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Recording Revolution Review: How Good are the Courses from Graham?

recording revolution review

Recording Revolution is a product developed by Graham Cochrane that is meant to help music creators to get their songs to sound as good as major artists and bands. The hacks and tips that are provided in the Recording Revolution aim to help users to create radio-worthy songs from their bedroom or home studio using […]

Top 3 Best Music Marketing Courses for Musicans and Producers

music courses

The ability to get your music heard is an essential skill that all musicians should possess. Marketing your music is important if you want to make a name for yourself and actually start earning from your talent, although not all artists are aware of the importance of marketing to their music career. Here is a […]

Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0 Review: Is it Overhyped?

Music Marketing Manifesto review

Back in the days before the advent of mass media, musicians solely relied on word of mouth and the quality of their live performance to promote their work. For many of them, scoring a deal with a rich sponsor or a job in a church or some such was the only chance for them to […]

New Artist Model Review: How Good is the Music Business Accelerator ?

New Artist Model Review

With the proliferation of digital platforms and independent distribution channels, entering the music business nowadays should be easier than ever. However, the reality is quite different. With no more than a few dozen popular artists receiving major label push and hogging the spotlight, indie artists have to work hard to get their music released, promoted, […]