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The Rise of the Musicpreneur


What is a Musicpreneur?

The term “Musicpreneur” is a contraction of the words “Musician” and “Entrepreneur”.

It refers to a versatile and independent musician who manages both the artistic and entrepreneurial dimensions of his musical career.

This includes all creative people who have decided to take proactive control of their careers and no longer remain spectators of the music industry or cultural policy of their country.

Indeed, the Musicpreneur considers his musical project as being a real business, without neglecting the artistic aspect.

Why an Advent of the Musicpreneur?

The music industry is no longer young and generations of musicians have already succeeded each other.

Since the beginning of the last century, the music industry has undergone many changes: cassette, radio, vinyl, television, CD, and more recently the Internet, mp3, streaming and social networks.

One thing is certain: today we no longer sell music as we did only 50, 20 or even 10 years ago.

And as a result, the role of the artist has also changed completely.

La vie du musicpreneur

Indeed, the rapid technological advances, particularly related to web 2.0 and 3.0, have destroyed the barriers that potentially separate the artist from his fans.

Today the accomplished Musicpreneur no longer needs traditional media or a contract with a label to ensure his promotion. He can take all this in hand, on his own scale.

Today signing with a record company is still extremely interesting, but should not be an end in itself. Especially since record companies now only sign with well-established artists who already have clear financial potential.

This is why more and more musicians decide to become real entrepreneurs in order to develop their musical project independently. Whether it is for the purpose of signing or not.

The mindset of the Musicpreneur

What is the difference between an average musician and an entrepreneurial musician? Everything. Or almost. The Musicpreneur…

  • Acts instead of waiting
  • Can find the motivation in himself
  • Perceives barriers as challenges
  • Is a businessman and understands the value of a strong business model
  • Is trained and acquires new skills
  • Do not ask for permission
  • Accept the change
  • Listens and adapts

And for good reason the task (although very rewarding) is relatively difficult.

It is necessary to manage the economic aspect of the project (financing, planning, logistics, profitability, return on investment, etc.), its presence (branding, design, photography, videos, website, SEO, online platforms, etc.), its marketing (press, engagement, buzz, statistics, social networks, newsletter, etc.) and its music (composition, production, concerts, sound, light, tour, etc.).

Although this may seem overwhelming, if not impossible, it is important to remember 2 things:

  1. The Musicpreneur, even if independent, is not necessarily alone. It is always important to surround yourself with the right team and to delegate tasks in the best possible way.
  2. With a little organization, it becomes easier to prioritize the tasks to be accomplished according to the progress of the project and not to be scattered.


Business and creativity are not incompatible. Too many musicians do not yet realize this and let their careers die slowly.

However, it is within everyone’s reach to break these limiting thoughts, to train on the subject of musical marketing and to develop their own artistic career.

With a new mindset, new possibilities will open up for you.

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