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The 10 Best Beat Websites to Sell your Instrumentals Online


Advances in technology have opened up a lot of new avenues for musicians and music producers to make a living through their crafts. An entire cottage industry has developed around platforms that provide the necessary tools to build, market and sell beats online.

It has proved to be a new avenue of getting your beats to big-name artists, especially with the ever-growing market demand.

It is important to mention here that if you want to start seeing sales from selling your beats, you have to treat it just like any other business instead of expecting overnight success. You have to invest your effort, time and money. This includes going for the best platform to sell beats on.

In this article, we’ll discuss the ten best platforms to sell beats through.



Click here to read the full Airbit review

Airbit was created in 2009 by Wasim Khamlichi, a former music producer and current C.E.O of the company.

With less than 10 employees, Airbit has provided thousands of producers with a platform to sell beats and instrumentals online. The company has recorded over $20 million in earnings by producers using Airbit.

Key Features

Automated File Delivery

This is one of the main features of Airbit. It lets your customers receive your work automatically instead of waiting for you to send it to them.

The platform lets you offer free instant sample downloads. On payment, Airbit lets the customer get the whole piece automatically.

With the beat, your potential customers get a pdf contract which they sign electronically. This obliges the customer to respect the terms of the contract ensuring the safety of your product.

100% Secure Payouts

Airbit lets you have all the money you priced on a beat after you have successfully sold it. The platform does not cut the payment or get any percentages off as commission. The company also lets you change the price of each beat at any time. You can either do this for a single beat or all your beats.

Also, Airbit offers an option to get paid through PayPal. Your customers can also opt to pay through Debit or Credit card and there is no transfer fee or transaction period. This way, both of you feel safe as the fee gets to you instantly.

Maximum Visibility

This is one of the features of Airbit that can increase your popularity. The platform creates a chart system that gets you on top if you sell the most beats in comparison to other producers. The more you sell, the more people hear about you on the platform as well as out there.

Airbit also provides you with the possibility to embed your HTML5 store to your website. You are offered with responsive embed codes that you can use on your website or for social media. This lets your audience go to Airbit through these embedded posts.

How it works

Airbit is pretty much like other platforms. To start, you will need to create a free account. This allows you to upload up to 10 beats. You then receive a complete CRM system that lets you easily track your earnings, traffic and the beats that are most listened to.

The platform further makes communication so much easier with new buyers and helps you build your customer base. You can share your beats either through the dashboard or through an embedded link to your Airbit store.


  • There is no commission
  • Airbit helps you with licensing your work
  • It lets you create your custom web store
  • Instant downloads on payment with a pdf contract


  • It takes a long time to make a sale
  • You have to do a substantial promotion of your work
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Click here to read the full BeatStars review

Founded by Abe Batshon in 2008, Beatstars is a digital online marketplace, beat leasing platform and hosting service based in Austin, Texas. The company has over 700,000 registered users.

The platform lets you sell beats with a non-exclusive license. This gives you the flexibility to sell one beat to several artists which can be quite advantageous to you as the artist.

Key Features

Blaze Player

As a producer selling your beats online, you expect it to be much easier than selling on your own with no platform. You don’t want to go through the hustle of having to send samples and beats every time to different potential customers. This feature makes distribution and sales easier with the blaze player.

This is a simple but very effective feature on the platform. Beatstars’ blaze players make it easy for you to sell tracks online. It acts as an instant beat store that allows your customers to download free beats, lease beats or make offers to you for exclusive licenses.

Social Connect

The idea behind this feature is working as a community. The concept behind it is making your work get noticed through the numbers. It encourages producers to interact with each other.

The platform provides you with the tools to communicate with other producers as well as artists through private messages. Beatstars also links with other social networks thus expanding your options to communicate.

Memberships for Pro Pages 2

With this feature, you can create your page with your own monthly subscription business for customers. You get to choose the membership packages for sound kits, beats, and free samples. The feature lets you keep 100% of the membership revenue.

Other Features

  • Widgets
  • Soundcloud and Audiomack monetization

How it works

1. Sign up. You can opt for a free, pro or unlimited account
2. Set up your account
3. Upload your tracks
4. Engage with other producers and potential customers.

Pricing and Plans

The free plan comes with a 30% commission cut
The pro page plan goes for either $19.99 per month or $179.99 per year


  • You keep 100% of your sales if you’re under the pro plan
  • A free version
  • Collabos feature allows for payment splitting


  • 30% commission off the free plan
  • The platform is quite restrictive on package deals



Sellfy was founded by Kristpas Alks and Maris Dagis in November 2011. Their headquarters are in Latvia, EU. It is a cloud-based e-commerce platform for businesses and professionals that create and sell digital goods.

Key Features

Online Store

You can set up your online store and fully personalize it to suit your business. You can add your logo, change the colors and navigation, edit the layout and store information. You can also host your store directly through Sellfy.

Also, you can use Sellfy as an embed to your current business website. The best thing about this feature is that all of Sellfy’s store tools are optimized for mobile devices.

