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Top 8 Best Online Mastering Services for Instant and Automated Magic


Mastering is a very important stage in music production. Without mastering, the tracks would sound dull, or at best, like a noisy hot mess. Therefore, mastering is the main thing that helps to make the final product of your track sound its best before it gets out of the studio to be uploaded to streaming platforms.

Mastering tracks involves the balancing of individual tracks and making the most tenuous changes possible in order to make sure that the track is audible and sounds clear as a whole.

There are several online platforms available to help you master your tracks from the comfort of your own home studio. Initially, mastering was a complex process which would require you to seek the help of mastering engineers but with the introduction of online mastering platforms, the whole process has been made much easier.

The following article is going to focus on the top 8 online mastering services in the world today; Landr, Cloudbounce, eMastered, Bandlab Mastering, Majordebicel, Aria Mastering, Maztr, and MasteringBox.

The article will analyze all their individual pros and cons, helping you determine which online mastering service would work best for you. Let’s begin!



Landr is a cloud-based online automated mastering engine. It uses evolving artificial intelligence to master songs. Today, Landr is one of the major players in the rapidly developing online mastering industry. Landr was developed by MixGenius, a company based in Montreal, Canada, in 2012.

According to Landr, this programs main aim is to make the process of mastering tracks much simpler and quicker, and to make mastering services available to all musicians. With Landr, artists do not require any special knowledge in mastering. The mastering of tracks is automatically done using an algorithm.

Landr’s Key Features

Landr has several key features which make it user-friendly. It has a free desktop app which was launched in 2015. The app makes the mastering of music much easier since makes amazing features such as cloud storage backup for all the mastered tracks, digital audio work stations, and file management readily available to the musicians.

Landr users are also able to upload whole albums for mastering. This is known as bulk upload. Bulk upload is very convenient since it provides musicians with a cheap, simple and quick way to deliver an album which exhibits a unified and cohesive sound, while at the same time individual tracks are mastered independently. Landr is the first cloud-based mastering platform to offer mastering for the entire album.


Landr also offers multiple formats for mastering tracks. There are three different types of mastering sounds that are available to those who have subscribed to Landr. One of the sounds is “warm”, which delivers a thick and smooth feel to your tracks, making them have a vintage warmth. The other mastering sound is “balanced”, which mainly focuses on clarity, depth, and balance. The final mastering sound available to Landr users is “open”, which is more modern, delivering a punchy and more present effect on your tracks.

Landr also offers volume matching, which is very important for playback. Volume matching lets you A/B between the original and the mastered track when uploaded at the same time. It, therefore, allows you to be able to determine what sounds better by comparing volumes, helping you avoid the often misleading notion that “louder is better”.

Additionally, Landr has curated samples which are available to its users for free. These samples help the artists who are mastering their tracks using Landr to gauge the level of mastering that will be done on their tracks. The samples available cut across all major music genres, therefore, influencing the artists to choose the type of mastering of their preference.


  • Offers instant AI mastering
  • Supports bulk upload
  • The masters it provides are of good quality
  • It is cheaper compared to human mastering engineers
  • Undergoes frequent updates to improve the quality of the services it provides


  • Landr’s pricing system is hard to understand
  • Landr’s masters lack the “human touch” which is usually felt when a track is mastered by a human mastering engineer
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Cloudbounce is an automated online mastering service based on an algorithm. It is a Scandinavian audio start-up based in Finland. Cloudbounce is a product of the Abbey Road Red program and was founded by Anssi Uimonen in 2015.

What makes Cloudbounce stand out is the fact that it is AI-driven and cloud-based. Its latest update boasts of cutting edge technology in the audio section where the platforms artificial intelligence effectively equalizes, adjusts the echo effect, compresses, and makes stereo enhancement, greatly enhancing the quality of your tracks.

Cloudbounce’s Key Features

Cloudbouce has several key features which, together with its user-friendliness, makes Cloudbonce a great platform for mastering tracks.

With the cloud storage feature, Cloudbounce users are able to access their tracks through the platform from anywhere, at any time. This is a very important feature since not only are you able to master your tracks with Cloudbounce, but you are also able to access the tracks for future reference from right there on the platform. Since you are able to store your tracks with Cloudbounce, you can monitor your progress in mastering as you advance further.

The platform also has a free downloads feature which provides several templates and special content that can be downloaded for free. It also provides two instruments; synth and bass for free to be used during mastering.

cloudbounce dashboard


Cloudbounce has a well-defined price plan. You can opt to either pay-as-you-go or in monthly and annual subscriptions. In the pay-as-you-go plan, it costs $5 to download the track that you have mastered. For the monthly and yearly subscriptions, it costs $20 and $100 to get an unlimited number of masters for your tracks for the respective time periods.


  • It is cheap
  • It saves a lot of time since it takes much less time to master a track compared to human mastering engineers
  • Payments made to Cloudbounce are made safely
  • Cloudbounce undergoes frequent updates to improve the quality of the services it provides


  • Masters by Cloudbounce lack the “human touch” which is felt when the tracks are mastered by human mastering engineers.
  • Most of the instruments to be used for mastering on Cloudbounce are for sale
  • It does not operate on most browsers
  • You can only download the mastered tracks on PC
  • Does not have bulk mastering
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eMastered review

eMastered is an online automated mastering engine which uses artificial intelligence to master tracks. It was founded on March 6, 2016, by hit EDM singer/producer Collin McLoughlin and Grammy Award-winning engineer Smith Carlson in Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western United States.

