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If you’re a new and/or unsigned artist looking to get your music out of the recording studio, then Distrokid could be the site you are looking for.

When it comes to getting your music in as many ears as possible, Distrokid does all the hard work.

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Who’s that… “DistroKid”?


An annual subscription will enable you to upload an unlimited number of singles and albums that Distrokid will then distribute to over 150 online stores and streaming services, including places like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and YouTube music.

One place Distrokid distributes to that isn’t on the competition’s radar yet is TikTok. This means you and others can add little videos to the song, increasing its shareability (and your profits). With the popularity and how quickly things become trends the site, TikTok is an area you don’t want to overlook, especially if you are starting out.

Once all this distributing and sharing is done, Distrokid pays you 100% of any royalties earned each month. Every dollar or dime your song earns goes straight back into your pocket. Distrokid offers reports so you can see how many times your track has been played or bought through the different stores as well, though admittedly, it does this better for some platforms.

When it comes to payday, there are several payment options available, from PayPal to wire transfer, they even say they will post you a cash check; if you enjoy getting your money really slowly.

If you’re collaborating or working in a band, Distrokid has a payment option called “Distrokid Teams,” which lets you set up payments, so they sort out the different payments, taking the stress and hard work out of the task.

Another feature that Distrokid offers is the ability to upload lyrics with any or all of your songs. This means people can set their iPhones up and sing karaoke-style to your music – and who doesn’t want that?

In terms of extra features, Distrokid offers, there are some good ones that you can access through optional album extras.

These options include things like licensing fees for cover songs ($12 per song per year); paying to have your song recognized by Shazam and Siri (so when people hear it playing somewhere they can easily find it); or a legacy payment which means your music will never be taken down and you will continue to earn royalties (even if you Distrokid account is closed).

How much does DistroKid cost?

There are a few different membership levels available.


Starting at $19.99 a year, and letting you use 1 artist/band name for your music, the Musician membership is the most basic.

You can still upload unlimited singles and albums, use team payments and have access to optional album extras, but it is missing some of the nice features, such as setting custom release dates or the ability to customize the label name – it will default as Distrokid.com. When you pay for this membership, Distrokid will set up your verified artist page on Spotify.

Once you are verified, you can take control of this page and do things like upload images, add playlists, and get some insights on your fans.

Musician Plus

The next membership level is Musician Plus, at $35.99 per year, which does give you the power to set when your music is going public.

This membership level is also a good option if you’ve got a few projects going, as you can have two artists/band names. If you’re serious about your music (and don’t want to automatically be associated with Distrokid), then this is the membership option you will want to pick.

You can customize a single or album’s label name, or even leave it blank so prospective labels know you’re looking.


The last membership option has a range of levels available, and a range of prices to go with it.

Starting at $79.99 a year, you can manage between 5 and 100 artists, it doesn’t have too many additional features on top of what you get as from Musician Plus, but if you’re looking after a bunch of different artists or bands, then you can do it all from one place.

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Is it Worth your Money? (+ Discount)

In terms of simplicity, you won’t find another distribution company offering the same easy access, or value for money service.

If you’re sitting there with an album’s worth of songs that you’ve got ready to go, or even just a single that you’d like to share with the world then jump on over to the Distrokid website and sign up today. This could be the moment your music finds itself some new fans.

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