he went for what he wanted and not what I wanted. The site looked utterly different from what I wanted, but I decided to give it a try.

A month passed by but I saw no significant change in terms of my online presence. Luckily, one of my best friends and a great musician hinted that I try Bandzoogle. Am not always quick to rate products, but when I check Bandzoogle review, I was amazed. I felt like I wasted my valuable time with the other website host. Bandzoogle was impressive. It allowed me to create my interface from the website skeleton to the beefed-up good looking and alluring site that I have. I hated myself, even more, when I realized that with Bandzoogle I could replicate whatever was in my mind to the platform and get exactly what I wanted. I won’t lie, but the first time I chickened out because I thought the site was going to make me use all sorts of geek languages that I knew nothing about.

To my surprise, all I did was drag and drop whatever I wanted where I wanted it. I also noticed that most people get turned off by the fact that you have to purchase the product but always remember nothing good comes for free. Once you start using it, you will be more than glad you went ahead and bought it. The packages always make me feel like I was paying a fortune to my previous host. With Bandzoogle I only need to dish out a couple of dollars a year, and my website remains hosted. It is quite a memorable experience, and I’m always grateful that I got to know about the site before it was too late. Since the first day I relaunched my website, there has been a significant change with my online audience. I can now manage my online presence and maintain my site without any problems.

bandzoogle intergrations

Key features of Bandzoogle

There are quite many remarkable features that Bandzoogle comes with. All these include an array of tools that you will help you to develop your website without any coding knowledge. These features relieve you all the work that involves creating and maintaining a professional band website. You will find yourself doing less than you expected while delivering the best to your fans. With these features, you will be able to interact with your fans, sell your music, vend your merchandise and sell your tickets easily, quickly and without any worries whatsoever. Below is a list of some of the most outstanding features that you will find on Bandzoogle.

bandzoogle themes

1. Remarkable templates.

Bandzoogle comes with templates that will amaze you. Once you have created an account, you will be able to access more than 50 templates that cover most genres of music. Some of the types covered include classical, Hip-hop, Rock, Jazz, blues, country, pop among many others. What is even more exciting is that Bandzoogle does not limit you to these genres alone, you can always request for a blank page where you can start your website from scratch and end up with something unique and beautiful. This will enable you to create a band website that has your signature all over it.

These templates come with sample pages, texts, and images. All this data is supposed to be edited with original information. This means that even without the slightest clue of what is involved in creating a website, they will give you an incredible footprint that you will follow and come up with one fantastic platform. It is thus crucial that when picking the templates, you get to know where to put what so that you may end up with a profession band website that has everything needed. This will also keep you from failing to include any relevant information that is vital on a site.

2. Drag and drop capabilities.

This is one of the main reasons why most artists prefer Bandzoogle to any other web building interface there. It is also the feature that makes coding knowledge irrelevant when creating a band website with Bandzoogle. Once you access the interface, your work will be to drag and drop anything you want to include on your site. If you desire to replace a picture, all you do is click it and replace it with the ones in your Dropbox. Such simple steps make Bandzoogle very easy to use and efficient for any artist who wants a perfect website for his/her music careers.

For those who prefer working with blank pages, your work will be to select the required feature and place it in the right place. This can be a radio button, a textbox, a list or even a dropdown menu. You can then type what you want to be included in the dropdown menu and then proceed to another part of the website that needs your attention. Bandzoogle puts you in charge of your site allowing you to initiate changes whenever you want to. With such a feature it is hard to resist Bandzoogle website building interface.

bandzoogle mobile

3. Makes your site mobile compatible.

If you have been keen enough, you will realize that of late there are a number of smartphones that have the capabilities of computers. This means that they can open a website just like a personal computer and since people have realized this, they have shifted their attention to mobile devices. You will also notice that there are websites that when you open with a mobile phone, due to the small screen or display, they tend to give you a hard time accessing them. Thanks to Bandzoogle this will not be your problem at all.

Once you create your band website with Bandzoogle web building interface, it will be able to adjust automatically when accessed via a mobile phone. Your fans will thus not necessarily require a PC for them to observe any developments on your website or buy your concert tickets. This means that they can access your site from any place. Such capabilities will enable you to easily multiply your fans since they will always know at the back of your mind that your website is not only ultra-responsive but also fully accessible by any device.

4. Allows social media integration.

As an artist, you should be aware that social media is one of the best ways to reach a vast audience and multiply your fans with minimum effort. This is because the number of people who access social media daily is significantly high. A massive number of people around the globe share videos and music through the various social media platforms since it is the only way people can communicate freely and without limits. It is also the best way through which different people from different parts of the world interact.

Thanks to Bandzoogle, you won’t have a hard time integrating with your various social media platforms. This is because the website builder allows you to share videos, picture, and music with your twitter handle, your Facebook page and your Instagram account within minutes. All you need are simple clicks, and your fans using any of those platforms will be able to access your concert videos, behind the stage videos and other music content that you wish to share. This will not only give you an easy time managing your various social media accounts but also enable you to reach a much wide audience that you would otherwise not.

