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3 fatal mistakes to avoid when monetizing your music


This article is the result of observations I have been making for some time on the Internet.

Of course, the ultimate goal for many of you is to live off your passion or a project that is close to your heart.

However, you usually end up making fatal mistakes in carrying out your projects.

Vendre sa musique : les erreurs à éviter

Selling your creations is not easy and, by taking note of these 3 points (which are linked), you will have a much better chance of achieving your goals.

Error #1: Trying to sell your creations early

Many creative people are looking to sell their photos, songs, objects… quite quickly.

They think they are ready and think that their creations can please. Unfortunately, this is sometimes rushed.

This is mainly the case for the youngest who do not necessarily have the hindsight to realize it.

If you are reading this, the most important thing is not to sell your works or to live from your passion, but to perfect your creations.

No miracle recipe: selling your works is much easier when the works are good…

So think first of all about creating, creating and creating again before you try to make any profit from it.

This must involve criticism and self-criticism. Publish your creations on the Internet to gather opinions first and foremost.

Take into account the most constructive remarks and develop your creations as you go along. Once your projects and works are mature, take the plunge!

Error #2: “Bludgeon” Internet users

By wanting to monetize your works, you are often in a “carpet seller” position.

However, as you can imagine, this is not very appreciated by Internet users (especially since there are quite a few people who do this).

You may recognize yourself in this attitude. I’m talking about musicians who keep tweeting on their covers or new videos. This is totally counterproductive.

You should first of all seek to give, to bring value to people before they deign to pay attention for a single second to your works.

Selling your creations is only possible once you have created a link with an audience. You must first share what you like, your doubts, your thoughts before selling.

Evitez de matraquer les internautes pour vendre votre musique

This advice applies to artists as much as to other creative people, but I will come back to it in another article.

Error #3: Do not post regularly

For this mistake, unfortunately, the only advice I can give you is: fight!

Some people are sometimes motivated for a few months, others for a few weeks..

The main secret of a good digital presence is to be relentless. There will be ups and downs, bad comments… but you must continue your efforts.

Post regularly on social networks, answer opinions, questions… And I mean ALL comments.

Not from time to time, but absolutely ALL.

poster regulierement sur les reseaux sociaux pour percer dans la musique

Some top business leaders themselves respond to comments on social networks when they have much more to do.

Your community owes you nothing and it is up to you to do whatever it takes to get its attention. This requires being consistent in your efforts. Persevere, nothing more..

Did you make those mistakes too? Did you fix that? Feel free to share your experience in comments!

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