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7 FREE Online Audio Mastering Tools to Get a Quick Master of Your Track


Mastering is an important final step in the creation of good quality music. Some of the tools and processes involved in mastering include compression, equalization, limiting, and stereo enhancement. Think of mastering as the final coat of varnish that polishes and optimizes the playback quality of your music on all devices.

The word ‘mastering’ comes from the idea of a master copy. All copies of the audio are obtained from the master. This makes it easier to distribute as it can be done on multiple formats such as vinyl, CD’s or tapes and streaming services like Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud.

This article will focus on 7 of the best online audio mastering tools today that offer a 100% FREE option, including Landr, eMastered, Bandlab, Cloudbounce, Majordecibels, Mastering box and Chosen Masters.



Landr is an online, cloud-based, automated mastering service created by MixGenius in Montreal, Canada. The program’s main aim is to make the process of mastering tracks much simpler and quicker and to make mastering services available to all musicians.

Landr allows uploading of audio tracks in various formats which are then digitally mastered using artificial intellectual algorithms

Key Features

Landr’s mastering process is completely automated through the use of algorithms based on automated mastering research that is performed at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London.

In 2015, Landr launched a free desktop app which makes the mastering of music much easier, relying on such features as cloud storage backup for all the mastered tracks, digital audio work stations, and file management.

As a free Landr user, you’ll get 2 free 192kbps low-res MP3 masters per month. To access these free masters, all you have to do is upload your track to Landr, and when choosing your output format, the low-res MP3 option will be free.

If you need more masters, you will have to subscribe to one of the paid plans.


  • It has instant AI mastering.
  • It provides bulk uploading.
  • It provides masters of good quality.
  • Landr frequently updates its system to improve the quality of the services it provides.


  • It is a little slow to process your mastered files and make them available for download. Plus, the downloads are sent by email, which adds another step in the already lengthy process.
  • Landr’s masters lack the “human touch” which is usually felt when a track is mastered by a human mastering engineer
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eMastered was founded on March 6, 2016, by hit EDM singer/producer Collin McLoughlin and Grammy Award-winning engineer Smith Carlson in Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western United States.

According to eMastered, they build products and services for music creators leveraging Artificial know-how and other cutting edge technologies to deliver beautiful products that people can rely on and love.


The eMasterd platform gives the users the ability to instantly master their tracks online, making a process that is usually expensive and complex, available to artists worldwide.

eMastered employs the use of its audio recognition cutting edge technology to analyze and represent the sonic identity of an artist’s track. It works on a variety of files which include; WAV, AIFF, and MP3, for files up to 900 megabytes in size. One can thus master and download audio in their preferred version.

With eMastered, you can only master one song at a time. However, you can load multiple tabs to master several songs at the same time. The good thing is that there is no limit to the number of tabs you can open. Therefore, you can open as many eMastered tabs as permitted by your bandwidth, and master multiple tracks at once.

The platform allows you to compare the audio master to your original file for free, and download it if you like what you hear.

If you want to use eMastered for free, they have a referral program where if you invite someone who signs up for a paid subscription plan using your code, you both get a free month of whatever plan they purchased.

The best part is that there is no limit to the number of free months you can get, so when you invite enough people, you can potentially use eMastered for free for life!


  • Offers pro-level mastering of your tracks
  • It masters tracks faster than human mastering engineers
  • It is updated regularly to improve the quality of the services provided


  • Its computer-generated algorithm is unable to pick up on some nuances in the audio which could be picked out by a human
  • It lacks several essential features that are available on other platforms. For example, it lacks a collaborating option, which is available on Landr and BandLab.
  • Most mastering platforms these days come as package deals where you have mastering and distribution all in one place. eMastered only offers mastering services forcing you to opt for other online distribution services.
  • The quality of its master is not as good as that of an experienced human mastering engineer
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BandLab is an app and social music platform where users can create, collaborate and share their music with other users from around the globe. This app is based on the art of music harmony.

BandLab’s mission is to break down the technical, geographic and creative barriers between creators, collaborators, and community by providing a completely FREE and unlimited service.

Key Features

BandLab works on both iOS and Android. Everything clients make is facilitated within the cloud, which means you can use it from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Musicians can also opt to make their music creation an open process, allowing other creators to collaborate and add to the project. They can welcome anybody they like to collaborate on personal projects.

BandLab keeps track of each alter to each tune with Tree See. Therefore, no lick, riff or rhyme is ever lost.

BandLab can work with a variety of music-making devices over the web. It also has its own set of unique tools, including a MIDI editor, a colossal library of pre-made circles and virtual pianos, organs, strings, woodwind, brass, and bass. There is also a run of drum units, drum cushions, and a drum machine.