5. Comes with fan mail list tools.

One of the best ways to market your music is through email listing. This is where you get a considerable number of your fans emails. With this list, you will be updating them about new products, music or videos that you are planning to shoot. This mail list is meant to keep your fans abreast with whatever is happening around you. It is also the best way to remind them that you are still producing great music. You should, however, do it with caution to avoid being spammed.

Bandzoogle comes with a section where you can add an email sign up forms. These forms are for fans who want to be receiving your news. This will enable you to grow your email list in no time. An email list will, in turn, allow you to share your schedules and other information to your fans. You are also able to share newsletters either weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on how often you would like to keep them abreast. This is a method that is used by so many artists to achieve a great following.


6. Comes with a calendar option.

As an artist, you are always required to share your calendar with your fans. This usually enables them to know where to expect you on a particular date of a month. Such a step is meant to keep on reminding your fans about certain special events and where they will be taking place in an attempt to make them buy tickets or show up to support you. Bandzoogle comes with a calendar option where you can easily create the most important dates and include important events for fans to see. This is the best way to ensure that your fans always show up for your concerts without missing.

7. A free domain for your website.

Every artist requires a domain for his or her website. Other website service providers charge an incredible amount for a single domain. Bandzoogle, on the other hand, gives you a free .com domain as long as you are a member. This tends to officiate your website and people, as well as your fans, start seeing you as a brand and not just another upcoming artist trying to get big. You can take advantage of such an offer and start enjoying the benefits that come with an address that has a .com domain.


8. Has data collecting tools.

Being an artist or a band usually entails knowing your fans the way they know you. This information will enable you to give them exactly what they want and when they want it. This is why the data collecting tools integrated on your website by Bandzoogle web builder is very important. This aspect tends to tell you who your fans are, where they are from and what interests them most on your website. With such information, you will be able to narrow down to exactly what they want. You will also be able to know where most of your fans come from and thus knowing your stronghold.

9. Has SEO capabilities.

Every website on the face of the earth is SEO driven. This is why when you search for a particular person they get you that specific person and not another one. It is the same with Bandzoogle. This platform comes with Search Engine Optimization features that will enable you to rank well on search engines. This is by providing you with the best keyword for musicians to maximize your chances of appearing on the googles first page. This will, in turn, maximize your chances of pulling in new fans and thus creating a much bigger audience for your music.

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What to expect from Bandzoogle.

There are quite a number of things that Bandzoogle will provide you that no other website service provider can. Once you become a member, expect the best website platform that is distinct and unique from all the other websites on the internet. You should also expect an ultra-responsive site that doesn’t drag anyhow like contemporary websites. This will enable your fans to quickly peruse through it and access all the information that you want them to access without getting bored. Bandzoogle aims at ensuring your fans have the best online experience that they have never had.

The web building and hosting interface will amplify your online presence a great deal and increase your fans. With Bandzoogle, expect to come up with a website that you visualize since it is meant to help you create an incredible site by the use of drag and drop features. This is just one of a kind web building and hosting platform that is very effective, convenient, efficient and affordable. So once you become a Bandzoogle member, expect all these plus many more incredible functionalities.

How does Bandzoogle work?

To understand how Bandzoogle works, you will need to know one thing. This is a platform that was developed by a musician, to help other musicians who don’t know anything about coding to come up with remarkable, interactive and ultra-responsive websites. Once you sign up for Bandzoogle, you will have to pick select a template from the 60 provided, pick a theme, add a header image which may be changed at a later date and finally set the site title and logo. Once you have done this, you can now understand what the site does.

Bandzoogle provides you with a platform that will amplify your online presence. Through the band website, you will be able to interact with your fans, share your music, get to know what they like most about you and relate with them. Bandzoogle works on the principle of simplification and expansion. They simplify the methods involved to come up with a band website and magnify your online presence. This is among the main reason why most people go for it.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is focused on data critical for a band.
  • Enables musicians to market their products easily.
  • It amplifies your online presence.
  • Enables you to create incredible websites.
  • Does not require any prior knowledge of any coding language.
  • It takes care of your SEO.
  • Sites built are mobile phone compatible.
  • Has a drag and drop function.
  • Has ultra-responsive customer support.
  • Comes with data collection tools.
  • Members get a free domain.
  • Comes with a number of options such as calendar and share options.


  • Only the pricy plans work best.
  • There are a few payment methods.

bandzoogle intro


Bandzoogle is one of the best website building tools that has been designed for both established and upcoming musicians or bands that want to intensify their online presence. Bandzoogle comes with a number of tools that will give you an easy time when it comes to developing websites. You also get to enjoy a number of remarkable features designed to jumpstart your music career by enabling you to interact with your fans by getting to know more about them.

Through a website created by Bandzoogle, you can share your music and sell your products and tickets easily and efficiently. It is often referred to as the best website building platform developed by a musician for musicians.

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