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How to Sell More Merchandising at Concerts?


It’s pretty frustrating, though.

We struggle to write quality songs, produce and record them, book concerts to promote them and bring people back for the end… Have merchandising sales far from being as good as we imagined.

During the concerts, some fans, even if they have been following you for several years, do not seem to be interested in buying one or more items.

So how do you capture the attention of these people and increase your merchandising sales at each concert?

This is what we will see in this article.

1. Have varied and quality merchandising

That’s the basis.

No one will want to buy your merchandising if the quality is poor.

Moreover, this one is supposed to represent your universe and your music to everyone.

Since you make quality music (don’t you?), ensure the same level of excellence for your merchandising, starting with T-shirts.

For the rest, be careful not to sell only CDs and T-shirts.

Some fans want more, some want less. Consider having stickers, posters, mugs, bracelets, hoodies, etc. produced.

Give your audience choice and even consider asking them for their opinion on social networks

2. Enhance your merchandising table

The merch table is the central piece of your strategy. So it is necessary to start by not neglecting it.

What can be done to enhance it?

First of all, make sure you have lights placed so that your merchandising stands out from the darkness, because you won’t sell anything in the dark. You can also light (and mark) the path to your table.

Concerning merchandising itself, make sure that everything is well organized and attractive.

As much as possible, try to keep your branding (colors, atmosphere, etc.).

Don’t bring Grandma’s tablecloth back to a heavy metal concert. Take care of the layout of the various items, hang a banner, posters and T-shirts, promote clear and precise pricing and keep the table clean as you go back and forth.

If possible, place your merch table as close as possible to the stage where you are playing or at least in a transit area. Indeed, the location of your shop will play a decisive role in your final turnover.

Facilitating access will only help you.

Vente de Merchandising

3. Promote the merch table during the concert

Despite all efforts, some people may not be aware that you have a merchandising table and sell quality items there.

The best way to keep everyone informed is to announce at least once during the concert that you are selling CDs, posters, T-shirts and more at your merchandising table.

Invite them to join you after the show to sign albums for them or to go there now, while a friendly member of your staff takes care of it.

To make sure you don’t forget to advertise your merchandising, mark this ad in your setlist.

To go further, you can even make one or more people in the group wear one of your T-shirts during the concert.

It may seem a little narcissistic, but it will undoubtedly boost the sales of this item.

4. Be there for the fans

Apart from the show itself, nothing helps your turnover more than being close to your fans.

I’m not saying be aggressive and force your audience to buy your latest album.

I say you have to be there for them and create a connection that goes beyond what happens between the stage and the pit.

You have to make a good impression in front of your fans, even when it’s not showtime:

  • Before and after the concert, be at your merchandising table as much as possible. Don’t go backstage to drink a drink or smoke after the concert, as you would miss a lot of sales. Your presence can really make all the difference, because it is you that your audience wants to see. By demonstrating your involvement, your fans will want to return the favor. So be accessible, enjoyable and smile.
  • At the opening of the room, if you wish, you can greet your fans and the rest of the audience individually to give an excellent first impression.

Of course, during the concert ask someone you trust to take care of sales at the merchandising table.

Feel free to give him a commission on sales so that this person can get more involved and you both benefit.

5. Make promotional offers

Why not take the opportunity to have your fans in front of you to create interesting promotions?

Whether it’s selling “1 T-shirt + 1 CD”, your entire discography at a reduced price or “1 CD offered for the purchase of 2 T-shirts”, don’t hesitate, because your fans will notice it and your income will increase, if you pay attention to your margin.

You can also make discounts on your old merchandising stock, to gradually make way for the new one.

Do you want your promotional offers to be even more special?

Make limited and exclusive offers for each concert you give.

For example, release a uniquely designed T-shirt only for a concert in a city. This allows you to increase the price on this item as you see fit.

table de merch

6. Offer free gifts or bonuses

A sticker, pencil or pick bearing the image of your favourite group, why not take it if it’s free?

By offering something free at your merchandising table, you will attract many more fans and potential buyers.

In addition, it will also allow you to make additional sales, whether during the concert or over the long term. With such a low production cost, don’t deprive yourself!

7. Accept all payment methods

This point requires a little more logistics, but it may be worth it.

Far too many groups do not accept payment by credit card because they cannot process them.

However, not everyone is constantly walking around with enough to pay for a hoodie, a vinyl and a poster. Never mind..

… Unless you consider talking to the people in charge of the place where you play or opt for a paid service like Sumup or iZettle

This depends on the progress of your project, but if you decide to accept all payment methods, don’t forget to highlight it at your merchandising table (“Visa and MasterCard accepted”).

Also, before the day of the concert, always make sure you have some change at hand to avoid missing out on some sales.


Concerts are the best opportunities you have to get in touch with your fans and sell your universe.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to generate additional revenue, but also to expand your email list for your artist newsletter.

If you are confident in these two areas at each concert then you can calmly consider the future of your musical career.

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