Product Hosting

The platform lets you host all of your digital products with no limit to the number of products you can upload. Sellfy, however, recommends that individual files are less than 5GB. The platform lets you offer your customers standard products and subscription services.

You can organize your store in your preferential manner. You can create product categories, include titles, images and offer different pricing options.

Other Features

  • Embed options
  • Marketing and analytics tools
  • Integrations

Pricing and plans

  • Pro plan goes for $29 per month with a 2% transaction fee
  • Pro plus plan goes for $99 per month

Sellfy also charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction


  • Easy to use
  • It only focuses on digital products


  • Limited options
  • High prices
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Traktrain was launched in 2013 with the owner as the only employee. Now, Traktrain has 12 employees.

It is an invite-only platform for producers to sell their instruments so not everyone can join Traktrain. Traktrain takes a 0% fee on sales from free accounts unlike most of the other competitors who take up to 30%.

It still stands out as one of the platforms to deal with some of the biggest names in the music industry including producers who produced for Eminem, Drake, Beyonce, and others.

It has over 30,000 users recording 190,000 monthly site visits.

Key Features

Promotional Advertisement

Every producer on these online marketplaces wants to sell their beats. To do this you have to reach your audience first. Traktrain lets you participate in their stations for more exposure to your music.

You can purchase a featured instrumental advertisement or side Ad spot to have your instrumentals featured on Traktrain’s high-traffic homepage.


To maximize sales, you have to have the perfect layout for your page and have the simplest way of navigation you can. The platform provides you with the tools to customize and perfect your profile.

You can further schedule instrumentals for a certain date and split profits. Traktrain also lets you upload WAV files, track-outs, drum kits and much more.

Other Features

  • Dark mode
  • Widgets
  • Multi-language

Pricing and plans

The platform offers a free basic account as well as paid accounts for $9 and $19 a month which come with additional benefits such as extra uploads.


  • It is cheap
  • It is an invite-only making it a curated marketplace of quality instrumentals


  • The invite-only type of registration might shut out some producers.



Soundee was founded by Kevin Touw providing producers with all the tools necessary for selling and marketing beats online. It is a new platform that has a very crisp and clean design and is extremely easy to navigate.

Key Features

Soundee Embedded Player

As a new platform, this feature came in July 2019 after the founding of Soundee several months earlier. The feature allows you to embed links on your website as well as social media platforms.

This way, your audience can reach you from your other social platforms from where they get to your Soundee store via the link.

Shareable Cart

This feature is a really big plus to the platform considering the short period it took for them to add it to the platform. Other platforms only added this feature after years. The shareable cart feature by Soundee lets artists shop for several beats at once.

Also, artists can shop for beats from different producers at the same time. You don’t have to worry about getting your share since it will be shared with the respective producers after the customer pays collectively.

Pricing and plans

  • A regular plan goes for $20 but restricts you off track out WAV files and radio airplay
  • A premium $60 plan will strip you of the same privileges but increase your audio streams from 50k to 100k as well as give you 2 paid performances.
  • The unlimited plan goes for $120 that offers you more options.

You can also opt for the exclusive plan for a single track which is usually priced per song with almost no limitation to what you can do with the track.


  • The platform releases updates regularly adding on new features and fixes
  • It is extremely easy to use


  • It has fewer quality features compared to competitors who have been in the business for long.

Beat Brokerz

beat brokerz

Click here to read the Beat Brokerz review

Beat Brokerz is an online marketplace that specializes in dealing with instrumental beats to rap and hip-hop artists. The most compelling thing about this platform is the efficiency in taking care of selling, promoting, marketing and brokering your beats. As a producer, this only leaves you with one job which is making high-quality beats.

Key Features

Soundclick Integration

You can add Beat Brokerz to your Soundclick page to integrate their services. This way you gain popularity among your clients and peers. With this feature, your audience can access your work from either side of the platform.

Private Communication

The platform lets you contact your customers through private messages. This way you can offer negotiations to them and improve your relationship with the client.

Elite Brand Pages

If you have a basic or premium subscription, Beat Brokerz gives you total control of their brand development. This means you everything that concerns your work on the platform is subject to your decisions. You also get to make customizations that make your experience with Beat Brokerz as you want it to be.

Pricing and plans

  • Free users will get commission rates of 71-90%
  • Basic users pay a $10 monthly subscription with a 71-90% commission
  • Premium users pay $25 per month with a commission of 71-95% rate


  • Royalty protection
  • Your tracks are fully copyright protected
  • You can make negotiations
  • Beat Brokerz offloads you the customer support job


  • Monthly fees may ramp up
  • Page customization is limited
  • High competition may force you to lower prices to attract customers.



Soundgine is a flash and HTML5 store that allows music creators to buy and sell beats, singles, and albums online. The platform has powerful options and often makes groundbreaking developments in this space.

With its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, the company has about 41 employees. It is very consistent and transparent with updates and always tries to make their product better for its users.

