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Playground Sessions Review: The Best Piano Learning App?


The process of learning the Piano is usually gradual. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and constant practice for you to master the unique art and technique of delivering incredible tunes.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible to become the best at it. You only have to be attentive to your lessons and eager to know. From time memorial, it has been a norm that anyone who wants to study the piano has to get a good teacher who would personally and physically lead the learning process. Well, not anymore.

Thanks to Playground Sessions, you can now learn the piano and master the numerous techniques involved by simply using the software. This way you don’t have to spend a fortune paying an expert tutor to know how to play your best musical instrument. All you have to do is get the software, and you will be all set.

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What it Playground Sessions?

Playground Sessions is an interface that provides Piano lovers with a unique platform where they can learn piano from scratch.

This software is incredible in the sense that it gives the user the required support and motivation needed to keep practising and playing the Piano. Playground Sessions is the best substitution for a physical and professional piano teacher.

This software can engage with the learner in real time and provide valuable feedback that even professional piano players and music producers like Quincy Jones agree with. Its ability to sync with the learner and give various directions on how he/she can enhance his/her piano playing skills is just outstanding.

The software has been designed to ensure efficiency to users. You don”t need a powerful computer to run the interface, and it can be installed in almost any device so long as it is running either on Windows, Mac or iOS operating system. This means that it covers most areas and so you are not limited to a particular device or operating system.

This software uses various valuable ideas to ensure that the learner has everything needed to enjoy the experience. It makes use of video tutorials, real-time feedback, and gamification to come up with a dependable and fully functional platform where you can easily and efficiently learn how to play the piano.

The piano comes with more than 500 preloaded songs that you are required to play from the beginning. This is meant to make the user conversant with the program and get ready to tackle more challenging notes. Once done with the already available free songs, you can go ahead and purchase additional songs which you can practice.

Just like the conventional piano teacher, playground sessions is designed to help you understand different sounds produced by deferent keys after which it will go ahead to fine-tune your piano playing skills so that you can manoeuvre easily and deliver incredible tunes with precision. By the time you’re done with all the levels available levels, you will be able to play any tune there is.


My story

When I first heard of the playground sessions a software that could deliver piano lessons I was a bit skeptical, this is because I didn’t believe that software could replace a physical teacher in such a practical field.

The simple thought that it was just a software and that it can be installed on any device made it seem so ordinary. What made me give it a try was when I hear that Quincy Jones the music guru endorsed it. These people usually have too much experience in their field and so when you hear that they have endorsed something, then it must be pretty good.

Some people would argue that maybe they just endorsed it because of the offer they were made but remember, such people, especially music producers have a reputation to protect, and so it is not always about the money. Once they decide to take that road, they know that their face is imprinted all over the software and if it is not up to the required standards, people will blame them. For example, I didn’t want to know who created it. The simple fact just that it was endorsed by Quincy Jones convinced me.

So I went ahead, flashed out my credit card and brought the software. At the back of my mind, I knew it couldn’t be that good that anyone would give up a piano teacher just for software. I remember I didn’t install it the same day I bought it. I waited for the next day instead. I was pretty excited when I installed it. The interface was just amazing, and the outlook was everything you would expect on a piano software. The first thing I saw was ‘Welcome to Playground Sessions’ followed by ‘Get started in the boot camp to learn the basics.’ This made me more excited. So apparently there is even a virtual instructor called David Sides who takes you through the whole process.

At first, you will see the songs all arranged according to the levels. Most of the teaching materials have been designed from some of the most popular songs which you know, but now you get to play them yourself! How interesting. There are also video lessons that are so lively. You can see David side playing the actual piano while there is a virtual piano for you down below. The interface is so clear that I would see the exact keys David Sides was playing. At first, I would struggle between pressing the right keys to produce the right tune and keeping up with him. I later grasped the concepts, and I would play my virtual keyboard just like David Sides.

There are also quite a number of lessons that fit people with different skill levels. Since I had never laid my hands on a Piano before, I decided to start with the most basic level so that I could acquaint myself with the piano and how it works. I decided to go with the digital piano too because I guess we are on a digital era and sticking to that fact would be quite advantageous on my side.

