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How to Write Songs That Are Memorable?


Some songs (whether we like them or not) all contain the same ingredients: lyrics that still resonate in the heart of our evenings 20 to 30 years after their release.

Here are some tips to help you write a song that will be remembered.

Be sincere with others, but also with yourself

This is probably the first piece of advice any writer or lyricist would give.

You always need to know the reasons that led us to write a text at the base and what emotions we wanted to trigger.

So yes, sometimes we want to be fashionable and we dream of conquering the record industry by imitating certain performers.

But from you to me, where would be the merit of talking about a subject you don’t know at all?

All this to conform to the latest trends!

When Eminem talks about his terrible childhood in the red-light districts of Detroit, one can feel this daily suffering, his difficult relationship with his mother and the ambiguous link between his writing and his desire to get by.

How to explain its success?

Apart from his supersonic flow and surgical technique, what characterizes artists like Eminem, those who make an immediate impression, are their ability to be sincere and to portray in an authentic way what is deepest within them.

Simply put, they don’t cheat.

These artists are themselves and the audience perceives this kind of thing very well in the final performance.

Writing is a difficult exercise. Not Fauve or Mathias Malzieu who wants to. Being true to yourself is a good first step to writing a successful song.

ecrire des paroles de chanson

Rhymes are nice, but…

So yes, it sounds good and it’s pretty.

The text seems more fluid, smarter and above all more powerful, but do not make the mistake of focusing too much on rhymes, because they can unfortunately serve your purposes by reducing the range of possibilities in terms of vocabulary and nuances that you could bring through your message.

Write a first text without trying to make rhymes, assonances or alliterations.

Bring out the essence and skeleton of your words and then work on the style and sounds from the background.

Writing lyrics is always starting from the content to the form and not the other way around!

Be inventive!

To illuminate your verses and make them both captivating and pretty by ear, you should not hesitate to use the metaphor that is the stylistic figure most used by the authors.

Use picture words that not only convey more emotions, but will give weight to what you want to say in your song.

The stylistic figures provoke amusement, smiles, sadness. In short, they clearly make you react, think and therefore participate!

However, avoid abstract figures that will put your audience in a fog.

Avoid appearing pretentious

Pseudo-intello messages will make you look like a lesson giver.

You can position yourself as an inquisitor messing up the devotees of the system with verve and rhetoric as a Cash Investigation journalist would, while avoiding complacency and condescension.

There is nothing worse than artists who take themselves too seriously and take their audiences too high.

Writing a song means integrating the crowd into your world, even if it means simplifying your message.

Build a heady chorus and catchy

The chorus is the brain of your song and the very essence of what you want to say. He is the one who embodies your business card.

If the turns are good and striking, the audience will hum it without stopping in the car, at work or in the shower.

The chorus must be unique and above all very simple in its formula in order to be easy to remember.

comment ecrire paroles

Avoid caricature, be yourself!

We all heard some of the texts and were immediately affected.

We then want to reproduce the same pattern, but never forget that trying to look like someone else is to stop being yourself.

During a writing assignment, we always write with reference to something that has marked us before.

It is an essential and typically human brain function.

But keep your singularity, your way of expressing yourself and prioritize the lexical fields specific to your identity.

Don’t let the fashion effects impress you, even if you sometimes have to follow them to move forward. It is important to write truthfully and to write accurately.

Optional: Be committed (but always with sincerity)

We all have different points of view and demands.

If you have the temperament to defend ideals, whatever they may be, committed writing will allow you to express yourself fully.

Talking about poverty, precariousness and inequality is unfortunately not about to change.

They are subjects that may be endless but infinite in the way they are treated, because we all have a different way of conceiving them or even fighting them.

Well-thought-out and bombastic speeches may only bring you indifference, because it is the intensity, singularity and authentic emotion that you want to convey on each word that will be most important.

Don’t forget this famous saying: everything has already been written, but not by you!


Be sincere with yourself and others and write about topics that are important to you, not because they may seem “trendy”.

Be bold and inventive. Make your song unforgettable and unforgettable with well-found metaphors and catchy.

Finally, do not get lost in the pretense and moralizing tone.

Finally, writing lyrics is an invitation to the audience to discover your unique universe by making your speech as intelligible and memorable as possible.

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