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The 5 Best Sites to Find Professional MIDI Files & Backing Tracks


M.I.D.I, or Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a popular and organically expanding format that a lot of backing tracks are produced with. But where can you find professional MIDI files and backing tracks?

Well, there are several sites that allow their customers to pay for music once and gain access to thousands of these resources. Most of them even feature professional musicians from all over the world.

To help you get started, here is a closer look at some of the leading sites with professional MIDI files and backing tracks.

Song Galaxy

song galaxy

Song Galaxy is a professional site for backing tracks and software tools for musicians performing gigs in different concerts.

It has a new multi-track catalog for recording audio files with each instrument on a separate track called silver multi-track.

This product was created by 5 Kennedy Crescent and they are located in Scotland. It has over 150 thousand users.

Key Features

  • Massive variety and usability options

Song Galaxy has a collection of a wide range of midi files from all genres and all are available for downloads. Music is arranged in different genres, top 10, latest songs and most played song. The music also has proper endings, and the customers get the ability to vote for their favorite hits.

  • Customization

You can edit and customize special multi-tracks backing tracks and remove the instruments or vocals if you want to sing or play the music by yourself easily. The multitracker is so easy to use once you have achieved the best backing track.

  • Customer satisfaction

Song Galaxy has five audio formats some with or without vocals, others with each instrument on a separate channel, others with more choices of the same songs in different languages and also at affordable costs.

You can also manipulate the songs to your perfections. More exciting you will find the music with inserted karaoke lyrics files in text formats.

How it works

For multi-tracks, the first thing you have to do is choose the backing tracks. Next, edit and customize them by removing the instruments or vocals. Save the files in .wav format or import them directly to your audio sequencer.

To get midi files you have to select the files you wish to download and in case you need the karaoke lyrics one has to check it at the song info page blue button.

After you have downloaded the files, they are in a zip format where one is supposed to extract the file. To extract the file, you right-click it and press extract here.


Song Galaxy charges are in Sterling pounds, US dollars, and euros. The midi files cost 4.99 pounds per song except for ML songs that are 6.99 pounds and as little as 3.74 pounds per song with maximum loyalty discount.

The audio backing tracks go for 3.99 pound with a maximum discount of 2.99 pounds per song. For additional versions to help understand the song cost 1.50 pounds and if you get to require compact disks for delivery you pay 4.00 pounds per order for post and packaging.


  • It is easy to use since all the files are arranged perfectly for you. All you have to do is point and click the file you want to download. You can also customize the tracks however you want. This is why this platform is so easy for beginners to get the hang of.


  • It can be quite expensive in the long run.

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Cybermidi has customized files where the sound and the mood of the song is captured to appear as the original one.

It covers music from all genres, recent hits from popular to unpopular music through sequencing and some rated with eras. The site offices are located in United States (US) with over 200 thousand users.

Key Features

  • Resource distribution

Files are arranged according to your preferences and thus making it easy for you to choose what you want. The arrangement saves on time that can be used to search for different genres of music.

Unlike in other sites where you have to search the genre list for top songs in Cybermidi all buttons for different genres are in one form where you just choose what you want.

  • Customization options

You have the capability to request the quality of the file you need at affordable prices. One can also request a specific length of the song hence you don’t have to purchase a whole track if you do not want to.

  • Intuitiveness

In case you need to produce your very own customized files from all genres of music, it can do it for you. This helps performing musicians save time consumed in creating midi files for their own from scratch.

How it works

One has to subscribe to the site through email and later an invitation link will be sent to your email where you now you can choose to be a member or just purchase the files you wish to have.

After choosing your files one can convert them to desired formats and also edit and remove unneeded parts or use the sequencing midi program at a fee.


To be a member, you have several different options; Cybermidi gold that is renewed annually goes for $49.99, Cybermidi silver that is renewed semi-annually goes for $29.99 and Cybermidi platinum that is renewed bi-annually goes for $79.99.

Member to access files is free, for downloads its unlimited while. To shop midi file for members is $5 with discount and mp3 backing tracks is $7 and customized files is $1.99.

Non-members midi files cost $7.50 each with discounts, to shop midi files goes for $7.50 with discounts and mp3 backing files costs $10.50 with discounts, to get customized files its $9.99.

To sequence files for you, it is $35 per hour with a minimum cost of $80 and an average of $100 for members plus discounts and non-members the price is the same with no discounts. The prices differ with the file quality, length and also discount for customer loyalty.


  • One can get unlimited music at ease without having to keep on purchasing each and every time. The music is also arranged at a specified way that is easy to access at any given time.
  • It saves time for the musicians who are aiming to achieve customized midi file at a given time since the site can sequence files to your satisfactory.