You can, however, go for the regular piano if you wish to. I am half way to completing the levels, and honestly, all I can say is that it has been worth my while.

playground-sessions features

Features of Playground Sessions

Playground sessions reviews show that this software has all the incredible features that make it more engaging than any other music software which is true.

Its ability to draw you in and guide you through every single piano playing step is just remarkable. Some of the most incredible features that Playground sessions possess include:

1. A comprehensive song library

Playground Sessions has more than 400 songs on its song library, and all of these songs are meant to help you learn the piano and become the best. Each song is categorized according to the level of difficulty.

This means that you don’t have to start from the basic level if you are a pro piano player and you don’t have to start with the difficult song if you are green in the area. You also get to learn every song independently and at your own pace. This is by far the best way to learn the piano if at all you are a slow learner.

2. An interactive boot camp

This is where piano practices begin. Bootcamp has a number of tutorials as well as video instructions that are aimed to enable rookies to understand the piano course better.

All these lessons have also been sorted according to their level of difficulty and so when you feel like you have grasped the requirements of a specific level you can continue to the next one. This way you get to know if you are advancing or not. The fundamentals are very detailed, and the videos are incredible to make sure that you don’t miss even a single point during your lessons. This is one feature that you will enjoy while using the software.

It is also on the boot camp that you are provided with the interface where you can follow the instructor David Sides as he plays the keyboard while you are provided with your very own right below. You can follow his fingers by watching the type of keys he is pressing to end up with the same tune he is making. This makes it much more practical and also makes the theory you have learned sink in because you get to apply it.

playground-sessions interface

3. A great dashboard

For such a practical course, you definitely need practical sessions that are in turn analyzed on the dashboard. If at all you are to get any better with time, you should make complete use of the dashboard.

This is why you are required to at least have a digital piano if you want to make tremendous development in the course and get good results. The dashboard helps you to keep track of your progress by displaying a huge chunk of vital information. It is this information that you can use to know whether you have mastered a particular level or not. Among the information displayed on the dashboard is practical that you take on boot camp. The reports are so details that if you press the right key, it is marked with green and if you press the wrong key, it is marked with red. This tends to motivate the learner to perform better in practicals, minimizing the number of red markings.

4. Ultra responsive customer support

Every software usually comes with a support center where you can ask questions, seek information or get clarity on a particular matter. The only difference is whether the customer support is active and efficient or not.

Playground Sessions comes with very responsive customer support who provide feedback as soon as you ask a question or make an inquiry. This gives you the confidence to continue working with it knowing that in case of anything there is someone to help. Remember, the sooner the customer support replies you, the sooner you can continue with your curricula and master the piano sessions.

How does it work?

Playground Sessions requires the user to purchase the software then install it on his or her machine. Once you are done, you will be provided with an interface that will take you through the process of becoming a terrific piano player. You are provided with a tutor and the necessary materials to guide you through the sessions.

Any additional materials can be purchased through the software. It also comes with three subscription options, monthly, yearly or a lifetime.

What to expect from this?

Once you purchase Playground sessions expect the best online piano lessons that you have ever seen or heard of. This interface will provide you with the best experience by ensuring that you come from being a piano amateur to a professional piano player.

Expect the motivation required to take you from one level to another and also a progress report to show how you are proceeding. All these have been incorporated in the software amongst many others like incredible famous songs to help you with your practice sessions.


  • Comes with teaching materials.
  • Has a very interactive interface.
  • Comes with very helpful exercises.
  • You get hundreds of songs to practice.
  • Provides learners with progress reports.
  • Gives instant feedback.
  • Comes with a tutor.
  • Enables you to learn the lessons from scratch.
  • Works with a number of devices and operating systems.


  • Quincy Jones doesn’t teach the lessons.
  • There are no enough video lessons.
  • The lessons can be a bit hard.



Playground Sessions is a one in a million piano teaching software that will enable you to become one of the best piano players without making use of a physical tutor. The platform has been designed to ensure that you are taught everything there is to know about playing the piano. It will give you the motivation and lessons needed to enable you to grasp the concepts.

All you will need is patience and hard work to succeed.

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