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Piano For All Review: The Ideal Way to Learn Without a Teacher?


For many people, the piano is a fascinating instrument. Its undeniable allure and its versatility, along with the fact that it can be quite challenging to learn, all these things make many people dream about becoming piano maestros.

So are you fascinated by the way the piano is played? Are you curious about the whole allure that piano music creates? Do you want to learn how to play the piano?

If your answer was yes to any of these questions, then you are exactly like I was a few years ago. But more on that later.

Any piano player will tell you that the path to learning this instrument is never easy. It is customarily progressive requiring the student to exercise a lot of hard work, more patience and constant practise for you to fully master this one-of-a-kind art.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that becoming good at it is impossible. All you need is patience, perseverance, hard work and a true passion for the craft.

Since time immemorial, it has always been the norm to get a good teacher whose sole purpose is to physically guide and administer personal lessons to you as the student. Students who were closely monitored ended up learning best. However, things are rapidly changing, and this process is now shifting.

Thanks to products like Pianoforall, you can now get online piano lessons which will allow you to gain an understanding of the piano and master the various techniques involved by solely relying on the software. No physical teacher is needed anymore.

This way, you will not have to spend a pile of money paying an expert instructor to learn how to play your favourite musical instrument.

piano for all playing

What is Pianoforall?

Pianoforall is an online piano course that is organized and well planned to give the student a unique learning experience. It is a learning interface that gives Piano enthusiasts an individual platform where they can learn piano. This software gives the user the much-needed assistance and motivation to continue practising and playing the piano.

Pianoforall does a good job of substituting the professional piano teacher. Through the software, learners can immersively engage with the system in real-time. The system, in return, provides valuable feedback that regular professional piano players can agree with. Its can sync with the learner and give various recommendations on how he/she can enhance his/her piano playing skills is just outstanding.

It has been designed to ensure efficient, personalised use by the learner. To run the interface, you will not need to have a powerful computer. It is also compatible with many devices. Your device has to be running either on Windows, Mac or iOS operating system. This means that the number of devices you can use for the lessons are not limited.

This software uses several valuable methods to ensure that the learner has everything needed to enjoy the experience. It makes use of interactive ebooks, real-time feedback, and gamification to come up with a steady and fully operative platform where you can comfortably and efficiently learn how to play the piano.

Pianoforall is a creation of the piano master, Robin Hall. He has vast expertise playing piano and keyboards. Robin Hall started out as a cartoonist but later changed his line of work to pianos after realising that people were not that into cartoons. He eventually decided to dedicate his life to pianos, pouring his heart out through his creation, Pianoforall.

Key Features

piano for all learning

A comprehensive song library.

Pianoforall is designed to teach its students how to play songs. The platform thus uses famous hit songs that sound familiar to all across the globe. These are the templates that you will be using to learn the chords, melodies and all the intricacies it took to make that particular tune. It is thus an effective learning tool that helps you get the big picture faster than ever.

This platform’s song library has more than 400 songs. All these songs are expected to help you quickly and easily learn the instrument to become the best there ever was. These songs are arranged according to their level of difficulty. From the very basic tunes to the really complicated ones. You can also learn each song independently and at your own speed. This is by far the best way to learn the piano if at all you are a slow learner.

Interactive lessons.

These lessons comprise of nine to ten interactive e-books that can download from the site after completing your payments. These books are designed to e easy enough for the rookies in piano to speedily get the hang of playing the piano hassle-free. The e-books contain video and audio lessons that can be used one at time. You can choose between either one of them according to your preferred method of learning.

The lessons have been arranged according to their increasing levels of difficulty. The easiest lessons can be found at the beginning of the course, and these allow the student to build a strong foundation that will come in handy in understanding future lessons. These interactive lessons allow the student to fully engage with the course and provide the student with an opportunity to fully immerse him/herself in the course. This has proven to be one of the most effective ways to learn how to play the piano.

Use it on any device

You can have Pianoforall on any of your devices. You can use the platform anytime, anywhere you would like thanks to the convenience it offers. Take your piano lessons on the go. This way, you can’t afford to miss any lessons.

piano for all devices

Offline access

Thanks to downloadable content, you do not have to have to be connected to a network. The e-books used for taking the classes can be downloaded and saved to your computer or any other device of choice. You can shut down the internet connection since you will not be needing it. This will save you the distractions that the internet comes with. Focusing on your lessons becomes less of a task due to this.

Super responsive customer support.

Most people need a little extra help along the way. Pianoforall offers you a helping hand when you need it most. All software ordinarily comes with a customer support area where you can make requests, seek clarification on challenging issues or make suggestions.