  • Undergoes frequent updates to improve the quality of services that it provides
  • Offers three high-quality automated mastering features
  • There is no limit to the number of tracks that you can download
  • Mastering takes a much shorter time compared to when the mastering is done by a human mastering engineer
  • It is completely free


  • It does not support bulk upload
  • It does not come with some of the features that some of the competitors have by default
  • The masters lack the human touch which is usually felt when the masters are done by a human mastering engineer



It is a Scandinavian audio start-up based in Finland. Cloudbounce is a product of the Abbey Road Red program and was founded by Anselm Imogene in 2015. It is AI-driven and completely cloud-based.

Key Features

Cloudbounce’s features combined with its user-friendly interface make it an awesome platform for mastering audio tracks.

With the cloud storage feature, Cloudbounce clients can get to their tracks through the program from any place, at any time. This can be an insanely critical feature since not only are you able to master your tracks with Cloudbounce, but you’re able to get to the tracks for future reference from right there on the program. Since you’re able to store your tracks with Cloudbounce, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress as you develop your mastering skills.

The platform has a free download feature that has several templates and some amazing content that can be downloaded without being charged.


  • It saves a lot of time as it takes a much shorter duration to master a track compared to mastering when done by human engineers.
  • Cloudbounce undergoes frequent updates to improve the quality of the services it provides


  • Masters by Cloudbounce lack the “human touch” which is felt when the tracks are mastered by human mastering engineers.
  • Most of the instruments used for mastering on Cloudbounce are for sale
  • It is selective on which browser it operates on.
  • You can only download the mastered tracks via PC.
  • It does not allow for bulk mastering.
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Major Decibel

Major Decibel is a soundtrack mastering software that includes signature mastering, instant gratification, perfect balance, and precise level and loudness.

Key Features

It has a good user-friendly interface making it worthwhile. You only need to upload your track and let the servers master it for you in real-time.

Majordecibel uses techniques such as stereo-linked multiband compression, linear phase equalization, bass, and sub-bass enhancement, stereo enhancement and gain and limiting to widen the sound stage.

It produces a signature sound based on how well the process has been tuned and developed.

You can upload 2 tracks for free every month without signing up for an account



  • Their masters take a shorter time to complete
  • Undergoes frequent updates to improve the quality of services they provide


  • The tracks you upload are removed from their servers within 48 hours
  • Does not support bulk upload

Mastering Box


This is an instant online mastering service that is based in Valencia, Spain.

MasteringBOX uses an algorithm that analyzes the dynamic and spectral characteristics of a track to determine the ideal settings for mastering your piece.

It then carefully masters your tracks to get the best result from them. You can use it to master your tracks instantly or master your entire album in minutes. The system provides a fast and high-quality mastering process.

Key Features

Despite being automated MasterBox gives its users a level of control of how their master will sound.

All the account holders can set their loudness level thus making it easier to maintain the same level of loudness for a collection of music tracks.

MasteringBox offers a free sign up account that allows a user to download unlimited MP3 audio tracks with loudness control. You’ll get uncompressed WAV output and EQ control when you upgrade to one of the paid plans.


  • Has an attractive user-interface which makes it easy for its users to understand
  • Offers bulk upload
  • It takes a much shorter time to master tracks


  • It is hard to compare your final output with that of other tracks on your album, so achieving consistency in all your masters can be a very frustrating process.

Chosen Masters


Chosen Masters is an automated, professional-grade mastering tool that adds brilliance to your sound. The tool uses modern technologies such as compressors, dithers, mixers, noise reduction, dynamic ranges, stereo width, to breathe a new lease of life into your tracks.

In the end, you get an extra punch to kicks, basses, and drums while also adding color and cleaning up the middle and hi-end frequencies.

Key Features

It offers a free plan that gives you access to unlimited downloads, a private share link, more than 10 loudness levels, and mastering styles and high-quality WAV and MP3 downloads.


  • It provides a proper balancing of frequencies.
  • Chosen Masters guarantees your track will retain the groove and natural flow of rhythms.
  • Enables you to obtain the appropriate loudness and timber required.


  • The master lacks the human touch as compared to when it would have been handled by a human sound engineer.
  • It lacks a lot of features that most of the competitors have by default


Free online mastering tools have made it possible for a lot of artists to master their tracks without having to go through the trouble of finding a good engineer. More and more people can now master their music with ease and for cheap.

It is true that some of these platforms still have a long way to go because some of the services they offer limit the extent to which you can master your tracks. However, since they offer these services for free, there is little to complain about and things can only get better from here.

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