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Should You “Fake It Until You Make It” in Music?

Do you want to know a secret that many amateur musicians don’t know when it comes to advancing in the music industry? You have to pretend. Pretend to be as well online, at your concerts as with your network. As people say, “fake it until you make it”. This concept is extremely important to gain […]

Best Alternatives to CD Baby: What are the Top Competitors?

cd baby alternatives

CD Baby is the largest online music store for musicians and bands. It allows them access and exposure to millions of music fans through the distribution of their music. It boasts of a community of over 650,000 musicians and over 9 million downloadable music tracks distributed to more than 100 digital music outlets worldwide. It […]

The 4 Golden Rules of the New Music Industry

It is no longer 2002. That is a fact. So why do we continue to look at the music industry as if it has not changed? Remember… In the 80s and 90s, most musicians had the goal of becoming rock stars by signing in record companies, only to tour and be broadcast on radio and […]

What is a Musicpreneur? Definition and Challenges

More and more musicians understand that it is now necessary to consider their musical project as a real startup. Thus, the term “Musicpreneur” has recently appeared in order to designate these artists taking full control of their musical business. Can the musician-entrepreneur save the music industry? Are we really moving towards a rise in power […]

The 7 Best Piano Learning Apps for Total Newbies (Comparison)

piano learning

Today, it is possible to rely entirely on online platforms to learn how to play musical instruments. It is actually one of the easiest ways to learn. Piano learning has become increasingly popular in this industry. As the field keeps advancing, more and more applications have been created to meet the growing demand. There are […]

12 Methods that Work to Make Money with Your Music

Who said that musicians and music groups should take a vow of poverty? Today there are dozens of ways to earn money and make a living from your music full-time! Perhaps some of them are still obscure to you, so it is essential to consider them all before integrating them into the business model of […]

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