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Best Tunecore Alternatives: Looking for a More Cost-Efficient Distributor?

tunecore alternatives

Online music distribution is a rapidly expanding industry. There are many music distribution companies formed to cater to the ever-growing demand. Distribution of music online is very convenient as it provides musicians, especially upcoming and independent artists, with a platform to reach a worldwide audience without having to go through a record label. One of […]

Best Distrokid Alternatives: When “Cheap” Distribution is Not Enough


Distrokid is an autonomous digital music distribution platform that primarily enables musicians to upload, apportion and sell or stream their music through online music stores like Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio and many others. Distrokid is a great platform that released a track that topped iTunes charts globally in […]

CD Baby vs Ditto Music: What’s the Best Option to Distribute?

cd baby vs ditto

Music distribution has always been a major challenge that musicians, especially upcoming and independent artists face. With the development of online music distribution, however, the whole process has been made a lot easier and convenient. The online music distribution industry is rapidly expanding with several major players taking big strides in helping upcoming and independent […]

CD Baby vs. Distrokid: Let’s Compare the Two Music Distributors

cd baby vs distrokid

For independent recording artists and musicians, digital or online distribution companies have increasingly become the most reliable way to get their music to a wider audience as well as the easiest way to collect royalties from their releases. When putting out new music, they will ensure that your songs get released on Apple Music, Spotify, […]

How to Distribute and Sell Your Music Online?

The first step to becoming an accomplished musicpreneur and living off his creations in the Internet age is to sell his music online Because with all the new technologies currently available, it has never been easier to distribute and earn money on the Web with your musical creations. Of course, if you are lucky enough […]

How to Choose the Best Digital Distributor for Your Music?

Today, all musicians and music groups must be present on online music platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon, etc. For this purpose, the simplest method is to use a digital music distributor who will be in charge of acting as an intermediary with the sites concerned. And for good reason, […]

Tunecore vs iMusician: Comparison of the Two Digital Distributors

Should you distribute your music online via Tunecore or iMusician Digital? The American giant or the Swiss start-up? In this article, we review the offers of these two digital distributors and I give you my detailed opinion on this subject. Why choose one of these two Digital Music Distributors? Because these are the current references […]

Octiive Review: The Biggest Music Distribution Network?

octiive review

Every aspiring musician dreams of having that successful music career. But what exactly is a successful music career? Is it measured by your ability to churn out good music? Or perhaps being at the top of your game and breaking grounds while getting your music out to the world? Perhaps it is determined by your […]

Level Music Review: Ideal Platform for Independant Artists?

Level-Music review

Music distribution does not have to be hard. However, if you are an independent artist, there are many challenges you will face. The ride is never as smooth as most people hope it will be. These struggles build character and make you an even better artist. If creating is what you do best, then releasing […]

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