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Spotify Promotion: How to Get FREE and LEGIT Plays and Followers


So you are an artist looking to make it big.

You are one of many, and whenever I say many I mean millions of young and inspiring artists.

The only difference between you and these artists is that you are here doing research. In this modern day streaming music is the only thing people do anymore. You aren’t about to get fans by handing out your mixtape at the corner of the street.

If you are serious about this, it is time to act like a professional and make the necessary moves to be successful. Spotify is one of, if not the greatest tool for success in the music industry.

The music business is cutthroat and will leave your years of hard work hanging dry if you do not know what you are doing. The best way to get your name out there is to make a playlist and generate loads of followers.

Now, creating a public playlist is the easy part, but generating an actual fanbase is where the greatest difficulties why.

Spamming the words “follow me on Spotify” is not enough to get an actual career going as an artist. If you want to be the great artist you are, then it is about time you get serious about your music.

spotify playlists

The Need To Know

The first thing that you need to realize, your music is great, and you are both great, but no one cares.

You are not on the top if you are just starting this career, so don’t act like it. Like the millions of people on the planet trying to make it big, you are scrambling up the mountain, and trying to beat others to the top spot.

Humble yourself and think like a salesman. Your bars can be fire, and your voice can be beautiful, but seventy percent of music is the presentation to your fans and managers. When you first create your Spotify playlist, give people a why.

What are you doing this for, or do you even know? Explaining yourself motivates you to keep pumping out music, and potential fans to click that follow button.

For example, if you want people to hear a message you have for the world, tell everyone the foundation of your message. It will draw people in to listen, to what your music is building on top of that message.

Spotify has this great feature where you can write a short description of yourself and your music, don’t go too personal when writing your description. Write about your music, and the personal subjects mentioned should be related to your music.

Do you make New York-style hip-hop, explain what a part of New York you are from, or why hip-hop from the Big Apple inspires you.

Now, there are other streaming services out there, and they are available to use.

Yet, these streaming services do not provide the same quality that Spotify gives its artist. The fact that the company is still growing, means there is plenty of time to get on board with the service.

IT is possible to get big in the music business without being under a label, but it is very hard to do this on your own; even with Spotify’s tools and algorithms to help you. You will make more money upfront going down this road alone but remember from now on you have to see the big picture.

Now, don’t just jump straight into Spotify when making music, share it with your friends and family before putting yourself out there. Get face-to-face advice from other artists you know, and if there is talent around you, get them to join you.

Maybe you have a friend that can play guitar or one that knows how to make beats; you get those people on board. The path you are about to go down is hard, and you don’t want to fight this alone. Get help while you still can.

Whenever you start putting your music on Spotify, make sure you are moving into the streaming services with a small fanbase.


I am under the impression that you have been doing music for about a year now before thinking about officially publishing your originals.

If that is the case, tell people who have heard you perform about your new profile. It doesn’t matter who these people are because another listener wouldn’t be able to tell if your grandma is following your playlist.

Having numbers will attract people who are looking for fresh and new artists (which is a larger percentage of Spotify users than you might think). While people browse their Release Radar (more on that later), they notice the new names.

Once they hear your music, they will go to your profile and take note of your follower count. Once people see that you have a decent fanbase, they will give you a listen, and you might gain another follower through this.

The last thing you need to know is all about selling yourself.

I wish I could tell you every single way you should market yourself, but it is all situational. Instead, you have to practice and research.

Figure out who your fans are, and what age group you are working with. After you have a solid understanding of your fan base, the next step is to brainstorm.

Plan, plan, and plan ways to reach out to your fans and keep your name in their brains. Write down multiple ways you can reach out to these people and execute each way in increments.

Once you find something that works for you, execute that plan until it no longer works. Then, move onto your next plan, and if you immediately receive a bad review then scrap it. Don’t get discouraged, not everything is going to work.

Even though you will have to brainstorm your ideas, there are three things you need to focus on engagement, activity, and support. If you only have fifty followers, you do whatever it takes to keep those fifty under your belt.

Engage with your fanbase by using social media, and from there, you can promote your playlist. Stay activate, if you release one song every five months, you are going to lose followers faster than Mike Tyson can drop an opponent in the ring. I would suggest dropping a song every month or two, while promoting your upcoming album, or other big projects, at the same time.

