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Facebook for Musicians: 11 Essential Tips to Nail it


As we have seen on several occasions, if you really want to pursue a career in music, you will absolutely have to create and promote your artist newsletter.

That being said, Facebook still has undeniable qualities to engage your fan community and grow your music audience.

Whatever people say, it would be impossible today to ignore social networks, as they allow you to develop your online presence and ultimately achieve your objectives.

So, in this article we will see the essential tips that all musicians and music groups need to know to successfully promote their music on Facebook.

1. Create a page with your image

Please. Please:

  1. Do not create an additional personal profile
  2. Don’t create a Facebook group (at least not at first)
  3. Create a Page ( that you can customize and optimize to grow your fanbase.

Fortunately, fewer and fewer musicians are once again registering on Facebook under the name of their music project to promote their music.

However, it is important to remember this obligation. Page, yes. Profile, no.

2. Keep your profile up to date

Creating a page dedicated to your musical project and filling it in with all the information about you (bio, location, band members, links, email address, etc.) is fine. But keeping it up to date is even better.

You must ensure that the information you give outside your daily publications is always up to date.

It goes for the links, for your bio, as well as for your profile picture. If your drummer left the band four months ago, then change your image. Or bring him back.

3. Publish often… but not too much either

Did you know that? Only a small fraction of your fans see your posts.

This is due both to the fact that your entire community is not constantly connected to Facebook, but also to the social network algorithm, which highlights only the most engaging publications (in terms of comments, reactions, views, etc.) in the news feeds.

Therefore, if you publish once a week, your reach (audience reached by your publications) will be extremely limited.

Publish quite often, but not more than once a day (twice if the page is popular).

Aim for both quantity and quality by making your publications more attractive and engaging for your fans and therefore for Facebook.

4. Share the right content

You have the tool, the method and the potential.

All you have to do is brainstorm and find content ideas that are engaging and that allow you to sell your music and your universe, both in the long term and in the short term.

With this in mind, always keep in mind that regardless of the social network you use, you must publish four to five non-promotional publications for a promotional publication.

If you have trouble with this, try to talk more about the “why” than the “what”.

  • Why do you make music?
  • Why should we watch your video?
  • Why should we follow you on Facebook?

It is by giving value to your audience, that is, a valid reason to give you their attention, that you will create a solid and committed fanbase.

See each publication as an opportunity to share more about yourself, your interests, which makes you unique and at the same time intrigues your audience.

Also, remember to vary the formats you use: texts, links, photos, live and video.

It turns out that the latter three tend to work better in the Facebook algorithm and therefore benefit from more visibility.

5. Make it easy to access your music and clips

If anyone follows you, it’s above all for your music.

If someone comes to your page and doesn’t have the ability to listen to your music in a few clicks, then you will certainly lose a potential fan.

Of course, Facebook is a fairly closed ecosystem that does not allow you to easily add your music to your page.

But you can always upload your videos and highlight them, either by pinning them to the top of your wall, or by choosing the “Add a video to the front page” option (the video will appear above your description, in the left column).

6. Do not publish directly from Twitter or Youtube

Avoid connecting your Twitter and Youtube accounts with Facebook at all costs.

Indeed, since we are looking for engagement and conversation, it will not help you that every time you spend five minutes on YouTube or Twitter, Facebook automatically publishes “Groupe Z has just watched a new video on Youtube” or “Artist Y has just added Brand X’s retweet as a favorite”.

Instagram, why not, but prefer to reupload for more efficiency.

facebook musiciens

7. Share with your community

Welcome to the wonderful world of social networks!

You can ask questions to your fans, do surveys, discuss all kinds of topics, make live FAQs, etc.

It is the whole purpose of Web 2.0 to allow such interaction, so take advantage of it!

If someone sends you a private message or comments on one of your publications, then please reply to them.

It is by engaging your community members that you will make them want to come back, help you and make your publications more visible.

8. Interact with other pages and the rest of Facebook

Thanks to your Page (see advice n°1), you have the possibility to interact in several ways with the other Pages on Facebook:

  • First of all, you can interact as your music project and comment on the publications on the other pages. What’s the point? This allows you to start conversations with other groups, with music blogs, with concert halls, and so on. In short, you will gain visibility and even fans.
  • Also, you can mention other pages in your publication (@ + page name) in order to create a link and notify the page concerned.
  • Hashtags (# + keyword) allow you to position yourself on a particular subject in order to eventually attract curious people interested in the subject.

However, avoid putting too many mentions and hashtags in your publications. In general, you can integrate 2 of each for a status.

Beyond that, it could affect the scope of the publication.

9. Use Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is now the most effective way on the Internet to pay for fans.

Not only is the return on investment incredible, but you can also target all Facebook users in depth, for example by defining criteria based on interests, demographic characteristics and especially musical tastes.

Actually, if you want to quickly increase the number of likes on your page, then don’t go any further and start experimenting with small budgets (5€ or 10€ per day).

10. Do not put all the eggs in the same basket

As we have seen (see advice n°3), the sad truth is that only a very small percentage of your fans see your publications.

Facebook has admitted it and many sites have established that a publication reaches an average of 2% to 8% of fans on a page.

The solution to that? Advertising (see advice n°9).

Or, that you set up your own website and artist newsletter in order to really create an autonomous, solid and sustainable community.

By having your own email list, no one will charge you to talk to your fans anymore.

11. Learn statistics

It is absolutely crucial that you learn as you use social networks.

The basis is to see which publications are the most popular, the reasons for this, as well as those that have not worked well.

Then you can also learn more about your fan community, including their age, city, gender or Facebook usage habits.


Facebook is a great tool to reach a new audience and engage your community.

However, this requires you to get seriously involved in your music community management.

A waste of time? Far from it! By managing your page correctly, you will attract more and more fans and professionals around your project.

It is not for nothing that Facebook is one of the social networks that absolutely must master to boost its musical career.

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