November 30


Chasing Virality can RUIN your Music Career


“How do you make the buzz on Youtube for sure?”

It is not uncommon for me to receive questions of this kind from musicians in a hurry.

Obviously, I understand that we can ask ourselves this question. When you start out in music, you want to gain as quickly as possible in visibility, notoriety and if possible live off your musical works.

But that’s just not how it works.

Targeting the buzz will not help you in any way for your career.

Why? Why? Well, because wanting to do the buzz is a bit like playing the lottery.

The chances of winning are so small that there is a 99.9% chance that you will waste your time, budget and mental health in there.

The problem most musicians have is that they are looking for a miracle.

That is to say, they would like to upload a video to Youtube and have millions of views in a few days, appear in trends and be able to impress both professionals and the curious.

This mentality is the mentality of failure, laziness and apology.

Of course, I invite you to do your best to boost the viral potential of your videos on Youtube, but I advise you not to create content just to try to create a buzz.

Unfortunately for you, despite everything you can try, it is not possible to control the buzz.

It is not possible to predict the impact of your content on the audience and the extent of word of mouth.

Buzz is random and it’s a futile and superficial objective when you’re trying to build a career or even a movement around your music.

If you are looking to build a musical career, it is not by trying by all means to create an ephemeral buzz that you will succeed.

You need a music promotion strategy and a content strategy.

If we follow the example of Youtube, you need to broadcast quality content regularly to get into the algorithm, make your fans want to come back and attract more potential fans.

That’s how you’ll eventually gain virality. Not by trying to make viral content from scratch.

Wanting to make the buzz is like waiting to win the jackpot to become a millionaire. It is just praying and waiting rather than finding a job, undertaking or investing. In 99.9% of cases, you are the loser.

“Yes, but there’s still a fraction that ends up making the buzz!”

That’s right. That’s right. Just like the lottery. And the sad truth is that even the winners are not out of the woods.

  • How many lottery winners lose absolutely all their earnings in a few years, because they have not been trained in the management of their personal finances?
  • How many musicians, after having experienced their 15 minutes of glory on a TV show, then fall back into total anonymity and abandon music for good?
  • How many artists have to make overnight millions of views on Facebook or Youtube, but who 6 months later find themselves in exactly the same place as before the buzz?

Winners quickly join losers if they fail to transform their momentum into a sustainable and sustainable strategy.

The musician starts from scratch if he can’t stay in the spotlight and capitalize on this sudden gain in popularity. So what can we do?

What I suggest is that you take your career seriously, rather than focusing on virality and pure chance.

It certainly requires more work on your part. We are not going to be content to wait wisely for something to happen by invoking the divine powers.

We’ll stop daydreaming by watching videos of artists who make millions of views.

We are going to move the hindquarters and we are going to take action by following a specific method.

“Too hard”? “Too time-consuming”? Not to your liking? Did you expect it to be easier?

Sorry, but here we are talking about the Music INDUSTRY and not the wonderful world of unicorns. Your musical project is a business and each business must redouble its efforts at its start if it still wants to be active 3 years, 5 years, 10 or 20 years later.

Yes, your musical career is a marathon and not a sprint. It is time to focus on the long term rather than succumb to false solutions.

At first, you’re going to struggle (like everyone else), but the good news is that by force your work will pay off if you have the right strategy, and you can finally develop a solid fanbase and monetize our music.

The right strategy to make yourself known with your music

Here we talk a lot about buzz and virality. For example, we discuss how to do on Youtube to generate more clicks on your videos, more sharing and what are the ingredients of a title, thumbnail and video that really work.

We talk about it because we need to talk about it. There are many important things related to this to integrate for the whole of your marketing.

However, since my goal is not to teach you how to play the lotto, we also discuss in detail THE strategy to adopt if you really want to take action and work to make your fan base grow.

And that’s what you should study in detail, because that’s what will allow you to break through if you’re determined.

Because, let’s agree, you will get more results by taking action than by waiting for a miracle.

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