You are a small artist, so be sure to keep your name on your fan’s Spotify home screen. Finally, support another artist and they will support you. Make playlist and feature other artists that make similar music to yours and they will notice. This will inspire them to share your music on their platform.

Building a relationship with another artist is a great way to spread your wings in the industry. Just remember, you are all trying to get to the top of the mountain, do not step on the people that might someday have the ability to help you up.

This all stuff that you need to know before you start streaming, and as you are just beginning.

Find out what works, and don’t be afraid to fail and lose some of your fanbase. You can say a controversial word and lose ten followers, but the fact that you said it might gain you, twelve followers.

Be true to yourself and your followers. Honesty, whenever you are just beginning, is very important. If you lie at the start, you are going to have to keep up that lie all the way to the mainstream media.

Some people can do this, but music comes from the heart and if you are dishonest with that aspect of yourself, the music you make will be bland.

Spotify as a Tool

Spotify is the greatest modern-day tool for aspiring musicians. I urge you, as soon as possible, get your music onto Spotify. It is big in the US, and everyone here has the app on their mobile device or laptop.

Yet, in other countries, the service hasn’t even launched. The service is still growing at 40 million users worldwide. Now Apple Music has 800 million users across the globe, but the numbers have slowed down.

Once Spotify beats/ equals Apple music, new artists are going to be like goldfish in the ocean. That’s why up-and-coming artists need to build a profile on Spotify while the company is growing.

Think of it as an investment in your future, one that will benefit your dream job.

Spotify allows new artists to shine alongside with mainstream music.

There are many ways you can arrive on the scene through their programs like Release Radar, Daily Mix, and the variety of radio systems that they use. Each one helps you differently, but the result for each is the same, your music in the ears of new listeners.

Release Radar is exactly what you would think it is, it is a daily playlist that gives listeners new music that is like the kind that they love. This is one of the reasons you need to pump out quality music constantly.

Emphasis on quality, don’t throw out as much as you can while sacrificing the quality of your music. At the same time, if you don’t release enough music, you will get lost in the sea of streams.

There is a grey area, that’s where you must work. The Daily Mix is a playlist created by Spotify’s algorithm that is meant to fit the taste of multiple listeners. Now you have less of a chance of getting onto this playlist because it predominately puts songs that the listener has heard before.

That shouldn’t discourage you from getting on their mix, though; you have a chance and you’re an artist, you thrive in chance and uneven odds. One more function that Spotify offers are radios. As a listener, I could look for a radio that plays songs like those as my favorite artist.

For example, I could search up Tori Kelly Radio (don’t judge she makes awesome music) and end up enjoying a song by Camila Cabela or Adele. In these radios, your music will slip in, and if you catch the listener’s attention in the early seconds of the song, you got yourself another follower.

Spotify also allows promotions, wait for it, for free.

spotify for musicians

You are not going to reach an audience with your promotions, at least not one the size of Spotify’s audience. Now I know what your thinking, “Didn’t you just say we have to promote on your own?” and yes you do have to promote on your own, don’t get lazy on me now.

Yet, Spotify will promote you, and the concerts you either headline or open for. Spotify emails all its listeners consistent news on the artist they enjoy. That is where you have to market, you have to get listeners on your own and with the help of Spotify’s algorithms.

However, Spotify helps get your ticket sales up for concerts. Plus, we know that nobody goes to concerts alone, your fans are bound to bring friends with them.

Live performances are a great way to build a fanbase, and Spotify gets the people to you. All this is for free, and an artist needs to save as much money as they can whenever they are just beginning.

So, here is where the numbers start coming in.

If you are under a label, publisher, distributor, or an independent artist, you will receive seventy percent of every dollar your music makes for Spotify. Most video distributors and streaming services don’t pay half of what Spotify is paying you.

Combine that, with the fact that streaming music is growing at a rapid pace, and you are making money as an artist easier than ever. Before all of this, there were constant struggles, sleeping on buses, starving to afford the equipment, and begging record labels to take you.

Now any independent artist has a decent chance depending on how much effort they put into their music. Of course, selling your music gives you quicker and better pay but look at the long term.

