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How to Get Your Music on iTunes?


Today we are miles in front in terms of technology. At a click of a button on your smartphone, you can access millions of content on the digital platform.

The hustle of queuing to get your favorite artist’s physical record is no longer with us. And whom shall we thank for all of this? Yes, you got it right, online music distribution platforms.

If this is unfamiliar territory, brace yourself for a guided tour. This article shall provide all the necessary information online music distribution. Specifically on how to get your music on iTunes.

Why is it Important to Get Your Music on iTunes

The distribution industry has shifted over the years. Downloading online music platforms has gained traction over the selling of physical copies.

With accounts totaling 800 million, iTunes will offer you access to this market. This will help you broaden your fan base.

Who does not want to get paid for all the energy spent on working? iTunes understands this very well. Uploading your music on iTunes entitles you to royalties. The royalties are directly proportional to the number of people downloading your music. With the proper marketing techniques, getting people to listen to your music shouldn’t be hard.

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Why Do You Need a Distributor to Get Your Music to iTunes?

Distributors are the middlemen between the artist and the market. They are the link between your music and your fans. They help to put your music where your fans can find them easily.

Online downloading platforms such as iTunes buy digital music from digital distribution companies. These digital distribution companies buy music directly from artists. In exchange, the artist pays some agreed fees. Digital distributors are therefore the crucial link between the artists and the markets.

It is worthy to note that you as an artist can only get your music iTunes through a distributor. iTunes does not deal with artists directly. This should be enough reason for you to start looking for one.


If you don’t have a distributor yet, don’t panic. Check out some of the players in that industry below.

  • iMusician: iMusician boasts of more than 200 shops. It provides access to major platforms such as Apple Music and Amazon.
  • CD Baby: Another distributor with access to over 150 streaming sites. They offer digital distribution services, YouTube monetization, sync licensing and CD sales.
  • TuneCore: TuneCore promises artists 100% of their sales. It has access to iTunes and all other major streaming platforms.
  • Distrokid: Just like TuneCore, Distrokid promises artists 100% of their music sales. They pride themselves as the easiest way for artists to get their music on online platforms.

A wide range of other distributors exist. When choosing a distributor to work with, read the agreement carefully. Otherwise, some distribution agreements may end up exploiting your hard work. You do not want to be trapped in unfavorable contracts just because you were lazy.

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How long does it take to get my music on iTunes?

I bet this has been a burning issue. With the prospect of accessing a wider market at hand, time is of the essence. Every artist would be itching for their content to get on these platforms at the snap of a finger. It is not as simple as it sounds, though.

The time it takes for your music to get to iTunes depends on the distributor you used. Distributors have varying periods of approving and releasing the music to digital stores for sale. The faster the distributor, the quicker the music will get to the stores.

TuneCore takes 5 to 7 days to get your music on iTunes. For Distrokid, an artist’s album can take between 1 and 7 days to go live on iTunes.

Of importance is to consult your distributor on how long it would take to get your music on iTunes.

How Much Does iTunes pay?

This is also a matter of how the contract was drawn up. On average, the artist earns $6 to$7 per album sold or 60 cents per song downloaded from iTunes. For distributors who do not keep royalties, all this amount should be remitted to the artist.

For artists who share the royalties with the distributor, the amount shall be split following the contractual agreement. This is another reason for artists to carefully read and understand distribution agreements.

When and how do you get paid by iTunes?

After knowing how to get your music on iTunes, the next question would be how much would you earn from it.

Generally, online music stores such as iTunes submit their sales report and payments every month. These reports are on a delayed basis. They reflect sales and payments three months prior.

If your song goes live in January, the sales and payment report shall be submitted to the distributor in March. For distributors like TuneCore, iTunes typically submits its sales report on the first Friday of each month.

From the sales report, the distributor determines the royalties that are entitled to the artist. This is dependent on the terms of the agreement between the two. The artist can then apply to withdraw the royalties from his account with the distributor. Processing of the application takes between 1 and 14 days depending on the distributor.

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Get Your Music on iTunes Now

If you did not know, you are now on the alert on how to get your music on iTunes.

Getting your music on iTunes is the perfect opportunity for accessing a broader market. More so if you are an independent artist. Forget the trouble of enticing labels to give you a deal.

Getting your music on iTunes assures you of a fair share of the royalties for your work. Just seek the services of a competent distributor to link your music to this platform.

Not only will the distributor enable you to access the iTunes royalties but also additional royalties from other online music distribution platforms.

Enjoy iTunes

Get the iTunes app and follow the simple criteria on how to get your music on iTunes. You won’t regret the experience. Getting your music on iTunes increases your potential of tapping new customer bases worldwide.

More fans downloading your music means more payouts for your work. Just make sure that your contract with your distributor has terms that are favorable to you.

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