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Songcast Review: A Simple and Affordable Music Distribution Service?


The online music community is growing by the day. This means that as an artist it is more reasonable to target such a group if at all you want to reach a wider audience and acquaint them with your music.

This is where Songcast comes to play. The main theme of this platform is to ensure you get airplay and establish your brand as an independent artist through music distribution and sales. It gives you the rare support required to jumpstart your music career and put you ahead of the completion.

In a world where new artists are coming up every single day, and incredible music is being released from different corners of the world, it would be much easier if you had a hand to take away some of your troubles.

With Songcast, you have more than that. You have an online music platform that can help you reach a wider audience in no time thus multiplying your chances of getting known.

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What is Songcast?

Songcast is an online interface that has been designed to provide independent artists with a rare platform for distributing their music worldwide. What Songcast does is that it minimizes the processes and steps required to reach the online community and places the entire fate of your music career in your hands.

With Songcast, you get to decide how you want to proceed with your content and composition and which music you want your online community to access from your vast collection. This means that you are in complete control of your content without having to spend too much. It is by far the best way to come up and reach a newer audience as well as go international with minimum effort something that would have been impossible otherwise.

With Songcast you will no longer require a music label or a representative to go viral. All you will need is to create incredible content that is likeable. For you to make use of these services, you will need to set up an account after which you will be able to upload singles or albums whenever you like. The trick is to always keep feeding the online community with new music. You will also be required to pay a monthly subscription fee that will carter for the distribution of your singles or albums to different renowned online stores which have a huge number of followers and users daily. What you get is nothing but the best platform that can easily make you grow into a notable artist.

The main reason why so many independent artists go for Songcast is that they don’t have to worry about sharing their hard earned cash with a number of different entities for them to get their music distributed. This means that you get to pocket every single dollar made from the sale of your music. Once you pay the subscription fee, you don’t have to worry about having to split your earnings with the platform. It is thus the best interface for an artist who needs a platform to make some cash and increase his or her popularity without having to shed so much.

songcast music

My story

It is very common that before an artist becomes prominent, he or she has to go through a number of challenges. But then, there is no more significant challenge than trying to distribute your music online. This is the one sector that made my music career drag for quite sometime before it picked up. The first step I took was to get a representative who told me he would help me distribute my music only if I agreed to settle a certain fee which I did. He also said that we were to agree on the amount of commission he would get on every music he sold. Well, this was not bad I thought, and so we started working together. After some time, I noticed that the sales were stagnant and he wasn’t making any improvements.

What made me dislike the idea more was that he wanted to increase the amount of commission he was getting on every single track. This made me worry because I wasn’t making much money and so this meant that I was about to start making peanuts and yet I am the artist. So I went ahead and terminated the agreement we had. Right after doing so is when I came across a Songcast review. This caught my eye because everything the writer was talking about was like a straightforward answer to every music problem I was having. I went ahead and registered without even questioning whether it was legit or not.

Songcast ushered me to a whole new world that I didn’t know existed. The platform was amazing, and the tools they provided were just incredible. I went ahead and paid the subscription fee and ever since I have been able to access a much bigger audience that I’m sure my initial agent couldn’t. What made me even more attached to the platform was the idea that I was to earn 100% of the songs I sold. This meant that my income was going to increase. Ever since I have been able to sell more music and access a wide audience that I didn’t know I would. My songs are also available on a number of international online stores like iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play and many more.

songcast distribution

They also have a number of features that are designed to increase my fan base and make my music creation, distribution, and sales success. Apart from that, I can interact with my fans through different social media platforms. This has made me more and more conversant with what my music lovers want and how to give them exactly that. I feel like it has made me grow to a whole new, different artist whom I would never have become otherwise. The platform is straightforward to use and manage. In case of any problem, they have a customer support centre that will help you solve it swiftly. It, however, doesn’t deal with long-term agreements since you only get to pay monthly subscriptions. Otherwise, the overall platform is amazing, and there is no better experience than using Songcast to distribute your music online.