Key Features


This is a very powerful tool when it comes to making sales. The feature allows you to embed YouTube videos directly on to your tracks whether it be a beat-making video or an official music video. We all know how powerful video content can be.


Soundgine recently launched a one-page website builder where you can host your beat player, bio, video, and others. You can even point your domain if you already have one. The responsive webpage is free and requires no coding experience to use.

Collective Sales

The platform aims at building a one-stop-shop. It lets you sell your albums, singles, mixtapes and beats all in one stop. As a producer, nothing is better than this. The feature comes in handy with the vue feature to ensuring you have all of your products in one place.

Pricing plans

The most popular plan is the $19.99 per month plan which comes with unlimited uploads
You can opt for the $7.99 plan which gives you only 50 uploads.


  • Sales are commission-free
  • Has a website-like back end


  • There is no free option


beat websites

BeatWebsites was launched in 2011 and has since then provided music producers with an easy and fast solution to selling beats online. Beatwebsites offers you 4 options to sell your beats online.

You can sell your beats as MP3 beat sales, tracked session file, WAV file format or exclusive beat sales.

The platform lets you build your website with its easy control panel with predefined layouts. It also offers your website an auto-tagging system as well as the latest security updates for the security of your work.

Key Features

Free Beat Advertising Network

Beatwebsites automatically enrolls your beat website to a free advertising network after you create it. You get free ad placement on other beat websites by promoting your website.

Inbuilt Affiliate Marketing Program

Beat Websites lets you expand your outreach by allowing affiliates to promote your beats to share in profits. This simply lets you reach potential buyers you couldn’t reach on your own.

You are only required to turn on the affiliate marketing program on your website admin panel so that others know that they are allowed to receive a commission for sending you beat buyers.

Email Autoresponders

The platform comes with free email autoresponders to make sure you don’t leave any cent on the table. It allows you to leave your beat promoters on auto-pilot which leaves the email marketing job to your beat website. You can set up the auto email promoter for weeks, months or even years.

Other features

  • Auto beat tag system
  • Coupon codes
  • Multiple voice tag manager
  • Shopping cart

Pricing and plans

The platform charges $19.99 per month or a one-time purchase of $249.99.
Upgrades come at a price with the latest 2.0 version costing $49.99


  • Free technical support
  • Free automatic site/software updates
  • Over 40 free beat selling videos


  • The upgrades are somewhat expensive
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tuneport review

Click here to read the full Tuneport review

The founder of Tuneport described it as an audio storefront made with love, generosity, determination, and grit. It offers done-for-you online music distribution services making it a cheaper and easier option. Tuneport allows producers, musicians, and DJs to control their businesses by selling their tracks.

The platform has a simple idea behind how it works. Firstly, you need to sign up and set up your account. Secondly, post your track and Tunecore will make it visible to potential customers. Once someone likes it, they purchase it and you get the payment via PayPal.

Key Features

iOS/Android Support

The site allows you to continue working from anywhere, anytime with your phone with the compatibility to mobile devices. The site is also 100% automated so you don’t have to worry about having to make extra clicks or losing your work.

HTML/IFrame Technology

The site uses arguably the best technologies in the beat making and distribution sector. This technology makes Tunecore a smooth, intuitive and efficient platform to sell your beats.

Other features

  • Embed your link on unlimited websites
  • Unlimited track uploads
  • Track mark reminder.

Pricing and plans

Basic package- $45
Premium package-$65

You can also rent your tracks for around $10-150 for non-exclusive music.


  • All processes are automated
  • It can be embedded to many sites
  • It supports license


  • You require the more expensive $65 package to get the best features
  • Cheaper options are offering the same services.
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Roc Battle


Roc Battle was launched in December 2016 being co-founded by super producer, Rockwilder who has worked with big names like Jay-z, Redman, Method Man and others.

The idea was to produce the best by letting producers battle, sell beats and more. The platform seems quite dated but still records a high number of users with over 90,000 artists in their network.

Key Features

Free HTML5 player for your website or blog

It has a free HTML5 player that you can embed into any website or blog to help you drive traffic to your music and have you making even more sells.

Instant beat sale payments to your PayPal

There are no withdrawal limits with Rocbattle. You immediately get paid for every sale you make, which gooes a long way in streamlining your processes and overall business.

Other Features

  • and network sales
  • Rocbattle beat store

Pricing plans

The platform offers a free bronze package, a $50 silver package and a gold package whose price is unspecified.


  • There is a free plan that you can use to test out the product before committing to it
  • The music player can be embedded into any site


  • They are not open about the true cost of some of their packages
  • It is a little outdated when compared to some of its competitors


If done right, selling your beats online can be very lucrative.

As online selling of beats continues to grow, more platforms are created and the competition keeps on growing. More features are included while other platforms bring up new styles of doing their thing making each of them better.

These 10 platforms truly stand out as being the best in the business because the services they offer are efficient and effective. If you want to sell your music online, this is the way to go.

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