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How to Make Money as a Music Artist? Turn Your Hobby into a Career!


For the large majority of music artists, making money is not the primary concern as many chose to be artists because they love making music.

But they have to earn for themselves and their family, no human can escape it. So thanks to this digital era, musicians now have so many ways of earning money and make a living out of it.

So many musicians have already started living this way by doing music full time. They don’t have to go for traditional 9 to 5 jobs to get a salary.

Musicians nowadays are self-sufficient. All they need to live their dream life is a little bit of willpower and the tactics to reach their aim. There are plenty of ways through which they can do so.

By having a full-time job and by taking care of regular family responsibilities, it becomes very difficult to get time to invest in their passion as a musician. But this is not at all true for the musicians nowadays.

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Making Money As New Music Artist

Let me tell you about the story of one of my neighbors. His name is Joseph, he was my classmate as well and our families have known each other for quite a long time. From a young age, Joseph had a thing for music, he was always very much into it, trying out different musical instruments.

He was very good at studies too. His father was very critical about his studies and wanted Joseph to stop wasting time strumming guitars, singing, and other things. He wanted Joseph to go in the traditional way like him. But deep down Joseph had a rebel heart. He continued practicing music and studies both. Without telling anyone he opened a YouTube channel and started uploading contents of his singing.

Within a year he achieved significant numbers of subscribers and followers. Suddenly he became a singing sensation around the locality and after a few months, people all over the country started knowing him. By doing live music shows and other ways like YouTube earning he started to earn way more money than any regular job, he would have ever earned as a fresher. I guess his father now appreciates him.

So, in today’s world, it is not much difficult to make money as a new music artist. If you are genuinely producing some good music that people would like. So, the first and foremost duty of yours as a musician is to produce good music and entertain people with your music. Everything will eventually fall into places if you are able to do this.

Just like Joseph, you can open a YouTube channel and earn handsome revenue. But you should know that from YouTube you won’t be generating money overnight. It will take time and effort. There are some rules for making your YouTube channel monetization worthy. It needs 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers in one year. So you have to keep uploading content to reach there.

You can arrange a live concert shows in your locality and thus earn money from the ticket sales. This way you will also get recognition to the people as musicians. So many opportunities will keep coming your way after that. You can sell your personal branded merchandise during the concert and make money as well.

There are ways of earning money from song streaming like Spotify and other apps. This digital streaming can be a way to make money. You can crowdfund, also you can look for opportunities by communicating with the brands to collaborate. They will finance for you and in exchange, you will promote the services they offer.

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Music Allowing People To Turn Their Passion Into Their Job

Musicians are creative by nature. All the traditional ways of living and doing jobs will not appeal to them much naturally. They mostly like to work on themselves, their art and craft. Living independently is what they want the most. Music allows them to turn their passion into their job in so many ways.

There was a time when artists had to invest in their craft without thinking much about the ways they can get the financial benefits out of it. To be very honest during those times there were not many ways to do so. But time is different now. The sky is the limit if you really want to make money out of your skill.

Music is the language of the universe. It doesn’t have any border or nationalities. Nothing can cage it. The harmonious melody of music can go through many hurdles and barriers. This music can help people to pursue their passion of music turn into their full-time job.

If you are a musician, you do have an idea about your craft. If you are really good at what you do, you can easily turn your passion into your profession by going full time with it. There are so many ways of doing so if you deeply think about it.

There are so many schools and colleges that offer music courses. To have such a course a professional musician is needed as a teacher. So many universities offer courses on music, sometimes even a whole degree is provided on music. So these schools, colleges, and universities require people who have sound knowledge of music. They want to recruit someone who can teach the young minds the truest essence of music. You teach the students music by joining for such an amazing job and turn your passion into a dignified profession.

There are so many events of people this could be personal or corporate. For those events, professional musicians are always in demand. You can get hired at such an event and create music in those events. So many bars and cafes also hire musicians for full time for playing music for the guests. This is another golden opportunity of making money with your passion if you are a musician by heart. You can get paid very well this way.

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Ways of Making Money Through Music

There are plenty of ways of making money with music if you think about it with an open mind rather than having any excuse. By implementing all these ways, you will be able to make money in diversified ways that can be enough for you and your family.

Here are some significant ways of making money in today’s time;

Selling Music

You can sell your music tracks online or through CDs. Or you can sell it to any music agency they will buy the copyright from you and do all the distribution and other stuff. Selling online means the music will be provided to the listeners digitally and they will also pay digitally. While selling your music doesn’t become a victim of piracy in any way.

Play Live

You can perform live in different shows. By doing so you will be able to get collaborations with different bands (or brands) and also get earning from the ticket selling. There are other ways of selling merchandise and other stuff while the shows are running.

Build A Brand

Try to promote yourself as a brand to your audience. Create a website. Give all the information about yourself and sell your music there. Include recommendations of the people with whom you have previously worked with. Mention the blogs or news sources where you got featured.

YouTube Channel

As it is already discussed YouTube channel can help you a great way of building your brand and would have another stream of income to your portfolio.

Teach Music

Teaching music to the people can be another way of actively earning money from music. By teaching music you get to be in touch with the beginner-level knowledge of music and at the same time, be able to earn money significantly.

Music Streaming

You can earn from music by music streaming app like Spotify. Each time your song is played in there, you will get a small portion of royalties. With time the amount turns into a very nice chunk of money!

Working as DJ

Working in the parties as a DJ can let you earn a significant amount of money. All the parties nowadays seem incomplete without a DJ. So you can earn a handsome amount of money by offering this service.

These are some mention-worthy ways of making money through music. There are some other ways too. By exploring all these, a musician can reach his full earning potential.


Though at the beginning, an artist never tries to excel in the art to earn money, eventually it becomes very difficult to give time to the same art for being busy in making money.

Doing so for a very long time and staying away from their passion creates a hollowness in their hearts. So only the blessed ones get the opportunity to turn their passion into a profession.

Luckily, musicians are one of those. By working strategically in this digital era, they can easily make money only through their craft music. If you are a new and rising musician, you should have a clear idea about the ways of making money only from music.

This will help you not to do anything other than what you love to do in your life.

Doing something that you love and believe in is what gives life meaning and purpose. You should hold on to that firmly.

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