  • It is not always that they will create files that will satisfy you since different people have different preferences. Some files done can fail to be of satisfaction to you and thus it can be time-consuming in case one is performing on a specific day.



Midi.com.au helps singers, musicians, live bands and performing duos to download midi files and backing tracks. It was created in Melbourne, Australia with more than 100000 users.

Key Features

  • Files distribution

Files are arranged perfectly starting from trending hits, new hits and also customers are in a position to vote their favorite hits.

  • Customization

It has a music production studio that has producers who help come up with the assets and distribute them to users and performers from all around the world. This improves the quality of the final work especially when it comes to genre and sound since the files are created by professionals who understand the audience.

  • Quality of output

It creates high-quality files for professionals and all kind of performers that sounds amazingly great during events or gigs. The files are also affordable.

How it works

After signing in you can find and download the file you need by genre. You need to have editing or converting MIDI software to convert the file to an mp3 format.

Save the files you want. In case you need multiple files, click my account to add and download a free midi file backing track each week which is paid for once. In case you need midi karaoke files they are identified as midi karaoke.


To download one or two midi files costs $9.99 each and three or more costs $5.99 each with a 40% discount. Members enjoy a couple of benefits on top of these prices like vouchers, coupons discounts and many more.


  • It helps improve your career as a musician, band or performer by having in house producers who can help in creating best files for them other than in some other sites where you create your own files from scratch or pay a higher fee for it to be done.


  • Most competitors have more up-to-date features and functionalities



Midifiles.com has software and hardware like encore to completely edit the midi sequences where you can change the file instrument, replace it with your own, remix, arrange and adapt it to your voice tone to create your own music.

The sequences can be played and edited wholly on any midi instruments like Yamaha, Roland keyboards, sequencers like PCs, Macs, tablets phones and score editors encore and finale.

It was created by Gate Soleil Production in France in 1992.

Key Features

  • Music distribution

The instrumental arrangement is from the latest to the oldest thus making your navigation and searching at one place other than other sites where you have to start from top hits buttons followed by genre buttons. The files are arranged by song title making it easy for you.

  • Usability options

You can play or mute, create a custom, edit and print any music on this site. This will help the musician to be in charge of the melody to achieve and the tone you want to use for a specific function or purpose.

  • User satisfaction

It has different versions of instrumentals from solo, duo, band training, and rehearsal aiming to make sure your audience is impressed by your performance.

One has the power to create one’s own style of performing. You have access to your files including the customized ones and getting free updates.

How it works

After creating an account, you can search and add your music files to your cart by clicking add to cart, choose any payment method displayed and after the transaction access your files in any format on my files tap. In case you don’t have an account, click Express PayPal checkout.


To get a professionally edited quality midi file goes for 57.00 euros each and a midi file costs 11.99 euros each.


  • It is easy and cheap to edit your own customized files and access them for a lifetime. This is unlike other sites where you have to renew your membership annually. Membership renewal is quite expensive in case you still need them to customize your files.


  • Unreliable in matters of affordability since one has to pay each time you need a file, unlike other sites that have unlimited downloads and discounts.


supreme network

Supreme-network.com has a lifetime subscription of 149.99 euros that gives you unrestricted access to over 10,000 professional, high-quality midi files. The files are available for download from the site.

Key Features

  • Customization

It has professional musicians who will edit files for you that are of high quality.

  • Efficient workflow

The files are arranged in different genres where you can search for an artist or browse over different genres of your choice. It has a search area to make it easy for users to search for files.

  • Customer satisfaction

Supreme-network.com is super-fast when it comes to browsing making it easy for you to save time during navigation. It has one-time payments and hence it’s affordable, unlike other sites that have a renewal fee.

How it works

You subscribe to one of the site accounts and choose an exclusive plan. Once the account is created you get access to the entire file’s genre where you can download files.


You can pay for two days of unrestricted access for 7.99 euros, one month of unrestricted access for 16.99 euros, three months of unrestricted access for 26.99 euros, 6 months of unrestricted access for 45.99 euros, 12 months of unrestricted access for 85.99 euros and a lifetime subscription of 149.99 euros.


  • Once you have paid your subscription you can access unlimited files and download them for the future.


  • What it has in affordability it lacks in its limited list of features


When all is said and done, Supreme is a bit affordable if you just want to use it once and download all the files you need for a lifetime, unlike the Song Galaxy where you pay for each song you need to download if you are a new member.

Cyber Midi is also a great choice especially if you don’t have enough storage space since any file purchased is accessible throughout.

If you are a complete beginner and looking for affordable customized files, Midi.com.au is a great place to start your search. This goes to show that whatever level you are at in your music career, there is a great platform out there that will suit your needs perfectly.

👉 Click here to Learn More about Song Galaxy!


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