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Airbit Review: Is it Truly the Ultimate Beat Marketplace?


Everything today is built around a trusted platform with ease of access and streamlined communication, as well as quick delivery. Gone are the days when musos would communicate on platforms such as Messenger, Skype, or through telephone conversations to buy beats needed for their music creation. Too many young and even some more experienced music writers suffered through some rather shady deals.

You know the story; you hear something you like, you find out the name, you chase them up through social media or connections and then you make a payment through PayPal or western union and hope and pray that what you get is what you heard in the first place. Let’s just say that not too long ago this little niche of the music industry was a haven for scammers, copy cats and even straight-out fraudsters, a lot of money was made in rather questionable circumstances.

At the end of the day, all of us in the music industry just want to be heard, seen and acknowledged for our work especially when it comes to performing arts. The tricky part is – you can have all the talent and passion in the world but without proper promotion, you won’t be able to reach out to people. You can be the greatest singer that boasts two hours long concerts under the shower but no one’s going to hear you except your roommates and neighbours at most. You can have the hottest tracks but playing them to your friends only won’t take you far, and this is where Airbit comes in.

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airbit review

What is Airbit?

Airbit is a platform that gives you an opportunity to set up your account and show the world your work. It is an amazing platform that serves as a marketplace for beats. You can sell and buy superb beats from producers all around the world.

The platform saves you time, energy, money, and gets you the exposure. It gives you the possibility to be heard by the right people at the right place and time. Airbit features a chart, so the hotter your beats are, the higher you can get on the chart. It may not be Billboard Top-100 Chart but you stand a chance at this one.

My Story

This is not a sales pitch and I wouldn’t try to sell you Airbit if I had not tried it myself. Before discovering Airbit, I would go talk and share my vision of how I wanted my songs to sound to different producers. I could never properly express what was in my head.

I spent mine and their time for nothing, as the end result was never quite how I had imagined it in my head. Eventually, I gave Airbit a try. I didn’t lose anyone’s time and the process of elimination was way easier. Sometimes I had to listen to over 70 tracks just to pick one but the chosen one was exactly how I wanted it to be. And it worked. All songs were bangers.

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What Are The Key Features Of Airbit?

There are many reasons why musicians of any kind would choose Airbit. It has many great key features and everyone who started using it never went back to search for another platform. Here is why.

Automated File Delivery

One of the main features that Airbit offers is automated file delivery. This means that whenever you want to sell your beat, your potential buyers can easily get it. They can go and immediately download the beat without having to wait for you to send it to them.

With the beat, they also get the pdf contracts that they can sign electronically. This e-signature will be created by Airbit where it obliges your customers to respect the terms of the contract and in that way, your product is protected. The purpose of this feature is to protect you from any disputes or a chargeback.

No Hidden Charges

When you sell your beats on this platform, you receive all the money from the sale. There are no cuts in payment by Airbit, or in other words, they don’t get any percentage of commission by selling your products. So, if you are selling your bit at the price of $80, this is how much you will receive in your bank account. It’s as simple as that. Other platforms where you can sell your beats usually take a commission of over 30% of the total amount. This might be the best feature that Airbit offers according to the contributors.

Talking about prices and selling of your beats, it’s worth mentioning that you can change the price of each beat at any time. You can do this for all your beats as well – change one item or all at the same time. Airbit doesn’t put any restrictions to this, which means that you can set your own price. On top of that, you are free to create promotions or coupon codes to provide a discount for your customers if they decide to purchase multiple beats at the same time. You can even use the popular Buy-1-get-1-free beat offer whenever you decide that it’s suitable.

Secure Payments

Furthermore, there is an option to get paid through PayPal. Airbit offers secure payments for your customers where they can choose to pay through Debit or Credit card or even through PayPal.

Not only that, there is no transfer fee or transaction period, the money gets transferred in your account instantly. In this way, customers feel safe while making the payment and you are also receiving your money in the shortest period possible. But, let’s take a step back from the earning perspective of Airbit.

Gives You Maximum Visibility

The most important feature of Airbit is that it can increase your popularity. This is one of the main reasons why musicians, singers, as well as producers, use this platform – to get heard. Airbit creates a chart system where you can get on the top if you sell the most beats in comparison to the other contributors. In that way, the more people buy your beats, the more people can hear about you. Producers can see which singers sell most of their beats and maybe offer them work.

