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Splice Sounds Review: A Revolutionary New Way to Buy Samples?


Splice is a product that came into the market as a service that allowed musicians and producers to upload raw projects to the cloud then collaborate and work with others on those projects. This service also allowed these artists to store their work and access them on different computers whenever they want to work on them.

With Splice, musicians get free, unlimited space to back up their music, share and monitor their progress and see how they evolve over time. It allows users of various DAWs to upload raw projects they are working on then collaborate with other musicians in making it better.

When the service began, it was called Splice Studio. Today, the name has been changed to Splice Sounds. It is now an innovative new way of buying samples that has only become possible thanks to the technical advances seen in mobile and web technology in the last couple of years.

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What is Splice Sounds?

Splice Sounds is a program built around people’s need to get the kind of music that they want. This means that if you want a specific sound that will perfectly fit your very specific needs, this is the platform for you. Splice Sounds allows music consumers to experience music while they shop for tracks. You get to audition music before you purchase it, and that is what makes this platform stand out.

In simpler terms, Splice Sounds is just an online catalog with a huge variety of music samples. These samples are from some of the top companies, artists and leading music producers, totalling to over 700,000 samples at the user’s disposal. In this way, Splice Sounds is completely database-driven and therefore so easy to use.

Many musicians today live in fear of purchasing sample packs then only ending up using a very small percentage of them, or not using any of them at all. It is also not strange for people to pirate successful sample collections. Anyone with time and determination in their hands could successfully do it, and this is a huge threat to every legitimate creator in the market. In fact, many sites today try their best to discourage piracy, investing heavily towards securing their content.

The idea behind Splice is straightforward. With it, you get to look for music, audition the music, then purchase what you want. The site allows its users to download huge sample packs then choose what they want out of it. Whatever you cannot work with can be put to good use later. Perhaps there are some people who would view this as a negative, but I personally think that it is a huge advantage since you have a lot of content at your disposal.

Splice also gives you the chance to search for music and make micropayments in their online system. For this, you can get less music that’s more meaningful to you. So, say if you pay $7.99 every month, you are given 100 download credits. These credits come with samples.

The micro-packages put in place favor people who join the site for a short time before leaving. For example, if someone is to join Splice Sounds for a month, he or she could subscribe for the monthly package which would effectively serve for that month. It is better than buying a whole load of music that would go to waste. This is simply a gesture of goodwill on Splice’s part and it makes the whole process fair to potential clients.

Monthly packages also force buyers to make informed decisions before purchasing what’s available on the site. Before making purchases you carefully consider what you want instead of simply downloading a lot of sounds without thinking.

splicesounds music

My story with Splice Sounds

I have been with Splice Sounds for a few years now. I have watched the company grow over the years, and I can now say that I am truly impressed by the progress they have made so far.

Today, Splice Sounds has an excellent range of sample sounds at the users’ disposal. Sure, they have always had great samples ever since they started their partnership with Prime Loops and Loopmasters back in 2015, but things have only kept getting better, especially within the last year or so.

Apart from the massive number of sample sounds they have on offer, Splice Sounds is also very easy to use. Everything can be easily and intuitively located on the website.

In today’s fast-paced world, a service like Splice Sounds is completely godsent.

Before this, people had to buy samples and ship them from wherever in the world. It took long, it was expensive, and sometimes, you would find that the sound was not exactly what you were looking for. Splice Sounds, on the other hand, makes hundreds of thousands of samples available to you at your convenience, and you can listen to them pick and choose whatever you like. And all for a very reasonable subscription price.

In my opinion, Splice Sounds has genuinely solved significant problems in this industry by availing their huge database of sample sounds to the world. As a musician, it has allowed me to get and use exactly what I need, so I only pay for what I want. In this way, the site makes sure you don’t download a lot of sounds only to leave them unused. This has also helped reduce piracy and because of this, consumers are steadily shifting towards a subscription-for-access kind of model, just like Netflix.

People prefer subscription models these days. They are cool with this idea as long as prices are reasonable. People will also go for sites which will not impose penalties to cancellations on subscriptions. Splice Sounds has very sensible price tiers if you take into consideration the number of sounds they offer, their quality, and overall user experience.

People should definitely expect more from Splice Sounds because currently, they are leading the pack when it comes to sample sounds.

splice sounds account

What Makes It So Great?

Splice Sounds is a dedicated company when it comes to implementing great features to improve music production experience and workflow.

