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Shure SM58 Review: The best microphone for singing?


Among the most popular pickups for singers, the Shure SM58 has long been the headliner.

Robust, reliable and faithful, it has accompanied the careers of many performing artists. What are the advantages of this unique instrument and is it suitable for all uses?

The Shure SM58, the legend of microphones

Le shure sm58, le meilleur microphone

While the choice was once limited, today’s performers can choose from a wide range of microphones.

Static, dynamic, cardioid…, the microphones can be adapted to all applications. However, some models stand out, with a reputation for adapting to both studios and stages.

One that has managed to keep its place as a favourite despite the many much more recent models. One by which several renowned artists have sworn for decades.

This is the Shure SM58, the most popular microphone.

Present on many stages and stages, it is easily recognizable thanks to its aesthetics.

Its popularity lies mainly in its robustness and its clear and warm, almost natural voice reproduction.

Many singers and performers are loyal to him, and many beginners are feverishly launching themselves on their first stage, with an SM58 in their hands.

His versatility lies in his performance on stage, in the studio, in noisy environments and in packed rooms.

Although many microphones are available today, none have made as much noise as the famous SM58 from Shure.

Who is the Shure SM58 right for?

The SM58 remains above all an ally of the stage.

During live performances, he isolates the voices of singers, whose clarity and warmth are highlighted.

In the noisiest rooms, the SM58 highlights the lead voice and minimizes all surrounding sounds.

This is what makes it a great success with DJs and show hosts. The vocal performance it offers reinforces the presence on stage of the person who uses it.

While beginners appreciate its predictability, professionals master all its advantages.

Versatile, it strengthens small voices and transcends those that have been most worked on.

Artists gladly rely on its robustness to indulge in dynamic, lively performances.

Whether you’re timidly approaching your first scenes or looking for a new microphone to replace the old one, take the time to try an SM58 to measure the difference for yourself.

Warmer, your voice resonates clearly, almost naturally.

The other sounds are blurred for the benefit of the clarity of your voice. This microphone with a thousand assets will bring out your voice on stage, and will withstand your eventful performance.

A robustness you can count on during all your shows. Enough to liven up the scene without fear of unpleasant surprises!

Shure SM58 Features

Le shure sm58, un micro fonctionnel et robuste

The Shure SM58 is a dynamic microphone. Sounds located at a long distance from its axis are finer, making it an ideal accessory for the stage.

It is also ideal for recording sound close to the batteries, reducing the sound of drums.

The Shure SM58 is also a cardioid microphone, suitable for proximity recording. Its sensitivity to sound is based on the position of the sound source relative to its axis.

While the sounds in front of the microphone are isolated, the sounds in the back are completely eliminated and the sounds emanating from the sides are attenuated.

The reverberated sound fades when the microphone is directed at the sound source.

The microphone provides adequate protection against feedback and other acoustic reactions.

Its 50 15,000 Hz bandwidth makes it an ideal microphone for reproducing voice frequencies. Its frequency curve indicates a large bump in the midrange, to which it is therefore more sensitive.

In addition, when the sound source approaches the microphone, the microphone amplifies the bass, as the microphone has no low cut. The SM58’s output level (at 1000 Hz) is -54.5 dBV/Pa (1.88 mV)

The nominal impedance of the Shure SM58 microphone is low, in the order of 150 Ohm (300 Ohm real).

It can therefore be connected to the low impedance microphone inputs. To connect it to a high impedance input, an impedance matching transformer must be used.

Robustness at all times

Lightweight and available wirelessly, its weight (298 g) and dimensions (23 x 162 x 51 mm) offer great freedom of movement to the wearer. But this lightness does not detract from its legendary robustness.

Its cast steel body is overhung by a steel grid sphere, windproof and reinforced by a pop filter that blocks plosives, and a shock absorber that absorbs all shocks.

It dampens vibrations to enhance the singer’s performance.

The SM58 is resistant to all types of abuse. He accompanies you in your energy explosions without crashing in the middle of the stage.

So when you go on tour, take a Shure SM58 microphone with you, which will save you a lot of hassle.

Many great performing artists have kept the same microphone for decades, without the need to change it.

The advantages of the SM58

The Shure SM58 is a sure bet that will never let you down. Robust, reliable, predictable, it has all the features you need to feel confident.

Beginners almost always choose it for their first stage appearance.

You can always rely on this reference during your concerts, your tours, and even your studio recordings.

Always keep a certain proximity to the microphone in order to isolate your voice.

In noisier scenes (concerts, clubs, etc.), the SM58 will always make your voice sound and mute the surrounding sounds.

Affordable, its price is very fair given the top-of-the-range results it provides.

If your stage appearances are dynamic, you will benefit from its robustness and durability.

This microphone can accompany you on all your tours for years without ever letting go.

Almost indestructible, it resists where many other microphones break. Despite the passage of time, the SM58 continues to transmit a warm and clear sound that benefits the interpreter.

In addition, the microphone mutes both handling and background noise, while avoiding Larceny.

All attention is focused on your voice when you stand near the microphone.

Disadvantages of the Shure SM58

Le shure sm58 est le microphone parfait pour le chant

Although the SM58 is ideal for your vocals, it will be much less powerful than other instrument microphones.

Although the sound is virtually distortion-free, only singers can really appreciate the audio performance of this legendary ally.

In the studio, the sounds will not be as well rendered as on stage. They are compressed and the bass resonance distorts the resulting audio result.

What’s more, the only way to take full advantage of its performance is to position yourself in front of the microphone.

So, if you play an instrument and you have to move away from the microphone a little bit, it will make your voice less good.

In addition, the hump in the midrange, which is perfectly suitable for some, could inconvenience you if you don’t want to accentuate your bass.

Finally, the aesthetics of the Shure SM58 is not very glamorous, nor is the design pronounced. Rather classic, it will eventually bother you if you like to bring your personality on stage.

A much smaller disadvantage, however, given its many advantages.

Verdict: Is the Shure SM58 microphone worth its price?

The Shure Beta 58 microphone is the most faithful and legendary of all microphones.

Since its release in 1966, it has accompanied and continues to accompany many artists on stage.

It reproduces the voice perfectly, while suppressing surrounding noise.

Reliable, robust and with an unparalleled sound, the industry standard confirms its reputation on every stage and is essential in every singer’s kit.

However, it will not be suitable for all voices, let alone instruments. Ideal on stage, it shows its limits when recording.

All specialist stores offer this model for sale. You will find it with or without a switch, depending on your needs.

Choose a model without a switch if you are preparing your first scene, at the risk of stress causing you to make a wrong move.

The Shure 58 will give you confidence and support your success. It is delivered with a microphone clip, a multi-function connector and a carrying bag.

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