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How to Write Songs That Are Memorable?

Some songs (whether we like them or not) all contain the same ingredients: lyrics that still resonate in the heart of our evenings 20 to 30 years after their release. Here are some tips to help you write a song that will be remembered. Be sincere with others, but also with yourself This is probably […]

How to Become an Accomplished Musicpreneur?

In the first part of this article on the Musicpreneur, we have discussed the nature of this new status of musician-entrepreneur, as well as the challenges it represents in the music market In this second part, we will seek to learn more about the factors behind this movement and the new opportunities offered by such […]

What to Say on Stage Between Your Songs?

So many musicians are comfortable playing their music in public, but totally paralyzed when it comes to speaking between two songs. Your passion is to make music and not one-man-shows, right? Unfortunately, if you have the chance to play in public, you cannot ignore the audience and only express yourself through your sound. You also […]

4 Tricks to Find the Perfect Band Name

In marketing as in music, it is essential that the brand image be clear, unique and coherent in order to leave a good impression on the audience. This is especially true when it comes to your fans’ perception of your band: for them, you belong to a musical style and a certain movement that your […]

Why Should You NOT Join a Singing Competition TV Show?

singing shows

Every year, tens of thousands of artists rush to register to participate in a tele-hook such as The Voice. But is this enthusiasm really justified? Is it even desirable for so many aspiring artists to decide to take their chances on TV? In concrete terms, should YOU participate in this type of program? I’m not […]

How to create the Logo of your Music Project?

That’s it, you’ve done your first scenes, you’ve recorded your first demos and your band is starting to be spotted on the local stages? Maybe it’s time to move up a gear by creating your group logo. Because the idea is to convey your brand image and therefore to incarnate your musical universe to fans, […]

How to Create the Visual Cover of your Album or Single?

Here is finally your album or single in digital format or, for the lucky ones, on compact disc. But like any product intended for promotion, it will necessarily be necessary to take care of the “packaging” in order to make it attractive to your audience. To do this, it is important to respect a few […]

How to Get Comfortable on Stage and not Get Overwhelmed?

To be at ease on stage: a challenge for some, an obvious one for others….. What about you? What about you? What defines a good stage performance as a musician? How to understand and satisfy public expectations? What are the factors that come into play? As a musician, stage presence is one of the keys […]

How to “Succeed” in Music and Become Famous?

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you have talent, motivation and ambitions for your musical project (If this is not the case, then you are probably in the wrong place.) Here we will see how to succeed in music, a subject that often comes up in the mouths of independent artists. […]

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