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7 Ways to Sabotage Your Music Promotion Strategy

Whether you like it or not, your approach to marketing plays a major role in the distribution of your music and the development of your fan community as an independent artist. The concern is that too many projects keep repeating the same mistakes in their music promotion, limiting their potential and hindering their progress in […]

How to Get More Views on Your Youtube Covers?

Today, using the titles of his favorite artists to create buzz has become a real fashion, one of the most direct ways to make himself known to his audience on the web. Simple, you might say? Not so much… Let’s not forget that Internet users are all looking for a rare gem, they are in […]

The 2 Worst Mistakes Musicians Make on the Internet

I receive a lot of messages from musicians who wonder about their strategy, especially about Youtube, and who don’t realize that they have fallen into one or the other of the two crucial mistakes that artists make on the web. In this article, we will look in detail at what it is and how to […]

Youtube for Musicians: 7 Tips to Boost Your Channel

Youtube is now essential for ALL musicians. However, if you think that to use this promotional tool you just need to have a video concept, film, edit and publish and well I inform you that the art of buzz on Youtube is much more mysterious than that. To help you, here are 7 points to […]

How to Profit from your Music Project in 3 Steps

Today, we need to talk about monetizing and making your music project profitable. Many people don’t know it, but the process of selling your music really consists of 3 steps. Unfortunately, too many artists and groups are rushing to the last one and neglecting the two previous steps that are essential to make an artistic […]

Chasing Virality can RUIN your Music Career

“How do you make the buzz on Youtube for sure?” It is not uncommon for me to receive questions of this kind from musicians in a hurry. Obviously, I understand that we can ask ourselves this question. When you start out in music, you want to gain as quickly as possible in visibility, notoriety and […]

How to Sell More Merchandising at Concerts?

It’s pretty frustrating, though. We struggle to write quality songs, produce and record them, book concerts to promote them and bring people back for the end… Have merchandising sales far from being as good as we imagined. During the concerts, some fans, even if they have been following you for several years, do not seem […]

7 Ways to Promote Your Music on the Web

At the moment, we no longer promote our music in the same way as we did 10 years ago With the advent of social networks and the democratization of technological tools, musicians, music groups and artists are increasingly turning to the Internet to disseminate their works and their brand. It is no longer mandatory to […]

13 Ways to Attract More People to Your Concerts

Do you have one or more concert dates planned? Great! Great! All you have to do now is to do everything possible to bring as many people as possible back After all, the stage is one of the most important dimensions of a successful musical career, in addition to being a major source of income. […]

14 Tips for Promoting the Release of a New Album or EP

After spending months or perhaps even years working on your new musical masterpiece, it would be a shame if its impact did not live up to your expectations. A few downloads, a few hundred views and listening… In short, nothing to help you in your musical career. If you want to avoid this, you need […]

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