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Music Business Institute Review: Is EDGE Worth the Price?


Every musician’s dream is to have a successful career. Getting there, though, can be very difficult.

The music industry is congested and there is very stiff competition. No one is willing to step aside and let you have your way at their expense. This is why you need guidance and some help to navigate these murky waters.

One platform where you can get this invaluable assistance is Music Business Institute. This review will help you understand what it is all about, how it works, and how you can best take advantage of it. Let’s begin!

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What is Music Business Institute?

Music Business Institute is a platform with all the tools you need to supercharge your music career. Designed to help artists build their fan bases, get more gigs, promote their music online, learn on-demand, and sell their music, this could be exactly what you need as a budding artist to take your career to the next level.

Music Business Institute Facebook

Who are the people behind it?

The company is co-founded by entertainment lawyer, Alison Burns, and award-winning music industry expert James Taylor. Together, they have worked with hundreds of artists and companies, including Universal Music, Sony Music, Google, Warner Music, Youtube, among others.

Music Business Institute Courses

They have courses that range from music marketing, coaching, recording and distribution to music law and copyright. Although these courses are available individually, they have also been conveniently packaged into a single product: Music Business Edge.

Music Business Edge has been branded as the ultimate collection of music business courses. Here is why:

Music Business Edge

Music Business EDGE gives you access to a huge library of courses in all areas of the music business. There are hundreds of video tutorials in the members’ area.

It is a combination of all their systems, courses and checklists. It has different membership levels, where the annual membership gets you daily coaching emails for 365 days. Members are also supplied with supplementary materials, including detailed case studies, worksheets, scripts, among others.

Music Business Institute Law

Goals of the product

  • To help a person who is not a music industry expert follow the steps in the plan provided and achieve similar results.
  • To help musicians make the next step in their musical careers.
  • To help musicians generate income from live shows, records, merchandise. Music Licensing, online courses and branded products.
  • To help the musician design their own website to suit their fans, which tools to use and what to put on your website to make sales.

The courses included in Music Business Edge:

  • Facebook for musicians. How to use Facebook to build your fan base and make money from your music.
  • The getting gigs plans. How to boost your live career. It shows you how to get agents and to book tours and finally make money playing live.
  • Music business strategy. It contains ten income streams for musicians and how to put together a killer music business strategy.
  • Crowdfunding for musicians. How to create and run a successful crowdfunding campaign within 30 days.
  • YouTube for musicians plan. How to use Youtube to build traffic, get a bigger fan base, and sell your music.
  • Recording and distribution plan. How to quickly self-release, launch and distribute your music.
  • Music law and copyrights. How to protect and profit from your music and Music Copyrights.
  • Music marketing plan. How to build a following for your music even if you have no list.
  • Teaching music online plan. How to make money as a music teacher online, complete with a Step-By-Step plan.
  • Music business case studies. Detailed case studies with leading music artists, songwriters, and music industry insiders.
  • Virtual music empire. How to outsource and build your music career quickly.
  • Jazz booking guide. A guide for jazz musicians including festival, promoter, agent and club directories.

Music Business Institute Music_Marketing_Plan

As a member, you get access to their ‘what is working now’ live training. This is where the music business institute team shares what is hot, new and working for their artists and labels to the EDGE members.

It also gives you access to the Music Business Institute’s latest and greatest ideas and one can ask James Taylor and his team questions there and then.

As an EDGE member, you are added to the EDGE private networking group on Facebook. It is a traditional mastermind group that is all about sharing what is working in the music industry at the moment and getting help with what is not working for you.

Members include 2 Grammy award-winning artists, touring musicians, songwriters, record label bosses, a manager for 3 platinum-selling artists, music publishers, lawyers, in session musicians, and music teachers.

There are regular ‘ask James’ sessions where EDGE members get a chance to ask James questions directly who will then record his answers and post it for all members to see.

The course, therefore, gives the members something that most artists only dream of all in one package;

  • Systems
  • Checklists
  • Video tutorials
  • Cheatsheets
  • Case studies

All these are systemized aspects of creating, promoting and selling that music artists need to be well aware of today in order to have a successful music career.

These systems not only make the artist grow a lot musically but also give them insightful tips on how to increase the money in their bank accounts.

All the aspects of marketing, promoting and growing your music career are documented in step-by-step detail. It also comes with cover music licensing and music business law.

Who is this for?

You do not need to have an existing music project to join EDGE. They will show you how to explore your talents and strengths to come up with multiple high-quality music project ideas.

There is no age limit either to join EDGE. Whether you are a young fashionable artist, a parent with family commitments, or having a full-time job, the course will still apply to you.

This course will also prove to be tremendously helpful for artists who want to build a touring career and sell albums.

It is therefore created for all artists, regardless of the style of music or the type of fans the music targets.

Music Business Institute Plan

How to join

To join Music Business Institute, all you have to do is click on the product you are interested in on the main website. Once you pay the fee, you will receive your login details in your email and you can access all the courses in their online library at once.

They have 2 subscription plans;

  • A monthly subscription plan costs 37.60 dollars/month.
  • The annual subscription plan costs 299 dollars/year.


  • It helps the artist know how to navigate the music business as an independent, how to network, leverage social media and launch a crowdfunding campaign.
  • The artist will know the music business functions, such as roles within the business, contract agreement and how an artist makes money.
  • The artist will know the exclusive rights granted by copyright law and how to leverage those laws as a creator.
  • It will teach you how to be a more effective entrepreneur.
  • It has a lot of networking opportunities.
  • One can learn from anywhere.


  • Some courses have limited options.
  • It can be difficult to collaborate between the students and the teachers.
  • It takes a lot of time for things to take off. You will not see immediate results.


For an artist who is just starting out, this course can be the key to unlocking your potential in the music industry.

It contains a lot of inside information that you can only get from people with a lot of experience in this space, so it can be quite an invaluable resource.

However, it is important to keep in mind that taking the course is not a guarantee that your music career will take off. You also have to be disciplined and hardworking enough to implement all that the course requires of you if you want to increase your chances of finding success.

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