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VSTBuzz Review: Can This Site Revolutionize Your Creation Process?


Music creators, including composers and music producers, face a lot of challenges in their music-making journeys. One of the most common of these is finding the right software to use. This is because most of the time, you do not know the style of music your next client may ask for.

In addition to the difficulty of finding the right software, the software itself may be expensive. Having a platform that finds the best music software and provides them at a cheaper price can be really advantageous.

Which is why for many artists, VSTBuzz is absolutely godsent.

What is VSTBuzz

VSTBuzz is an online platform where music software such as sound sets, sample libraries, and plugins are sold. All these products are sold at exceptional prices.

VSTBuzz was founded by a group of seasoned producers and composers in 2013. They experienced the trouble that fellow producers go through when it comes to finding new software to work with and decided to create a platform that would make it easier for producers to find the best music software available and be able to afford all the software of their liking each year.

vstbuzz Ableton

My experience with VSTBuzz

As a media composer, my job is quite exciting because most of the time, I have no idea what the specifications of my next client may be. With every client, comes a surprise.

However, this has its disadvantages since finding the right music software for a job can be challenging and most of the time they are very expensive.

I recently came across VSTBuzz and I must say I was impressed with what they offered. I was able to access sample libraries and plugins with much ease.

They also had incredible offers on these products and I was able to acquire them at massive discounts. I look forward to continuing getting my plugins from this platform as it is so convenient.

VSTBuzz Features

VSTBuzz Affiliate Area

For you to be able to use the VSTBuzz affiliate area, you need to be a registered affiliate first. The platform does its best to find the best music software available in the market. The products are then sold to their customers at low prices.

Every time that a new deal for audio software is released by VSTBuzz, the platform emails its affiliates, providing them with the necessary details. Affiliates can promote as many products as they like.

You can identify any deal that you think your readers, viewers, or followers would like and then promote it on your platform. When a person in your audience purchases one of the products, VSTBuzz pays out a 20% commission to you.

This is one of the ways of making money from the platform. It is a win-win situation since not only are you benefiting yourself but also the platform.

vst buzz plugin

The Vault

VSTBuzz has created a large collection of amazing new music software in a wide range of genres including electronic, acoustic, cinematic, among others. All these incredible products are in a collection called The Vault. In order to get the products in The Vault at a discount, you can use your reward points. If you have enough reward points, you can even get these products for free.


Another feature that the platform has is the Store. The Store has a wide range of sample libraries to choose from. You can able to view the prices of various products and the deals available on these products in the Store.


As a member of the VSTBuzz community, getting amazing deals on audio software every month is not the only benefit you will experience on the platform. With the perks feature, you are able to gain access to exclusive discounts on products and services from their partner’s stores.

All you have to do is to sign up to VSTBuzz and then log in to be able to access the discount codes of these products on the platform. With these discount codes, you are able to get products in partner stores at a discount by simply pasting the discount code into the checkout on the website.

vstbuzz plug in

Reward Points

Another feature that the platform has is Reward Points. The reward points are basically a way of the platform to give back to its outstanding customers.

When you spend money on the platform, you are gifted with Reward Points in return. You can then use these reward points to reduce the cost of products in “The Vault.” You might even be able to get some of these products completely for free just by using Reward Points.

For every 2 Euros spent on VSTBuzz, you get 1 Reward Point. Therefore, the more money you spend on the platform, the more Reward Points you get. The Reward Points are added to your balance automatically and you can redeem them whenever you see fit.

Free products

In this feature, VSTBuzz has a collection of plugins, sample packs, Kontakt sample libraries, and synth sound sets free of charge. In this section, there is a wide selection of products to choose from without paying a thing.

How does VSTBuzz Work?

VSTBuzz is a platform where you can purchase music software such as plugins, sound sets and sample libraries. The platform is very easy to use. All you need to do is to create an account on the platform for you to be able to purchase the available software.

Payments and Payment Plan

VSTBuzz accepts debit and credit card payments from Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Payments can also be made via PayPal. You can also set up a payment plan, but only after you have established a payment method first.

For the payment plan, you make an initial payment of 10% of the product price and then complete the payment of the product within a month.


  • The platform has a huge collection of sound sets, sample libraries, and plugins to choose from
  • It has an attractive user-interface
  • The music software present on the platform are of high quality with impressive and usable sounds
  • Some of the products available on the platform are available for free
  • You can get discount codes on the platform that you can use to get products from partner stores at a discount
  • The platform has amazing deals and offers that enable you to save big when purchasing music software
  • Customers can use reward points to reduce the prices of products in “The Vault.” You can place a downpayment for a product in order to avoid missing out on a deal in case you do not have the cash at the moment


Each sound set, sample library, and plugin on the platform is in its own NKI. This causes some inconvenience when it comes to switching between sounds. It would be much easier to navigate the platform if the entire platform was one NKI with a built-in patch browser on the interface. This would be much more convenient and you would be able to find the software you want even faster.

vst buzz ableton


The product is really impressive and has made the process of finding the right software by composers and producers much more efficient. The numerous deals available on the products are also very advantageous.

With VSTBuzz, you no longer have to worry about struggling to find the right software and paying highly for it. The platform will alleviate all these problems.

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