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How to get your music on the radio?


Every self-respecting music group, even groups that claim to be non-commercial, dreams of being programmed on a national radio station, and therefore of being able to spread its message and music to the largest numbers.

Comment diffuser votre musique à la radio ?

Don’t underestimate the audience of local radio stations

On average, an A radio station is certainly only 5,000 listeners, but all 600 local radio stations cover more than 500,000 listeners who are waiting for this to discover something other than the top 40 that is repeated every hour on the national stations.

Enough to make yourself widely known!

And to make themselves known, it is therefore necessary to contact them these radios.

Be professional before being (re)known!

Obviously, a radio is required to have a minimum of audio quality in its broadcast, so only send properly mastered songs.

Passer à la radio : comment ça marche ?

The Youtube link, if there is a good clip behind it, shows a certain professionalism. Otherwise, avoid and prefer a platform that allows you to both listen and download in good quality. In general, 44 or 48 KHZ, in mp3 or wav.

MP3 remains quite popular in associative radio, since it takes up much less space on hard disks, and the average listener rarely has an ear to tell the difference between wav and mp3.

The platforms…

Back to this platform story, just 10 years ago, MySpace was the ultimate tool for musicians.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of a bunch of new social networks that regularly update their services and graphic charters, MySpace has finally plunged into the limbo of the Internet, but many successors have given it a place, including a particularly practical one: Bandcamp.

Bandcamp is the ability to sell your music directly to your fans, with a margin of only 15% per site.

It is also the possibility to offer download codes to your fans, it is also the construction of an email address database of all people who have bought one of your music, but above all, it is the possibility to send a private page accessible by password, on which you can put your latest album for download, as well as a press kit.

It is obviously only one method among others, useful mainly because it also allows you to sell your music.

For mass broadcasting to radio stations, you can just as easily put it all on your cloud, the main thing being that it’s visually pleasing and easy to download, because programmers receive hundreds of requests every day, and sometimes a simple little trick can make them not even bother to listen to your music

This is for storage, but before it comes to that, you have to send an email, and this email must not contain anything.

As I said just before, programmers receive hundreds of emails, so you have to stand out, and above all do something effective.

Quelle plateforme pour diffuser votre musique ?

Some examples of emails

Here are some emails I’ve received lately.

I listened to all these artists, but I strongly doubt that 100% of the programmers contacted did the same.

Well, first of all, the first thing is familiar with the press officers, it doesn’t bother us, we know them since we work with them all the time.

On the other hand, the unknown group that arrives to play its music and who is familiar to you, not all programmers necessarily appreciate it, so I advise you to use the vouvoiement for the occasion..

  • A header with the name of the artist and the album,
  • An image,
  • A description of the album,
  • The listening link.

It’s minimalist, but it’s the kind of email that’s nice to receive.

Well, let’s skip to the cover and the album name that makes us very hopeful that it will be irony like Ultra Vomit or Fatal Picard, it’s still the kind of mail we like to receive.

There’s everything, the artist, the album, the label, the release date, the download link, the date of the next concert, with even a bonus invitation, in short it still makes you want to listen.

By the way, he’s the only artist I’ve shown you who ever thought of proposing to the radios to be on the guestlist for the next concert.

If you want to get people talking about you, don’t hesitate to give up a few places for programmers and animators, or as a gift for listeners. It’s a win-win situation.

There is still a defect on this mail, I pass on the dimensions of the photo, it is especially the lack of space between it and the text that is embarrassing.

The visual aspect is the most important element of your communication, don’t neglect it!

Feel free to specify on your email that you would like to know if your music is prog or not, and if you don’t have an answer after a week, call the radio and ask to talk to the programmer, he will tell you what he thought.

Also offer a phoner (telephone interview), it does not require travel to the radio studios, and this is an advantage for those who stress in front of a microphone.

The radio hosts, the first musical influencers

Misez sur les animateurs, les premiers influenceurs musicaux

The advantage of community radio stations is that they are not bound by commitments with the Majors, and therefore they can broadcast absolutely what they want, and leave a great deal of freedom to their hosts.

These hosts offer a variety of programs, often thematic, and enjoy having guest artists, in order to have content and interactivity.

You should not neglect them, in addition to talking about you on the air, they can make you known through their large semi-personal, semi-professional network.

Concerning these hosts, no need to canvass all the radios, just those in your department/region, or in the vicinity of your next concert if you are on tour. It is the hosts of these radio stations that you should contact.

So go to the program grid part, or podcast, it all depends on the sites, and then you go around to see which show would likely invite you, and thus increase your popularity.

Besides, don’t forget to announce to your community, on social networks, that you are being interviewed on this radio, it brings a little notoriety right away, and as we say here: Notoriety = Approval!

Once you have found the show, all you have to do is send an email or even call the radio directly to ask to be connected with a particular host, because you would like to appear on his show.

In conclusion

I will conclude by reminding you once again of the importance of an associative radio station, which is detached from all constraints with labels, and which can therefore broadcast an independent artist without any concern as long as the music pleases the programmer. But I also advise you to take a look at the webradios.

I won’t dwell on it, but some webradios reach more than 100,000 listeners daily, and also leave a lot of room for musical discoveries.

Obviously, successful webradios are those that focus mainly on a particular musical genre or theme, so don’t hesitate to take a look around and suggest that they broadcast your music.

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