Tunecore or iMusician? Comparison of the Two Digital Distributors

Should you distribute your music online via Tunecore or iMusician Digital? The American giant or the Swiss start-up? In this article, we review the offers of these two digital distributors and I give you my detailed opinion on this subject. Why choose one of these two Digital Music Distributors? Because these are the current references […]

How to Understand and Conquer Your Music Niche?

Contrary to what the mainstream media can tell us, no artist can go from the shadows to the light in a snap of his fingers. No one becomes a star overnight or through an ephemeral buzz. Whether you like it or not, every music project that has become mainstream has started by targeting and conquering […]

Why You Should Stop Chasing Managers or Music Labels

Many artists struggle to progress because they feel lost, even isolated. And of course, they turn to companies or professionals who could eventually help them with everything related to the business side of music. It is normal to think like that, but it is not by soliciting them when you start that you will achieve […]

How and where to start an Artist Career in Music?

You want to start your musical career and you hope to become a professional musician? So you’re probably wondering how to get started, as it may be normal not to know where to start. To be honest, this is not, of course, a question that can be answered in a single article. The subject is […]

Traditional Marketing Applied to the Artist’s Musical Marketing

In the era of the Musicpreneur, more and more musicians are training in music marketing techniques in order to perpetuate and promote their musical project. It can be seen that it is no longer a taboo to consider your musical project as a real business, seeking at first profitability. The musician-entrepreneur (or musicpreneur), whether independent […]

How to Develop Your Music Career if You Are Totally Lost?

A career in music requires a certain distance in order to move forward. Developing musicians must learn to evaluate themselves in order to identify what is going well and what is not, and thus become aware of the current state of their career. The better you know yourself, the easier it will be to build […]

How Often Should You Release Your Music?

It is no secret that we live in a world where everything goes very fast, to the point where businesses, artists and individuals have to fight every day to capture the attention of the people who interest them. However, in the case of music, maintaining the attention of your ideal audience is not easy when […]

Audio Plugin Deals Review: A Real VST GoldMine?

audio plugin deals

Isn’t it amazing how technology has magnificently transformed things globally and simplified them? One of the best examples of this can be seen in the music industry. Just a few short years ago, the music-making process was hectic and overwhelming especially for small artists and music lovers. You had to own lots of musical instruments […]

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