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Beat Brokerz Review: Best Place Online to Sell Your Instrumental Beats?


One of the strategies you can use to make money online as a producer is by selling beats online. This is a great option especially if you have been perfecting your craft and you finally need a place to get your beats to potential customers and make money. Furthermore, selling your beats online may just give you the exposure you need to be successful. There are many online platforms where you can market and sell your beats, and you just need to find the right one. Beat Brokerz is one of the best ones.

What is Beat Brokerz?

Beat Brokerz is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell beats. The platform specializes in selling instrumental beats to rap and hip hop artists. As a seller, your main responsibility is to focus on making high-quality beats while Beat Brokerz takes care of selling, promoting, marketing, and brokering the sales of the beats.

beat brokerz elite store

My story with Beat Brokerz

Using my free Beat Brokerz account, I uploaded some experimental hip hop beats to see how well they would do. I had to upload two versions of the beat as well as a teaser image. I also gave the beats titles and basic description as well as other features that would make the beats stand out. This was not too hard to do, but I have to admit the competition is high and the sales I managed to make were not as profitable as I expected.

It is likely that premium and basic subscribers have an edge over the competition due to all the perks they get, so if you want to earn an income using this platform, you may want to upgrade your subscription. I also learned the hard way that it takes a lot of time and patience before you start making a considerable income on Beat Brokerz

Key features

  • Statistics and reporting

All the sales on your account are tracked by Beat Brokerz in order to provide you with a detailed summary of your taxable earnings.

  • Elite brand pages

Basic and premium subscribers have total control of their brand development.

  • Customer support

The Beat Brokerz staff takes care of order fulfilment, technical support, product warranty, and download delivery, so you don’t have to worry about these aspects.

  • Copyright assistance

Beat Brokerz offers 100% copyright protection to all sellers on their platform.

  • License administration

Beat Brokerz provides enforcement of your royal rights.

  • Soundclick

Add Beat Brokerz to your Soundclick page to integrate their services and gain popularity among your clients and peers as a result.

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What to expect from Beat Brokerz

  • Royalty protection

Expect your music to make maximum royalties as a result of placements made by Beat Brokerz.

  • Piracy prevention

Beat Brokerz protects your music from piracy and unlicensed usage.

  • Revenue sharing

Expect to share the income made from all music sales on Beat Brokerz when you make promotional efforts for your music.

  • Offer negotiations

You can make private deals with customers.

How does it work?

In order to access the services of Beat Brokerz, you will need to open an account which you can upgrade as you please. To add a new beat, you will have to upload two versions of your music:

  • A tagged version that can be streamed from the Beat Brokerz site and are free to download
  • An untagged version that will be delivered to the buyer once they make a purchase

You will also need to add a teaser image that will accompany the music you made. These requirements should be completed before an upload.

In order for your beat to stand out, you will need to add a title, give it a description, and include classification details (beat genre, keyword tagging, beat tempo, instrumentation used, effects, hook, and mood)

Once you add a beat, you can go ahead and configure the advanced options such as the purchase options provided and the delivery files.

Prices and plans

beat brokerz plans

There are 3 membership options for Beat Brokerz users to sell their music:


Here are some of the included items in this package:

  • You don’t have to pay anything to be a member
  • Your commission rate ranges from 71-90%
  • You receive payment on a monthly basis
  • Your account is integrated with a Soundclick page
  • You can import beats from Soundclick
  • You can transfer track outs from Dropbox
  • Customer support


Some of the items included in the basic plan in addition to what you get in the free package are as follows:

  • It is a $10 per month subscription
  • Features an Elite brand page
  • A commission rate that ranges from 71-95%
  • Payments are received bi-monthly
  • Custom licensing options
  • Awards and achievements
  • Social widgets
  • Eligible for site promotions
  • Premiere chart placement


Here are the items you get in a premium plan in addition to the items in the basic and free packages:

  • It will cost you $25 per month
  • A commission rate that ranges from 71-95%
  • Payments are received on a weekly basis
  • Unlimited special offers
  • Profile commission bonus
  • Automatic copyright registration
  • Your beats are automatically featured on the official podcast of Beat Brokerz
  • You get your own iTunes podcast channel


  • It is easy to set up an account.
  • There are many opportunities for your beats to receive a profitable placement.
  • The music you upload is fully copyright protected.
  • The music you sell earns maximum royalties from placements.
  • Your beats are protected from piracy and unlicensed usage.
  • You can make negotiations and deals with customers on your terms.
  • You get to build your profile and gain popularity with your clientele and peers when you sell beats.
  • You don’t have to worry about customer support since Beat Brokerz is in charge of this aspect.
  • Beat Brokerz informs your followers on Twitter whenever you release new music or earn achievements or awards.
  • You can license your beats from your Facebook page.


  • There is a lot of competition on Beat Brokerz from other producers who make money selling beats as well, so you really have to stand out.
  • The monthly fees you have to pay may ramp up.
  • You may have to lower your beat prices during promotions in order to attract customers.
  • Page customization is limited.

beat brokerz checkout


Beat Brokerz caters to music producers who have honed their craft in creating beats and intend to sell their music on an online platform. Beat Brokerz offers you potentially profitable placements, royalty protection, copyright assistance, and license administration among other benefits. In conclusion, it is a great place to start when you want to sell your beats for profit and gain exposure as well.

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