How to Book More Concert Dates and Play More Often?

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In today’s music industry, concerts are an absolutely crucial source of income for musicians and music groups. Not to mention the promotional aspect.

However, if you are reading these lines then you surely know how laborious and time-consuming it can be to search for dates.

Competition is fierce, with supply far outstripping demand.

This creates a lot of frustration for artists who would like to go on stage more and more, but who are struggling to make a successful booking.

So, if you still want to develop yourself on stage and multiply the dates, you will find in this article several tips to help you book more and more concerts.

1. Be credible

Do you want the programmer to agree to collaborate with you? So show him that your musical project deserves it!

And to do that, you have to take care of your communication from the outset to gain credibility and make a good impression.

This starts by showing your interlocutor that you are programmable.

So even if the best solution would be to invite him to another of your concerts, if this is not possible for various reasons, we would prefer to communicate on the quality of your lives during a video.

In your email, you should always include a video that will allow programmers to discover your musical project from a scene perspective and thus quickly form an opinion.

To do this, we will use a live recording or at least one official clip to transcribe what you are proposing.

In addition to video, it should be borne in mind that for many programmers, a successful official website is a real guarantee of professionalism, far ahead of any page on social networks.

Indeed, nothing reflects your artistic approach and progress better than your own website. This serves to reassure, inform and seduce the programmer.

It is therefore an indispensable tool for any music group or musician who wishes to perform regularly on stage.

Finally, remember that in your first contact, your biography and press kit must attract the programmer’s attention and arouse envy.

It is not by mentioning only factual things that you can become his favorite and bring in him the desire to program you.

You must communicate about your history, your universe and be different from the mass if you want to be remembered.

This does not mean lying, crumbling or neglecting the other aspects.

It just means that you have to find a balance between informative and artistic, while being concise.

If your presentation is effective, then it will be a pleasure for the programmer to go see your video and discover your official website to learn even more.

2. Be flexible

Many music groups and musicians make the mistake of never adapting to the demand.

However, even if you ensure at the contact level, it may be blocked when discussing the terms.

And for good reason, many places prefer certain configurations to others.

For example, many will naturally prefer common platforms to individual musical projects. Others would probably prefer that you provide an acoustic set.

If you are flexible and make the programmer’s life easier, then you are much more likely to get a positive response from the programmer.

So be prepared for these eventualities if you want to save a lot of time and play more frequently.

The more you master different configurations and offers (solo, duo, co-plateau, acoustic, covers, musical style, etc.), the more the number of programmable dates will increase.

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3. Target and personalize your shipments

Very clearly, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to send the same massive email to all the rooms that interest you.

As with all other aspects of your marketing, you must put the individual at the centre of your strategy and focus on quality rather than quantity.

This will allow you to better target your requests, attract the programmer’s attention and thus convince more.

In short, by customizing your request, you will also be able to ensure better follow-up and maximize your contacts.

In the article on influencers, there is a lot of talk about how to get in touch with music professionals, but keep in mind that clearly identifying the interlocutor, his role and concerns, while adapting your message, will necessarily set you apart from the competition.

Indeed, 95% of groups and artists do not even bother to get information and personalize their mailing…

4. Getting organized

Gradually, the tools to help you in your independent booking process tend to develop.

However, your best ally in this adventure will always be the good old Excel spreadsheet.

Indeed, if you want to follow the progress of your contacts intelligently, you must list them in a dedicated document allowing you to know where you stand with each of your contacts: first emails, reminders, calls, mailings, etc.

As soon as you have something new, note the date, update the contact using an appropriate color code if necessary.

This will allow you to better manage your reminders.

Moreover, as long as we are talking about organization, it is necessary to remember that if you want us to accept as many of your requests as possible, you must do it as much in advance as possible.

You should try to book as early as possible for a given period.

Do not contact a programmer to get a date for next week or three weeks from now.

Instead, get there well in advance, for example, three to six months in advance.

This will allow you to better prepare for the event, in terms of logistics and promotion, which is much less stressful than doing everything at the last minute.

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5. Analyze the competition

You don’t know who to contact to play in the region when a band with a similar style to yours plays regularly in the area?

So check their concert schedule to see where the competition is playing!

By drawing inspiration from local artists who look like you and are successful on stage, you can analyze the nature of their success.

You will then be able to identify the rooms and programmers with whom they regularly work, which will allow you to contact them by drawing a parallel with your music, given the artistic proximity.

Moreover, when talking about other musical projects in your region, always be on the lookout for opportunities to be able to be the first part of a more established musical project than yours.

Opening a big musical project in your style is the perfect opportunity to easily reach a new audience of potential fans.

Analyze monthly calendars of event organizers in your area to find musical projects that resemble your universe.

If you find something interesting, then contact the programmer and express your interest in doing the first part of the event, while explaining in detail why your musical project is the ideal choice.

Sometimes it is the artist’s management that has the last word, so it may be wise to try to contact them first.

6. Re-launch without harassing

If you are not used to sending reminders to programmers, then you are missing an impressive number of opportunities. And this applies both before and after the concert.

Before the concert, sending only one email in the hope of booking the date is far from being the best way to proceed.

I don’t invite you to spam the programmer every hour, but you have to find the right balance.

Each programmer has a different tolerance threshold for reminders. But as a general rule, you should follow up 7 to 10 days after your first email, if possible by phone.

After the concert, you should always thank your contact and let them know that you are available in the future if opportunities arise.

Similarly, if during this concert, another musical project shared the poster with you, thank them too and let them know that it would be a pleasure to collaborate again.

This will make it much easier to maintain contact for the future.


The more you perceive booking as a real business and each programmer as a potential partner, the easier it will be for you to find concert dates in your region.

Be pro, remember that you are addressing a human being and not a “place dedicated to events”, think in terms of network and bring value to the business of your interlocutor.

This way, you will have a better chance of playing more frequently on stage.

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