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How to set up a team to start in music?


In the music world, the network is one of the most important aspects.

It is by forging that you become a blacksmith, and it is by doing what the pros do that you become a pro, and that you increase your chances of living from your music.

In the artistic world, you should not hesitate to bring personal and professional friends and family together, or even use personal friends and family to give your group a professional look.

Here are the relationships that will be very useful to you.

1 – A graphic designer

The group’s graphic identity is the result of him alone.

He takes care of designing the covers of your albums, but also makes your logos and other designs necessary for social networks and your website, as well as logos that t-shirts and other related products.

The problem is that a graphic designer is very expensive!

Fortunately, you know a design student.

The first time I needed a logo, I made a call on Facebook. I quickly received many responses, including from people I had not spoken to in a long time.

If your network doesn’t have one, then go on Twitter, it’s one of the biggest landmarks for students in design. And as they are students, they need workshops to train, and you will find graphic designers at very low prices, even free if you look hard, and with a professional result!

Choisir un graphiste pour constituer votre equipe dans le monde de la musique

Put down a tweet with the #GFX and you will find your happiness.

2 – A communication student

He knows exactly what time to post on social networks, how to contact the pro community and how to put it in shape.

If he’s also good at graphics and dreams of becoming a Community Manager, then you have the right friend!

He or she can also help you create your EPK, the famous electronic press kit, which is necessary for the media to talk about you.

In any case, keep following #RP we will give you all the necessary advice!

3 – A roadie

There, no need to look very far, the roadie is the best friend of the group.

Always there to help finish the beer pack, he will especially save you time in installing the equipment, and if he knows more about mechanics, it would be convenient to go on tour in the old grandfather’s truck.

Be careful though, sometimes the roadies are musicians themselves and do not hesitate to turn their backs on you. This is what Lemmy, Jimy Hendrix’s former roadie did before creating the MotörHead group. Others simply want to replace you, such is the case of David Gilmour, roadie and childhood friend of the Pink Floyd before being part of the band himself instead of Syd Barett

4 – A photographer

You need someone good! Not the girl you flirt with who has a big camera just to take selfies. No! You need someone who can take pretty pictures, even in a dark room, with bright spots that move in all directions.

If in addition your photographer is not shy and dares to go on stage to take you in video, and take the audience in photo.

Le photographe de votre équipe est un allié de choix

It will make you remember it well, and your fans will be happy to remember this evening by consulting your social networks!

5 – A journalist

Look among your acquaintances if there is not a local correspondent or freelancer, even if they are not in charge of the music section.

They can always tell the editorial staff that a young band of prodigies is playing live soon, or even give you essential tips on how to make yourself known in the area.

6 – An accountant

Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to hire an accountant right away, it wouldn’t be useful until you really live off your music.

However, knowing one is very useful. As a musician, you are an artist, and as an artist, you belong to the cultural sector, which benefits from a particular tax system.

Going on tour, producing CDs, buying and maintaining the instruments… All this has a cost that you can deduct in part from your tax return.

Unlike a traditional employee, the artist does not benefit from 10, but from 14% of deduction for professional expenses.

Le comptable et la fiscalité particulière du secteur culturel

Knowing an accountant who can advise you before completing your tax return can help you avoid losing a lot of money.

And all this without spending a penny

I would like to remind you that the aim is to search mainly in your personal network. You will be surprised to see an old classmate, whom you were no longer talking to, but who is still on your Facebook friend list, offering you a hand with one of these tasks.

Concerning journalists, the more big concerts you organise, the more contacts you will have, and for the accountant, wait until May, often the town halls make their staff available to help you fill in your tax form.

And then what?

To develop his career, an artist will need to be surrounded by a whole team of professionals.

These professionals in the music industry will be able to open doors for the artist, support him, give him relevant advice and contribute to advancing his career, etc.

The team of the artist in development:

  • The most important partner for an artist is his or her manager. It is therefore generally the first person that an artist will seek to accompany him/her in his/her career.
  • To develop an artist’s “live” career, the artist will have to find a booking agent. The tourer is in charge of booking concerts, tours, live appearances, etc. Concerts are now very important for most artists, as they compensate for the decrease in income from the sale of CDs. In addition, they make it possible to sell a significant number of CDs and merchandises during the event.
  • The record company, handling recorded music, for physical or digital sale. However, more and more record companies are now using 360° contracts, and so are taking care of other aspects of the artist’s career, such as tours, merchandising, etc.
  • The publisher, who manages the artist’s copyright. That is, he administers them for the artist, and takes care of exploiting them (earning money).
  • A lawyer.
  • An accountant. Not really essential at the beginning of the career, it will however quickly become so if the artist’s career evolves positively.
  • The press officer (publicist), who will work to increase the visibility of the artist and his project in the press, and to circulate information through the media. The press officer will also have to produce the famous “press kit” for the artist, book interviews, relaunch journalists, etc. The press officer usually has a list of contacts provided in the journalistic world, which can be a blessing for the artist’s career.
  • The radio plugger, which will take care of promoting the artist to the radios. The goal is to get an artist’s song(s) on the radio.


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