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The 7 Best Music Notation Softwares for High-Quality Charts

Music Notation Software REVIEW

If you compose music, then you probably know just how crucial music notation software is as a tool for your daily needs. This type of software plays an integral role in the creation, editing, printing, and sharing aspects of notations or sheet music for any genre of music or original composition. When selecting a notation […]

The 7 Best BeatMaking Softwares for Pros and Beginners

beatmaking softwares review

The rise of home studio software has made it possible for anyone to create studio-quality music from the comfort of their bedrooms. This is really remarkable because the power has finally been transferred to the regular person. With the right software, nothing can stop you from exercising your creativity. As a plus, you can turn […]

The 7 Best Songwriting Softwares for Boost your Workflow

Songwriting Softwares review

One of the hardest tasks when it comes to making music is actually writing good music in the first place. Writing a song that has a good melody, beats, and chord progressions can be difficult. It is a process that needs to be handled carefully because messing one part up can ruin the whole thing […]

Musescore Review: The Best Free Composition and Notation Software?


A good scorewriter needs to allow for fast corrections, flexible editing, easy sharing and uniform layout of sheet music. This means creating, editing and printing your music becomes a lot easier. Most music notation editing tools are pretty expensive yet do not offer the kind of features one would expect for a top-notch editor. With […]

MasterWriter Review: The Ultimate Songwriting Tool for Artists?


Advances in technology have changed every aspect of our lives. Resisting these changes is futile because life gets a whole lot tougher when you get left behind. Some of these changes have manifested themselves in the way music is written these days. Handwritten music is becoming more and more scarce every day. It is now […]

Guitar Pro 7 Review: The Best Tab Software for Musicians?

Developed since 1997 by Arobas Music, Guitar Pro has established itself as a must-have software for sheet music and tablature publishing, and offers many features to simplify the musical composition and learning of guitar and other string instruments. Presentation of the software Released more than twenty years ago, the first version of the software was […]

Hookpad Review: Is it the Ultimate Songwriting Software?

hookpad review

One of the hardest parts about writing good music is finding the right beat for your song. Creating the melody and chord progressions can be downright nerve-racking. If done wrong, what you have in your head may end up very different from the beat you create, forcing you to have to settle for less. Thanks […]