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5 Essential Ingredients to Become a Successful Indie Artist

In the age of social networks and the Internet, independent artists have no excuse for not positioning themselves in the music industry of tomorrow. No more intermediaries, direct-to-fans is the royal way to break through! But in reality, what does it really take to stand out and put all the chances on your side? I […]

How to become an artist-entrepreneur?

Music is a business… Some artists refuse to acknowledge the fact that music is not only an art, but also a business. To earn a living as an artist, however, it is necessary to understand that behind music lies a vast industry, a business like any other. To make a living from your art, creating […]

How to set up a team to start in music?

In the music world, the network is one of the most important aspects. It is by forging that you become a blacksmith, and it is by doing what the pros do that you become a pro, and that you increase your chances of living from your music. In the artistic world, you should not hesitate […]

How to make a living from your music thanks to your fans?

The secret to making a living from music is simple, but very little put into practice by musicians. Guys, we are no longer in the 80s or even in the 2000s… Signing with a label must no longer be your goal as a musician. The first influencer; the one who will change your life is […]

3 fatal mistakes to avoid when monetizing your music

This article is the result of observations I have been making for some time on the Internet. Of course, the ultimate goal for many of you is to live off your passion or a project that is close to your heart. However, you usually end up making fatal mistakes in carrying out your projects. Selling […]

10 Habits to Become a Professional Musician

mixed in key guitar

What is the difference between an amateur musician and a professional musician? If we assume that both artists make good music, what are the other factors that determine the success or failure of a musical career? Actually, we could spend hours discussing all the different internal and external criteria that can influence an artist’s success […]

4 Techniques to Boost Your Productivity as a Musician

The life of a freelance musician is not easy. It is indeed necessary to juggle multiple projects, activities and tasks to be carried out Artists-entrepreneurs must therefore become experts in terms of productivity in order to successfully complete each of their projects: rehearse, record, manage the online presence, contact the professionals, compose, etc. Therefore, for […]

Where can you find voices for your beats and productions?

3 Methods that work to find voices for your productions! Nothing less obvious for a producer or a DJ/Producer to find the right voice on his production to get a hit! Here are some tips that should help you solve this problem. 1. REVERBNATION My number one talent source is! ReverbNation is a site […]

How to define the goals of your music career?

Wanting to pursue a career in the music industry is certainly, in the beginning, the goal of all musicians. Once we said that, we didn’t say anything! A career is so vast. Do we want to produce albums, do concerts, become a studio musician, write for others? There are many goals to achieve, but for […]

How to open for another artist or band?

The first part, the Grail. We all dreamed of opening for a confirmed group. Playing in big packed venues, reaching a wider audience in just 30 minutes of live performance and especially for the pleasure of saying that we played with this or that big band. However, forget about the programming right away to showcase […]

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