The only thing that I find unsatisfying is the fact that you are not allowed to pay for a long-term subscription, for example, a year which I think would have been much cheaper compared to the instant monthly subscription. You will also find that the price for a single song is much higher than other contemporary sites providing the same services. It is thus a bit expensive maintaining the platform on a monthly basis.


Key features

Songcast comes with a number of features that you will find very incredible. This is because the site is fully dedicated to transforming the independent artist’s experience throughout their musical journey. Some of the features that you will find very captivating include:

1. A very clean and interactive platform

Songcast has one of the best interfaces. They lack all the clutter that you find in various sites making it easy to navigate. Every single thing in Songcast is neatly arranged making it very efficient and incredible. The controls are very manageable, and you don’t need to have profound computer knowledge for you to find your way around them. You will also be impressed with how fast the site is. Unlike other sites where you take ages to upload a file, with Songcast all you have to do is select the file and it will upload within a very short time. At the end of the day, you will be glad to have subscribed with them because they will give you an easy time throughout.

2. Indie radio for airplay

Sometimes getting airtime even with your local radio station can be an impossible task. This is not the case with Songcast. This online music platform links you with an international online radio station like indie radio that enables you to make your music get played internationally. You will, however, require some monthly subscriptions to get that package. This is because if you create good music that people enjoy, you may end up catapulting your career to the next level. It is one of the rarest opportunities and one that is very hard to come by but not with Songcast.

3. 100% cash in

Everybody gets uneasy whenever money is involved. With Songcast, you will be more than glad to hear that you get the full amount from every sale you make regardless of the platform. This means that you will get your hard earned cash without worrying about splitting it with a second or third party. The only thing you need to do is to release more songs and lure in more fans. Songcast will do the rest. Your cash from sales will be deposited in your Songcast account which you can go ahead and withdraw via your PayPal account, how convenient!

4. Music distribution

Songcast is designed to ensure independent artists can distribute their music via some of the most renowned music platforms like iTunes, Pandora, GooglePlay and Amazon Music among others. These individual online music stores are known to have a huge following and thus can easily make you some money. Without Songcast, you will have to undergo very lengthy procedures before you are allowed to upload your music to the platform. Songcast, therefore, eases the process and provides you with an excellent opportunity of tapping the online market and you can, therefore, increase your fan base however you like.

5. It comes with very responsive customer support

Songcast has made sure that their clients don’t undergo any problems by ensuring that they have an incredible customer support system in place. Whether you want to clarify anything or you want to report a matter, they will be glad to assist you by dealing with the issue there and then. You will then be able to resume your normal activities within the shortest time possible. This makes them very likeable since they care most about their customers. It is thus one of the best platforms to use if at all you like your matters attended to faster and better.

How does it work?

Songcast is one of the easiest platforms to use. What Songcast does is that it eases the distribution work of the artists by providing them with a platform where they can distribute and sell their music. It links the artists to some of the most renowned online music stores that have a wide audience and gives you an opportunity to reach different people from different parts of the world. You are also given a way to update your Facebook account without doing the double work of handling both. Once you get your sales, the artist can now go ahead and get the cash available from his/her Songcast account into their PayPal account.


What to expect from it

Expect so many tools from Songcast that will enable you to reach a wider audience and grow your music. These include the distribution channels already available, the social media sharing features, the airplay section that you get to pay an additional amount to access and most importantly data collection that will enable you to know how best to deal with fans.


  • Collects valuable data from your fans.
  • Has very responsive customer support.
  • Links you to a huge number of online music stores.
  • You get to earn 100% of your online music sales.
  • Gives you the airplay you are seeking.


  • Some features like the calendar are not that efficient.
  • Distribution of a single song is very expensive.
  • No long-term cooperation, thus expensive.

songcast music distribution

Final verdict

Songcast is a legit music distribution platform that provides independent artists with a chance to explore a wider market.

It equips artists with incredible tools that are designed to magnify their music careers by giving them a helping hand when it comes to getting new fans, sourcing important information such as music sales and streams and most importantly enabling them to earn 100% of the cash made from any music they sell.

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