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The 3 Best Ear Training Softwares and Apps for Musicians

When it comes to listening to tracks, there is a huge difference between a hobbyist and a professional listener or player. It is no secret that a well-trained ear goes a really long way in this industry. This is why all musicians and people venturing into music need to train their ears. Achieving this often […]

Train Your Ears Review: The Ultimate Ear Training for Sound Engineers?

trainyourears review

Ear training is a significant part of musical studies that involves the connection of music theory (chords, melodies, notes, intervals, scales) with the sounds that you hear. In order to get better at playing music, you have to train your ear to recognize this linkage, because you get to understand exactly what you are playing […]

SoundGym Review: The Best Online Tool for Audio Ear Training?

As a producer and a musician, you need to have above average listening skills. Listening resolution is a glass ceiling that limits creative potential. What makes good artists and producers stand out from average music producers is the fact that they have better listening skills. This enables them to detect even the slightest modulation of […]