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How to Get Your Music on Amazon Music?


Amazon Music is an enormous music streaming platform, which allows people in dozens of countries to pay to stream music from hundreds of thousands of artists.

When Amazon Music launched in 2008, it already had more than 2 million songs from more than 180,000 artists.

It has grown much larger since then, currently having a library of 50 million songs for people to download. More than 55 million people stream songs on Amazon Music. There is a huge amount of money to be made from this streaming service.

Why is it important to get your music on Amazon Music?

Amazon Music is one of the best ways for a new band to make a profit.

If you can sell music on music streaming platforms such as Amazon Music, you will be able to sell music to people in dozens of countries across the world. Today, most of the total revenue that the music industry makes comes from paid streaming services.

If you want to make money in the music industry, you have to make your albums available on Amazon Music and other music streaming services.

While there may be less money in selling CDs than there was before, Amazon Music will still help you sell CDs to those interested in your music. Those who stream your music may buy your albums on amazon as well.

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How to get your music on Amazon Music

Amazon Music will not allow just any unsigned band to upload their songs. If a smaller group wants to sell music on amazon’s streaming service, they have to go through a music distributor.

Unfortunately, this is going to cost you money, but on the plus side only a little bit of money. Even a small band can undoubtedly make vastly more money than their fees cost. It is no longer possible to upload music to large paid streaming sites for free.

Is it challenging to find a music distributor?

No. Online music distributors accept any band. All a distributor wants you to do is pay a fee.

If you pay a one-time fee or more commonly, an annual fee to online music distributors such as Tunecore or DistroKid, these companies will make your music available for paid streaming on Amazon Music, iTunes, and other streaming platforms. Your group does not have to meet a certain standard to be accepted; you only have to pay a yearly fee.

Is it realistic to make money from Amazon Music?

As long as people listen to your band, you can absolutely make money! Again, streaming is first, and everything else put together is second in the modern music industry.

Most of the industry’s total profits come from paid streaming sites such as Amazon Music. Smaller groups, as well as larger groups, can make money from streaming services.

How do I prepare my music before sending it to Amazon Music?

You must upload music to Tunecore, CDbaby, or DistroKid in the right file formats. Not any type of audio files will be accepted; these companies do not want to have to convert your files into different formats for you.

If you are using Tunecore, you must also use the following format:

  • 16-bit sample size
  • 44.1 kHz sample rate
  • 1411 kbps bit rate
  • Stereo wave files

You must convert your music into this format before you submit it to Tunecore. With DistroKid, you do not have to be as exact. MP4, MP4a, WMA, MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and CDDA are all accepted. With CDbaby, all files must be 44.1 kHz, and only AIFF, WAV, FLAC, and MP3 files are accepted.

What music distributors should I consider?

The larger companies such as Tunecore, Distrokid, and CDbaby are trustworthy. You may end up with worse results if you trust a smaller and less well-known music distributor.

Each of the three well-established distribution companies has its advantages and disadvantages.

Is Tunecore a good choice?


Tunecore is one of the best choices if you are looking for a distributor that reaches as many online streaming services as possible.

Tunecore will send your music pretty well everywhere, to more than 150 online locations where people can pay to hear your music. Not all of Tunecore’s competitors offer such a wide reach.

Another advantage that Tunecore has over its competitors is that Tunecore will help musicians get their music used in advertising, on television shows, and on other media that pays royalties. Once people hear your song on an ad, your popularity on online streaming services will shoot up as everyone will google your band.

How long does it take to get your music on Amazon Music using Tunecore?

One of the best things about Amazon Music is that it takes little time for your music to appear after you submit it. Tunecore usually takes only one day to send you music to amazon, which takes only a day or three to make it available to the public. Other stores can take a week or a few weeks to post your music.

How much does Tunecore pay?

You will keep all of the money that Amazon Music sends to Tunecore. Tunecore only makes money from yearly fees; it does not take a fraction of your sales. No matter how much money you make, Tunecore does not charge you any more money than your yearly fees.

How often does Tunecore pay you?

Unfortunately, it takes months to get paid. While TuneCore sends you money reasonably quickly, Amazon Music can take two months to send the money to TuneCore.

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Is CDbaby a good choice?

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What makes CDbaby stand out is that the initial fees are small, much cheaper for a small band than TuneCore is.

Therefore, you might want to go with CDbaby over TuneCore if you are not expecting to sell much any time soon. Another advantage of CDbaby is that the CDbaby staff can recommend your music if they think it has potential. These staff recommendations are great for new bands that are just beginning as they can help you find an audience.

CDbaby does not send your music out to as many places as Tunecore does, but it still makes your music widely available and does not limit you to the few biggest online streaming services. The disadvantage of CDbaby is that it takes a percentage of your sales.

An annual fee is standard, CDbaby is exceptional in charging you a percentage of each sale. While it is cheap if your band is small and sells only a few songs, it gets more expensive if your band grows. You may want to abandon CDbaby and switch to a different distributor if your sales increase.

How long does it take to get your music on Amazon Music using CDbaby?

One to five days is enough for CDbaby to send the music to amazon, after which it takes another day or three for Amazon to make it available.

How much does CDbaby pay?

CDbaby takes a small percentage of your profits, and you keep the rest. CDbaby pays you through checks in the mail, PayPal, and bank transfers.

How long does it take to get paid with CDbaby?

It always takes two months, because there is a long delay between a sale and amazon sending the money to CDbaby. Money from selling songs on Amazon Music is not fast money.

Is DistroKid a good choice?


DistroKid might be a good option if you are looking for a distributor that 1) charges lower fees than Tunecore and 2) does not take a percentage of your profits the way CDbaby does.

A small annual fee is enough that you can upload all of your songs, not merely one album. You can also buy a package that allows you to distribute songs from more than one band; this makes DistroKid even cheaper if you can find enough other groups who will sign up for it.

DistroKid will try to get you to purchase add-ons in addition to the yearly fee, but these are not essential add-ons.

The annual fee is enough; you do not have to bother with any of the extra purchases. DistroKid is somewhere in between Tunecore (better) and CDbaby (worse) in terms of how much distribution the company can get you. Tunecore is for bands that can expect a lot of sales, CDbaby and DistroKid are both for smaller bands.

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How long does it take to get my music on amazon with DistroKid?

DistroKid sends your music to amazon very quickly, often on the first day they receive it. It will still take a day or a few days for Amazon to make it available.

How much does DistroKid pay?

Distrokid only charges monthly fees and does not take a percentage of your profits. It is the cheapest of the three options unless your sales are very low, in which case CDbaby is cheaper.

When and how do you get paid by DistroKid?

It will take a couple of months to get paid after each sale. You can get paid by PayPal, wire transfer, or mailed check.

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If you are in a band, you ought to be selling your music online!

Regardless of how small (or large) your group is, you should have your songs on Amazon Music. People spend more money on streaming than they do on the rest of the music industry put together. It is not complicated or expensive to make your music available to the public.

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