What makes the difference is whether the customer support is responsive and effective or not. Pianoforall offers responsive customer support services which are prompt to provide feedback. Knowing that they’ve got your back is enough to build your confidence as you work. Remember, the sooner the customer support replies you, the sooner you can continue with your curricula and master the piano sessions.

If you would like closer supervision, you can have your work critiqued by Robin Hall. He loves helping students to learn faster. This one way to make sure that you are making good progress. A second opinion won’t hurt.

Free lifetime updates

Once you have signed up and paid for the service, you will not be required to pay for future updates. Enjoy steady, uninterrupted learning sessions across all your devices. Free updates make the service quite economical to acquire.


This is a section on Pianoforall’s landing page. It contains testaments to the platform’s piano teaching methods. These testimonies help to give the learners a new perspective on the site.

piano for all keyboard

How I Discovered Pianoforall

For ages, I could only dream of playing the piano. However, I had always felt a connection to the instrument ever since I was young. Sadly, finding the time and a professional teacher had always proven to be quite a task.

I had read somewhere that people were learning the piano on their computers. So I decided to give this a shot.

After going through several such platforms, I was still struggling to grasp what was being taught. I was almost giving up on it all when I stumbled upon Pianoforall. Suddenly everything was so much easier!

I rushed through the course like wildfire and within no time, my piano skills started improving. I have been using the platform ever since and can confidently say that it works.

How It Works

Buy the course to get the full package of nine e-books in PDF format. You do not need to be online every time you practise your piano skills. You can quickly download these e-books to your device of choice whether it is a computer, phone or tablet.

The course also offers 200 video lessons and 500 audio lessons of the maestro himself, Robin Hall. Through these, he guides you on how to play the piano giving more aspects of piano and keyboards. All the piano and keyboard lessons are newbie-friendly.

The E-books

These are the interactive e-books:

  1. Party Time/Rhythm Piano
  2. Blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll
  3. Chord Magic
  4. Advanced Chords Made Easy
  5. Ballad Style
  6. Jazz Piano Made Easy
  7. Advanced Blues
  8. Taming the Classic
  9. Speed Learning

The e-books are arranged in a very specific order which allows one to gradually build on the lessons one has learnt previously. This strategic, well-planned order will take you to step by step through the entire course. The first e-book covers the very basics of the course.

With each new book you open, you learn something new which traces back its concepts from the previous book. So, it’s like a well-crafted syllabus. Each book teaches you something completely different which has to be grasped before moving to the next.

Each book has its area of speciality. It takes you to a different area of focus and demonstrates a distinct concept. For instance, Chord Magic/ book 3, lays emphasis on the chords considerably more than melodies. It directs you on the methods you can use to master the different piano chords using tools like memorization and how these chords can be turned into popular songs. It directs you to quickly modify chords using inversions. Using this book, you can learn your chords in record time.

Video Lessons

piano for all review

The course also offers comprehensive video lessons alongside the piano books. These visual aids are related to piano books and help the student to cement what has already been learnt previously using the audiobooks. Many people prefer learning through videos rather than audiobooks.

The videos are a complete package, covering pretty much every piano-playing technique. They feature an instructor who gives directions on how to play. He shows you everything there is from the chords and how you can play them and where each chord is on the piano. Videos are a practical demonstration of the e-books and a much better way to learn the piano faster.


  • You can get your lessons offline. Enjoy uninterrupted lessons without having to worry about your internet connection. The lessons are downloadable to your computer or any other device of choice. You can, therefore, access these lessons at any time or place you deem fit. No more buffering videos or having to suffer slow connection speeds. No more disruptions during crucial piano lessons.
  • Free Updates. Unlike other similar platforms, Pianoforall offers free updates to its users for a lifetime. Once you have made the purchase, there is no need for successive purchases. Whenever there are updates available, you will be the first to receive alerts sent directly to your email.
  • You only have to pay once for the course. Once you have paid for the program at the start, there will be no need for successive payments.
  • Great customer support. The guidance offered by none other than Robin Hall and his team, the students learning experience could not be better.
  • Cross-compatibility of the course. The course can be downloaded and used on any device. Whether it is a computer, a tablet or your phone, it’s all good.


  • The audio stops when the page is flipped. In my opinion, flipping over the page should not stop the audio from playing. This causes the learner to lose concentration aside from the fact that it denies him/her the chance to make connections between concepts found on different pages.
  • Overlooking the fundamentals at some levels. The course focuses more on the ability to play songs and almost completely ignores the classical music side of things.
  • Course aesthetics could be better. There is definitely room for improvement in the overall look of the whole course.

piano for all


Overall, Pianoforall is undeniably a great piano course. There is not much to complain about with it. It is a course that is perfect for newbies and professionals alike.

Pianoforall is dynamic and has been proven to work by the millions of people vouching for it every day. If you are genuinely interested in learning how to play the piano, then this is the platform for you.

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