How to create the Logo of your Music Project?

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That’s it, you’ve done your first scenes, you’ve recorded your first demos and your band is starting to be spotted on the local stages?

Maybe it’s time to move up a gear by creating your group logo.

Because the idea is to convey your brand image and therefore to incarnate your musical universe to fans, it is important to create a strong visual identity by first proposing a logo worthy of the name.

To do this, here are some tips that should help you.

Create a logo? What for? What for?

If you are still hesitating to get started, think of these mythical groups whose logo has become their trademark: the Rolling Stones and their famous mouth, the Public Enemy and their famous target, the distinctive lettering of the AC/DC, there are many examples.

All these groups whose logos are so familiar to us have all gone through this step.

Having grasped the marketing impact of a well-designed logo, they all took the plunge. So why not you?

The logo, an obvious sign of your professionalism

As banal as it may seem, deciding to create a logo for your music group is a guarantee of seriousness and professionalism: it means that you care about the image conveyed by your group.

Even if it may seem premature to think in terms of marketing logic, do you think that what is done well is no longer necessary?

The logo, an essential element of your communication supports

Even if you don’t yet have the notoriety of your dreams, don’t forget that your logo will be your trademark!

It is the one you will use to customize your social networks and website.

It is the one you will put on your goodies, album covers or posters. He’s the one we’ll ask you again for your press kits.

Also, do not neglect its design because it is an essential element of your communication media.

faire logo musique

Designing an effective logo cannot be improvised. There are constraints to be taken into account and some principles to be respected.

Before you start creating your own logo, try to think about what makes a good logo.

Simplicity and clarity

A successful logo is a logo that is easily remembered: its simple design makes a lasting impression and allows fans to quickly appropriate it.

Optimized resolution

A good visual can also be recognized by its adaptable dimensions.

Its resolution is optimized to allow it to adapt to all types of media without compromising its readability.

Respect for the group’s musical identity

An effective logo is a logo that reflects the musical spirit of the group: its fonts, colours, graphics respect the codes of musical style and the values embodied by the group.

Black and white efficiency

If a logo works on any black and white medium, it means that its design is successful: the colours remain a dressing that should not take precedence over the message conveyed.

logo groupe de musique

Now that you know what a good logo should look like, let’s move on to the practical aspects of its realization.

Whether you use a graphic designer or decide to create your own visual, feel free to follow the following recommendations to ensure a successful design.

Study the brand image you want to give to your group

Respecting your group’s musical identity is crucial to creating the ideal logo for your music group.

To do this, ask yourself which attributes best describe your music. This will allow you to precisely define the graphics, fonts or colors that suit your music style.

For example, using the colours green, yellow, red for the logo of a metal group can be confusing.

Look for inspiration by comparing the logos

Feel free to compare the logos you like with those you don’t like. And try to understand why some work and others don’t.

This will help you avoid some pitfalls when creating your own logo because you will have identified the mistakes to avoid and found some good ideas to recycle.

Whether you plan to design your band’s logo yourself or you want to have it designed by a graphic designer, try to make some sketches of your project.

Select one carefully, keeping in mind the criteria defined in the previous steps. This will form the basis of your next logo.

Create your own group logo?

Some tips and tricks

Before moving on to the actual creation of your logo, think about:

  • Make it simple without overloading your visual unnecessarily
  • Use appropriate colours
  • Create a visual that remains effective over time
  • Create a version on a transparent background (GIF or PNG) to allow easy integration on web media
  • Test the versions on different media to see how they look like

Creative tools for budding graphic designers

If you intend to start creating your visual yourself, note that there are many online tools available to create it for free.

Easy to use, these turnkey solutions can be an interesting alternative if you cannot afford the services of a professional graphic designer.

In any case, whatever tool you choose, remember to process your logo via a program that manages vectorization: this will avoid pixelation of your image when enlarged.


Creating a good logo requires time, rigour and creativity.

But thanks to your new brand image, you will now be ready to win over your future fans.

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