How to “Succeed” in Music and Become Famous?

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If you are reading this article, it is probably because you have talent, motivation and ambitions for your musical project

(If this is not the case, then you are probably in the wrong place.)

Here we will see how to succeed in music, a subject that often comes up in the mouths of independent artists.

Is there a miracle solution? Is there a step-by-step method to follow? First of all, we need to know what exactly we’re talking about.

1. What is success for you?

Too few musicians ask themselves this question.

They put themselves at the forefront of goals and dreams that are not their own, thinking that there is only one way to succeed in the music industry.

In this case, to be very successful in music means signing a contract with a major, spending time on national radio and television, touring in the country and around the world, becoming rich thanks to your work, being known to the general public, making millions of views each time on YouTube, etc.

In short, it is a rather mainstream vision of success.

There are many other ways to succeed with your music and make a living.

After all, this last element is essential: for musicians who are not looking for mainstream success, success is more about being able to get up every morning and do something you love, without constraint and without fear of tomorrow.

It’s just a matter of making a living from your music.

What about you? What about you? What does the success of a musical project mean to you?

It is essential to answer this question first, since it is your answer that will determine the various actions to be taken.

Are you looking for glory and fame? There’s nothing wrong with that, but you have to be honest with yourself.

musique et célébrité

2. The real problem: gaining visibility

Following this reasoning, if you are still reading this article it is most likely:

In both cases, the real problem is your visibility.

Indeed, no label will want to engage with an artist or a group with low financial potential.

Similarly, it is difficult to earn a living with your music when the audience for a project amounts to a few tens or even hundreds of people.

So how can we move forward as an independent company? As a musicpreneur?

The fact is that you are not alone in your case. Thousands of more or less ambitious artists and groups try each year to break through and achieve some success themselves.

Even if they should not be considered as competition, it is undeniable that we must learn to stand out from them. Your voice must be heard and recognized despite the crowd.

Fortunately, standing out does not necessarily mean making a bad buzz, wearing extravagant outfits or clashing at all.

It is above all through your branding, your universe and your marketing actions that you will give coherence and movement to your project.

se faire connaitre musique

It is not enough to have goals and dreams to succeed. You need an appropriate strategy and tactics.

Waiting by doing nothing will not help you.

Thus, depending on your ambitions, it is vital that you make the best use of the following levers:

  1. Doing concerts and festivals: the best way to build your fanbase locally
  2. Have an online marketing strategy: unite new fans via your social networks, your website and Youtube
  3. Get your fans’ email addresses: in this time of the Internet, nothing beats email in terms of return on investment and communication power. Spend time on your newsletter and your marketing efforts will be increased tenfold each time.
  4. Build a network: go out and meet other artists and professionals to create lasting relationships and exchange opportunities
  5. Form a team: it is almost impossible to succeed on your own. This can only be temporary or even a simple exchange of services, but please do not do everything yourself.
  6. Diversify your sources of income: there are many more ways to earn money with your music than you think. Don’t just sell CDs and play concerts.


Your success depends mainly on the strategy you adopt and the efforts you make.

If you still think it depends on luck, then it is necessary to train yourself and change your mentality.

Of course, there are many more things to do to succeed in music than the actions outlined above.

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