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Tuneport Review: The Easiest Solution to Sell Beats and Songs?


For many musicians, getting their creations out there and getting them heard is by far the hardest part of their careers. The hoops this industry makes you have to jump through sometimes can make you seriously think about quitting it all. Luckily, this is all rapidly changing. With the advent of done-for-you online music distribution services, it is easier and cheaper than ever to get your music in front of your audience.

Tuneport is one such service. According to its founder, it is an audio storefront made with love, generosity, determination, and grit. Tuneport is famously easy to use and guarantees musicians maximum sales of their content. So how can you take advantage of the opportunities that come with this service? Is it worth your while? Read on to find out.

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What is Tuneport?

Put simply, Tuneport is a platform that allows producers, musicians and even DJs control their own businesses by selling their own songs.

The best part is that you can begin selling your music at Tuneport today for some of the lowest service charges in the industry.

Tuneport also comes with many interesting features, including giving you the ability to build a mailing list of fans. This will put you and your music right out there where it can be accessed by your fan base, and you can finally take your music career to the next level. Signing up for Tuneport is absolutely free.

Key features

Tuneport offers many features to its customers. Here are some of the best ones:

  • It allows you access to immediate PayPal payments
  • It runs on HTML5/iFrame technology, which is smooth, intuitive, and efficient.
  • You can embed your link on unlimited websites to boost track sales
  • It allows unlimited track uploads
  • Instant download delivery
  • It has a customizable color scheme for your account
  • The site is compatible with iOS/Android devices and it’s 100% automated
  • It has a track mark reminder
  • Allows you to integrate your social media accounts
  • Comes with custom voice-tags
  • Allows you to monitor the total number plays.
  • It also gives you access to multiple options like a number of license options, ability to sell full albums, you can get TV/Film license, a Non-Exclusive license, an Exclusive License, ability to Purchase Mp3 music, and free royalty.

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What to expect from Tuneport

From all the features that Tuneport offers, it is obvious that there’s a lot to expect from it. This means that once you have composed and mastered your track, selling it on this site should b the next logical step. Tuneport will help you sell your track on their platform, from your website or even directly from social media.  This is the perfect way to finally get the recognition you deserve.

Uploading music on Tuneport is also easy. Just make sure the music format is in mp3 for this site to accept it with no hassle. This means that if you sell music on iTunes, you will first have to convert your beats/music from mp4 to mp3 first. Of course, this can be done easily with an online converter.

Tuneport also accepts zip files. You can upload them using the advanced options on the site. With a zip file, you can upload your songs in WAV, ACC and AIF formats. You can also include licensing agreements, music videos or thank you notes for your fans.

It is no wonder that Tuneport has almost entirely taken over the online music distribution service market. With the kind of features that the site gives you, the site’s rise and rise in popularity within a relatively short time should not be a surprise.

How does it work

The idea behind Tuneport is quite simple: as a creator of music, all you have to do is to post your song on the platform and Tuneport will take care of the rest. The platform will do everything it can to get your music in front of the listeners you want. Here is a brief breakdown of how Tuneport works:

After signing up, the first thing you have to do is post your song. Remember the site only accepts mp3 files as mentioned above, unless you are using the advanced options.

Once your song is up, Tuneport will start making it visible to potential customers. When someone likes your song, they just have to click a button to buy it. It works just like any other regular shopping site: they’ll proceed to add your song to their cart, where clicking on the cart icon displays the number of purchase options that they have.

Payments at Tuneport are done via PayPal. This payment option is instant, so when fans buy your music, you get your money at the same time and an email notification of the same. These emails also help you build your customer contact list.

So how can you place your store on your website? Well, once you have logged on to your account, go to control panel, then select “embed code”. The site will give you your store’s code, copy this code and paste it on your website. When a potential customer clicks on it, they will be redirected to your store. Tuneport allows you to embed your link on all HTML sites. It also has an iFrame for audio stores that allows you to embed the store anywhere on the web.

Tuneport is a very straightforward site. You own exclusive rights to all the content you post there. This protects your music, but it also means that it is illegal to upload other people’s content as your own. All rules and regulations can be found on Tuneport’s Terms and Conditions.

Another great thing about Tuneport is that there’s no limit to the number of songs you can upload to your store.

Price and plans

tuneport pricing

Considering everything you get with this platform, having a store at Tuneport is very cheap. The site offers you two service packages. The first one is the basic package, which costs $45. With basic, you have access to all features plus updates, marketing tools, the audio store, among other awesome features. Basic users only have to pay once a year: this means there’s no renewing your subscription on a monthly basis.

The next package costs $65. It comes with a white label and marketing tools which allow you to have a mailing list. This means you can build relationships with your customers or fans.

Tuneport allows musicians and bands to charge customers $0.99-$4.00 for each track. You can also sell your music non-exclusively, here customers rent music from you and it means that all rights still belong to you and you can resell it repeatedly. Non-exclusive music goes for around $10-150.

Exclusive sales mean you are selling your music/track together with all rights/copyright/ownership. The price you decide to sell your music exclusively depends on you, you could charge between $100-$1,000 depending on how much you think your music is worth.


  • All processes are automated
  • PayPal transactions are super fast
  • Tuneport uses HTML5 meaning it does well with mobile devices
  • It can be embedded on many sites
  • You can change the colors to match your website
  • The site is license supported
  • It is possible to purchase albums or singles on this site
  • There’s no monthly charge after you pay for services


  • To get some of its best features, you have to upgrade to the costlier $65 plan
  • There are cheaper platforms out there that do almost the same thing


Tuneport is an awesome site that is well suited for musicians, bands, producers, beatmakers and even DJs. It is very versatile, supporting many file formats suitable for TV, videogames, and commercials.

The site is legit and protects the rights of content makers as well as customers. Plus, you can also find free music here as there’s a feature that allows musicians to give their music for free.

👉 Click here to Learn More about Tuneport and Try It Out NOW!


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