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How to Create the Visual Cover of your Album or Single?


Here is finally your album or single in digital format or, for the lucky ones, on compact disc.

But like any product intended for promotion, it will necessarily be necessary to take care of the “packaging” in order to make it attractive to your audience.

To do this, it is important to respect a few basic rules in order not to commit any mistakes and to miss the large-scale distribution of your musical work.

With the Internet, the manufacture of the record cover is becoming more and more popular and it seems to be accessible to everyone if you are comfortable with the software available on the Internet.

Some tools even allow you to create your own album or single cover for free.

Does this mean that the making of album or single covers is within everyone’s reach?

Without going so far as to be “coached” by a music marketing professional, it is still strongly discouraged to neglect the aesthetic part of this medium that was once called “jacket”.

reussir pochette album

Technical aspects of creation

With a CD disc, and once a vinyl disc, the cover required a “cover” or “back” in paper or cardboard format when it was not a real “booklet” composed of several sheets.

Currently, the context is quite different since dematerialized thanks to digital technology, the storage of the musical soundtrack is done via sites where today it is only necessary to have an image as a “showcase”.

Thanks to the switch to digital format, the technical constraints of printing have become much less present and require above all a computer.

Online or downloadable version, the choice of graphic application used will depend on the capacity of your hard disk and your computer skills.

Streaming platforms require standardized formats for uploading with:

  • Files in JPG/JPEG/PNG format
  • Square format (1:1 ratio)
  • 3000 × 3000 pixels minimum
  • Wide and high definition image

Indeed, these stresses ensure that your pouch is not blurry or distorted on arrival.

While the technical means are more accessible, the simplicity of the mission is not guaranteed because the task must be approached from another angle, which is that of readability and efficiency in a highly competitive world.

There are many existing software programs and you will need to feel comfortable with the software.

Regulatory aspects of creation

From a regulatory point of view, the cover of a single or album must comply with certain criteria such as not showing advertising or promotion through the presence of logos or brands (all the more so if the names are protected).

The same applies to content for which the intellectual property is not yours.

Any pornographic or offensive image as well as a hypertext link to a site of the same kind is prohibited.

It is also out of the question to refer to content unrelated to your project or to any website / URL and even less to mention the technical and financial aspects of making your single or album cover.

pochette cd

The creative aspect of the realization

At first glance, your pouch should attract attention and the message should be simple enough to be easily integrated by the public.

The adequacy of its visual identity and musical style

In a context of strong competition, being faithful to your universe is of course the first of the rules to respect if you want to be in adequacy with your style and in line with current and future expectations.

A long-term vision is strongly recommended here for more coherence in its communication.

Aesthetics is not without importance in the musical world, especially since this aspect is complementary to the message that can be conveyed through the single or album.

The choice of a refined and original visual?

Color, graphics, image and font. Nothing should be neglected because each of these aspects leads to a different perception of your musical work.

The typology of your inscriptions alone indicates your style and is not randomly chosen.

Depending on your musical style, you will choose light or dark colours in bright or pastel tones that will convey your mood and mood.

For illustration, photos, graphics, collages or other symbols such as emoticons or calligraphy of a foreign language allow a wide choice.

The essential thing is that the style of expression corresponds to your universe and is in adequacy with your editorial line because, here too, it is preferable to project yourself on the long term (on the scale of your future discography) to maintain a certain coherence with your audience who will appreciate a certain continuity and logic between the image and the sound.

This does not prevent developments on both sides by the implementation of a real artistic path that will jointly mix your musical and illustrative choices.


We can see the involvement of some artists in designing a real visual universe beyond their sound universe. These are artistic profiles considered more accomplished.

Thus, from a musical cover comes other supports (t-shirts, posters, etc.) that allow a true identity of the musician or group.

Whether it is the result of your creativity or whether you entrust it to professionals, it is now recognized that the visual that is the record cover is not a simple accessory.

It requires real reflection to make it an essential communication tool that will complement the voice message of your soundtrack.

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