Remember you are trying to get up that mountain, and that is some big-picture stuff. Think ahead, realize that the times are changing. Getting a with a streaming service is the way to go, and naturally, you will be making a living from doing what you love.

Now, do I promise you will make an immediate profit, absolutely not. In fact, I would bet against you making an immediate process. Look, I said getting out there was easier now than ever, but that does not make it easy.

Spotify is the best way to earn a profit off of music, as well as grow your name, but you will still need to stay active.

Spotify is a tool you will need to utilize, soon artists who don’t stream their music will be making virtually nothing compared to streamers. We live in the digital age, and people want constant entertainment.

The number of artists out there compared to the need for entertainment is unbalanced, in favor of humanities crave for entertainment. Before the company makes any unforeseen changes, start working for the growing streaming services.

Invest in your dream and become an artist on Spotify. You will not regret it, and this is the fastest and most trustworthy way to earn money from music.

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Creating Playlist

I have avoided talking about this important aspect for a reason. This is so incredibly vital to your success that it deserves its subheading.

Creating a playlist is one of the most creative ways I’ve seen artists gain a follower’s base.

Spotify gives everyone, even people who are not artists, a chance to make a public playlist. Most of these playlists have a central theme that caters to the listener’s wants and needs. If you log into Spotify and search through the playlist, they have one for everything.

They have instrumentals for whenever you are struggling to write your final essay and hardcore rock for pregame hype. I have met artists who create playlist and add their music to slip onto the scene.

Of course, these playlists have mainstream artists, but they are able to put their music next to the giants. Now, making your playlist popular, is difficult but not impossible. Just create a playlist based on the music you write and be sure to make it unique. No idea is not worth trying.

You can make a sad playlist, but not heartbroken sorrow, maybe a playlist centered around failure. Not to be depressing, but this is the best example I have heard from new artists. A playlist for sad people may seem generic, but people connect to different music in different ways.

Perhaps the playlist you create will touch someone, and then begin to stream the artist on the playlist (that’s you). By generating a playlist of music like your own, you can put your music out there, and set a tone for yourself as an artist.

Now, you need to learn how to get your playlist out there. Your playlist is unique because it is yours, but this doesn’t mean it will immediately stand out.

An easy way to generate traffic is to enroll in playlisting websites. Playlist.net is a helpful tool that has a large audience participates in every day. Here is how it works, you submit your very own playlist to their website, and explain the theme.

They enter the playlist into thousands of other playlists within your chosen theme. Users log into the app the company uses and selects a mood that they might be in. With thousands of daily users, your playlist and music are bound to get listens. It’s all about exposition.

This is not the only website that will allow you to di=o this, but after doing the research this one is by far the best. On the plus side, it directly connects to your Spotify account so you will not have to do too much work to get your playlist out there.

Creating a playlist is a great way to generate traffic, but I suggest you use this after you have put a decent amount of music on your profile.

Start this process whenever you have an album and a handful of singles under your belt. Speak to whatever label you are working with or talk to your advisor. They will be able to give a personal touch on the timing of everything.

Every musician’s story is different, and all I can do is give you tips and tricks. How you make it big is not going to be like the man or woman standing on stage with you.

Creating a playlist is just one of the many creative ways you can get exposition, which is vital to your career as a musician.

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promote music on spotify


You want to be a musician and that requires a lot of planning, marketing, work, and luck.

Like I said before, this business is cutthroat and leaves people out on the road every day. Do your research before pursuing this career and be one hundred percent sure this is what you want to do with your life. It might get a little lonely, and you will probably lose friends because of it.

Just make sure you are honest with yourself whenever you are generating music, even the parts about yourself you do not like. In this day and age, everyone wants s to be the next big thing. A streaming service like Spotify gives people the tools to succeed, but that’s all it does. Tools are useless in the hands of someone that is both ignorant and not dedicated.

Things like the Release Radar will allow you to get your name out there, and all the creative marketing schemes you come up with will allow you to become an expert. Don’t worry about starting small, everyone does.

The chances of you skyrocketing through the charts within your first year are small, and that rarely happens, even in today’s high-speed world.

The gateway to success is Spotify, and I cannot stress that enough. It’s your ticket to stardom and you just have to be willing to take that step forward.

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