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How to make a living from your music thanks to your fans?


The secret to making a living from music is simple, but very little put into practice by musicians.

Guys, we are no longer in the 80s or even in the 2000s… Signing with a label must no longer be your goal as a musician.

The first influencer; the one who will change your life is the audience itself!

Today, the music world is saturated, you have to do better than wait for a miracle (to be noticed by a professional for example).

direct-to-fan, comment ça marche ?

What is the right method to use from the beginning to make a living from your music and bring more fans around vous ?

This method is called direct to fan… As its name suggests, this alternative avoids any intermediary between your music production and the direct sale of the finished product (monetization).

Living off your music is not complicated, but you must now think like an entrepreneur and not like a normal user of the media and the web.

I know; conceiving his musical project as a company seems strange, but if you want to make yourself known and make a living from your music, you will have to be more strategic.

The direct to fan is based on an incredible tool, your Fan base. I’m not talking about the number of fans you have on Facebook or YouTube.

A good fan base is a list of people who are federated around your project and whose loyalty you no longer have to doubt.

Indeed it is the tool that will allow you to reach in a personalized way any of your fans and offer them content that looks like them to be sure to convert them into “consumers” of your music.

But then… How do you get a High value-added fan base ?

The design of a fan base could be the subject of an article on its own, so I suggest you discover some ways to create and develop your fan base.

Federating a community around your history

It should not be forgotten that music is an effective way to convey your values and your history. Work on the message you want to convey through your music, whether in your biography, in your Vlog, in your posts and in your lyrics..

The message must be clear so that your future fans can identify themselves and appropriate these values.

Fédérer une communauté autour de votre histoire pour vivre de votre musique

In this way, people will focus their attention on the content that most closely matches his or her interests, and therefore yours.

Thanks to this, you are sure to have fans who can share your values and message more easily.

Be smart (Strategic)

Don’t launch your music stupidly on Youtube or soundcloud, without thinking.

Ask yourself on which platform you will best reach your target audience and what objective you should achieve when publishing your content!

Be close to your audience

Your objective from now on will be to try to convert as many potential fans as possible into active and then super fans.

To do this, make sure you interest targeted people by offering attractive content (free download link, video, blog articles…) and then offer them to go further by continuing with a purchase (album, t-shirt, ticket…).

Get emails!

Email is the perfect way to personally reach a prospect (an interested person) and turn them into a consumer ( FAN-ACTIVE).

Se rapprocher de son public via la smart stratégie
smart strategy to get closer to its audience

Thanks to the newsletters, you will be in direct contact with your future fan to share your content in a privileged way and bring him into this magical circuit that we call in marketing: the conversion tunnel.

To get email addresses, there are many ways to get them, here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Offer free music (download link) in exchange for an email address
  • Place a newsletter registration form on your website…
  • Ask people who buy a t-shirt or a merchandising stand CD for an email address to send them your next news!

The purpose of the email database is not to drown a person in tons of emails, spam, etc.

But to target well and choose your future FAN before offering (at some point T) to buy your new album, ep.

Thus the fan will feel much more than privileged by the offer than if he sees an impersonal post on social networks.

In short…

The to-fan live is a sum of actions that you will put in place to unite a community around your musical project and to convert these people into active fans (those who will buy your music and share it).

There is not only one way to proceed, but Pro Producer is there.

From now on, we will guide you; our objective is to help you discover tools, tips and advice that respect the rules of direct to fan.

Remember this; if you want to be “signed” one day, the first thing a music industry professional will look at is the size and economic value of your FAN-BASE, which you will bring back to them.

In any case, it is essential to do “Direct to-fan. »

It is important to note that there is no single way to proceed with this model.

Moreover, the to-fan direct does not replace the Music Industry, it is an alternative that will allow you to remain Master of your musical career and become an accomplished musician capable of evolving independently in music.

Don’t wait any longer for others to tell you what to do… Act by yourself to be free!

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