Another important feature that Airbit provides is the possibility of embedding your HTML5 store to your website. This platform offers different responsive embed codes that can be used either for your website or for social media. You can easily embed your beats on your Facebook profile or on your website which can help you promote your work. Your audience can go to Airbit through these embedded posts and buy your beats. There are different codes for desktop viewing and mobile versions. If you are having problems with the responsiveness to these codes, you can get in touch with their support team and they will provide guidance to fix that.

Ensures Consistency

In order to keep your branding consistent and protect your content, Airbit gives you the option to add Vocal tags. If you upload vocal tags once, it applies them to each beat you have in your account.

This is similar to adding a watermark on a photo or video because it has the same purpose – protecting your beats and content, so nobody without a proper license can steal it. In case you need to change your vocal tag, you can simply upload a new one and it will automatically change the vocal tags on every beat. You don’t have to do this manually.

Helps You Track Your Progress

Once you start selling beats on Airbit, it’s helpful to run some statistics on how your sales are going. This is a feature that this platform provides – it keeps track of all the information about your customers, how many beats were sold and even how many plays had your beat.

Airbit keeps your sales history in one dashboard and it helps you realize which beat is the most popular one – which one gets played the most. You can also calculate and monitor your growth which serves as great feedback on your work.

How Does Airbit Work?

Airbit is much like other sales platforms. You create your account where the starter account is free and this will only allow up to 10 beats. Like all other platforms, every upgrade gives you a better package and more functionality.

With the creation of your Airbit marketplace account, you receive a complete CRM system. It is an extremely simple way to track your earnings, traffic coming onto your store and the beats that are most listened to. Here, you are able to develop your own sales strategy where you can offer free download samples, offer special two for one offers, set your own prices and so much more.

Through your own Airbit store account, you can track traffic, work out which promotion works and which one doesn’t. This way, you can spend more time focusing on sales strategies that are bringing you more money.

Airbit also makes communication so much easier not just with new buyers, but helps to build your customer base with loyal or trusted buyers who through this CRM platform will be your almost guaranteed sales every time. To a degree, that will guarantee your own level of income.

There are two ways you can share your beats on the Airbit platform. One is through the dashboard and the other is through an embedded link to your Airbit store. Once you have yourself set up, the next part of the job is to ensure your beats are heard.


What To Expect From It?

This Airbit account is also a great way to keep up with the competition, as in the industry everything changes daily. So, as a professional and especially if you are a beat maker that relies on sales of your creation, it is imperative that you stay on top of new trends and the competition as a whole.

The easy pay system on the platform is not just secure for you as an account holder, it also provides direct access to your buyers which in turns build their trust and gives them better security and value for money knowing they are part of a trusted payment system.

Away from the Airbit store account, Airbit as a platform is great for all novice beat creators why are quite dazzled with the thought of licensing one’s works. By creating an Airbit account you automatically receive one Non-Executive licence. If you decide to upgrade to a Gold or a Platinum account you then get the option to add your own custom licence terms and additional licensing rights of your work.



Let’s see what is really good about Airbit and why you should try it.

  • There is no commission taken by Airbit when you sell your music. You get what you sold.
  • Airbit creates a chart system where you can get at the top if you sell most of your beats and in this way earn popularity.
  • You can use easily embedded HTML5 store and share it on your website for your audience.
  • Airbit helps you with licensing your work and protects it from copycats.
  • It offers free registration.
  • It gives you the opportunity to create your custom web store and choose your favourite look and feel.
  • Once your customer buys your beat, he can download it instantly and it goes together with a pdf contract for them to sign. The Airbit creates the e-signature for them, so it makes even their job easier.


The Airbit has its downside as well. We need to review them closely and make a decision about whether we should use Airbit or not.

  • You have to do quite a bit of promoting of your music so it can reach your audience.
  • Using Airbit sometimes takes a very long time to make a sale – you have to do additional promotion.
  • It takes more effort from your side, even including Facebook ads to reach a bigger audience.

airbit music love


Yes! The pros outway the cons in this case. This is likely one of the best platforms where you can earn from your beats. Many people have confessed that they earned almost a fortune on this platform and they strongly recommend it. For some, it’s even the only source of income.

The best part of Airbit is that you the creator and have direct control of all aspects of your music, from promotion, licensing value and sales. You become your own best representative and you decide just how much your hard work is valued, you decide how to promote and it all depends on your budget. The platform itself is flexible enough to allow you to start with the free option and build from there all dependent on your own capabilities.

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