The best part is that besides allowing you to listen to and download specific samples, they also have a Download All feature that allows users to get all content available in any sound sample packs and Repacks on their platform. For example, if you want to download entire sample sounds on KSHMR Vol.1, you can click the download button then confirm your selection. The sample pack will definitely have 100 credits so you’ll need 100 or more credits in your account at this point to download the sample pack.

How does it work?

With Splice Sounds, users have to install an application that is similar to the one used in syncing DAW project information. This application works in such a way that all files downloaded are stored in a folder created on the computer. You can also audition or search stored files on this application, as well as showing them in the system file. You could also drag files from the application to your DAW.

Using a browser while on Splice Sounds is recommended because it allows you to make ‘Repacks’, which are like collections of sounds which can be managed manually. Such sounds are like piano loops, electro kicks and many more.

This method works well since your collections do not sync with your computer and they become easier to manage while online. When you click on sound samples, they are automatically downloaded and Repacks which you create online are not mirrored as labeled folders the computer. These Repacks can also be shared with other Splice users online, so it is like creating a curated playlist.

Splice’s way of searching for sound samples is simple thanks to its highly responsive web interface which is easy to use and laid out clearly. The site has multiple search options right at its top level, here, you can search for anything using keywords. You could also filter down your options with categories like percussions, pads, drums and so on. Splice also has genre-based categories like house, techno, dubstep among others.

splice sounds instruments

These selection of packs are very flexible and could be explored; each one is curated and well themed. Each selection also has a full demo track which is playable. You could hear the demo by clicking on the track. Tracks also have the ability to be filtered down by selecting or deselecting tags which are at the top of your selection. You also have the ability to select stuff like loops, one-shots, and filter by key or BPM.

Filters work extremely quickly and make perfect sense to use because they are vital if you are going to base your system on looking for specific sounds. Splice’s tagging system is thorough and loads adequately fast. It works on mobile devices and the best part is that the things you do on the go are automatically reflected on your stationary studio machine also.

Splice is also organized and specific in the sense that no sound can be played with another at the same time. When you preview one sound while another is in play, the other stops so that you can hear the latter first. This is a perfect way of reducing confusion. When you like specific sounds, you are allowed to flag them or download directly to a Repack using a shortcut or dragging and dropping them. You could also download multiple sounds by selecting ‘download all selected’ once you highlight more than one sound sample. There is also a randomizer button with the ability to show you a random selection of tunes if you like.

Your computer’s arrow keys can be used to scroll around sample lists so that you can preview them automatically. This function allows people to avoid a great deal of mouse clicking while at the job.

Splice-Sounds samples

Price and plans

Splice Sounds comes in two price plans: users willing to pay $7.99 a month are given 100 credits which are rolled over to the next month whenever they are not finished within the subscription period. This price level is the “Sounds 100” plan. You could also go for 300 credits which cost $13.99, this package gives users 300 credits which are also rolled over to a point when they are not finished within the subscription period.

People subscribed to the 100 credit plan are allowed to accumulate up to 300 credits on their Splice account while those using the 300 credits account can accumulate up to 1,000 credits. If you don’t use these credits for too long you could completely lose them.

Splice Sounds also allows users to upgrade or downgrade their accounts whenever they need to. So if you feel the need to increase your credits at any point, you are free to change over from the $7.99 to the $13.99 package and back. Take note that while downloading you could lose your rolled over samples.

All the samples you obtain from Splice Sounds can be used in any way because of their perpetual licenses. They also have no royalties. What Splice Sounds doesn’t allow you to do is to transfer them to another person. Users do not have to commit to monthly payments, once you are given the sounds, they are yours forever. You can also cancel your subscription at any time; the changes will be effected at the end of the account’s billing cycle. Subscriptions are programmed to renew automatically, so it is up to you to make sure you have stopped this if you don’t need it anymore.

splicesounds demo


  • Splice Sounds is very affordable.
  • Users can buy sample sounds one after another as opposed to purchasing a whole package.
  • Splice has really great sound samples
  • You are allowed to reload or re-download samples that you already bought from them.
  • Their platform is well organized, so users can find available samples quickly.


  • Users need to have the Splice application on their computers in order to download sample sounds. The application can be a bit glitchy at times.
  • Splice Sounds have samples that have zero credits. These samples show up from time to time. Having a specific filter for this would be nice since people could easily find them as opposed to stumbling upon them by mere chance.


Splice Sounds is an amazing application for various reasons. It removes the need to purchase an entire sample pack only to use around 20% of it. The application is also cool because if you are making a 120bpm track, you could always tune your filter to get you specific bpm or genre.

This makes it absolutely stand out from among other similar programs. So if you have been thinking about giving Splice Sounds a shot, by all means, please do!

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