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The 10 Best Beat Websites to Sell your Instrumentals Online

sell instrumentals online

Advances in technology have opened up a lot of new avenues for musicians and music producers to make a living through their crafts. An entire cottage industry has developed around platforms that provide the necessary tools to build, market and sell beats online. It has proved to be a new avenue of getting your beats […]

Splice Sounds Review: A Revolutionary New Way to Buy Samples?


Splice is a product that came into the market as a service that allowed musicians and producers to upload raw projects to the cloud then collaborate and work with others on those projects. This service also allowed these artists to store their work and access them on different computers whenever they want to work on […]

Tuneport Review: The Easiest Solution to Sell Beats and Songs?

tuneport review

For many musicians, getting their creations out there and getting them heard is by far the hardest part of their careers. The hoops this industry makes you have to jump through sometimes can make you seriously think about quitting it all. Luckily, this is all rapidly changing. With the advent of done-for-you online music distribution […]

Airbit Review: Is it Truly the Ultimate Beat Marketplace?

airbit review

Everything today is built around a trusted platform with ease of access and streamlined communication, as well as quick delivery. Gone are the days when musos would communicate on platforms such as Messenger, Skype, or through telephone conversations to buy beats needed for their music creation. Too many young and even some more experienced music […]