The mastering platform gives its users the ability to instantly master their tracks online, making a process which when done traditionally is expensive and complex, available to artists worldwide. The engine of eMastered was developed by a team of Grammy Award-winning producers and engineers to ensure that the mastered product meets professional standards.

eMastered uses its audio recognition and cutting edge technology to analyze and represent the sonic identity of your track.

When using eMastered, you must avoid clipping. You also need to make sure that your master channel never hits 0dB. Instead, you need to ensure that your master channel hits between -3 and -6dB.

eMastered works with a variety of files. The types of files that eMastered supports currently are for .WAV, .AIFF, and .MP3, fir files up to 900 megabytes in size. You can, therefore, master and download your tracks in your most preferred version.

emastered uploading

With eMastered, you can only master one song at a time. You can, however, load multiple tabs of eMastered to master several songs at the same time. The good thing is that you there is no limit of the number of tabs you can open. Therefore, you can open as many eMastered tabs as your bandwidth can allow, and master multiple tracks at once.

eMastered has an elaborate payment plan whose subscriptions are Plus, Professional, Advanced Plus, and Advanced Pro. Plus costs $6 per month, Professional costs $15 per month, Advanced Plus costs $19 per month, while Advanced Pro costs $29 per month.


  • Offers pro-level mastering of your tracks
  • It masters tracks faster than human mastering engineers
  • It is affordable
  • It undergoes updates to improve the quality of the services they provide


  • Its computer-generated algorithm is unable to pick up on some nuances in the audio which could be picked out by a human
  • The quality of its master is not as good as that of an experienced human mastering engineer
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Bandlab Mastering

bandlab review

Bandlab is an app and web-based online social creation platform where you are given the ability to make music, share existing tracks, and collaborate with other users from anywhere in the world. Recently, Bandlab launched an intelligent online automated mastering engine known as Bandlab Mastering.

Bandlab Mastering was developed in collaboration with Bandlab community’s professional mastering engineers. It is powered by a signal chain which is comprised of emulations of classic mastering processors. There is a model of a robust multiband compressor, the Aphex Aural Exciter, a lightning-fast discrete mastering limiter, and detailed transient shaping through reel-to-reel tape emulators.

Bandlab Mastering has three settings which you can choose from when mastering your track. The settings have been carefully configured in order to make it easy for the users to identify the sound they are looking for. They include CD Quality, which is the most versatile, adding polish and boosting the overall volume, BassBoost which adds punch to the low end, and works best for EDM and hip-hop, and Enhance Clarity which brightens the track up and increases its clarity.


In addition to that, it is not necessary for you to be a member of Bandlab for you to access Bandlab Mastering. All you need to do is to visit the Bandlab Website, upload your track, wait for it to get mastered, and listen to the results. If you sign up with Bandlab, you can master all your existing and new Bandlab projects for free. You also get no limit on the number of mastered tracks you can download in MP3 or WAV format that also comply with the .1 dB headroom which is a specification in the mastering guidelines of iTunes.


  • Undergoes frequent updates to improve the quality of services that it provides
  • Offers three high-quality automated mastering features
  • There is no limit to the number of tracks that you can download
  • Mastering takes a much shorter time compared to when the mastering is done by a human mastering engineer
  • It is free


  • It does not support bulk upload
  • The masters lack the “human touch” which is usually felt when the masters are done by a human mastering engineer


Majordecibel review

Majordecibel is an automated online mastering engine. It does not use any third party audio processing software or hardware. This allows them to apply advanced audio signal processing techniques which rival most professional equipment.

Majordecibel features a very user-friendly interface. All you have to do is to upload your track and then wait for it to be mastered by Majordecibel’s servers, a process which takes only a few minutes. The tracks are mastered using various techniques including stereo-linked multiband compression, linear phase equalization, bass, and sub-bass enhancement, stereo enhancement and gain and limiting to widen the sound stage.

Majordecibel’s mastering produces a signature sound based on how the process has been tuned and developed. When using Majordecibel, it is important to export your tracks when they are in WAV form, which allows the platform to deliver masters of the highest quality possible.

It is also important to avoid performing excessive dynamic processing on your tracks when using Majordecibel to master your tracks. Majordecibel also does not provide any active noise reduction techniques so it is important to upload your best recordings for the user to get optimal results.

Majordecibel provides three mastering options; Low, Medium and High. With High, some of the dynamic range is sacrifices to favor a sound which is punchier and louder. Low works to preserve more dynamic range and work well in the loudness. These three mastering options are available to all users.

For Majordecibel users who have purchased a Premium Mastering Pass, there are several additional different post-mastering equalization options: Brighter, Bright, Neutral, Warm, and Warmer. These are optional and can be chosen after selecting the intensity of your mastering.


Warm and Warmer tame the treble and emphasize on the low end of your track. Neutral applies no additional shaping to your track while Bright and Brighter tame the bass and emphasize on the high end of your track. These equalization adjustments help to provide adjustments to your track which are intuitive, effective and simple.

This program currently accepts audio formats which are in WAV at 16, 24, and 32 bits at 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates. The track which you upload should be a WAV file for the mastered version of the track to be the highest quality.

With Majordecibel, you are able to upload 2 tracks every month for free without even signing up for an account. They also offer unlimited mastering together with access to your mastered tracks in HD WAV and Hi-res.


  • You can upload 2 tracks for free every month without signing up for an account
  • Their masters take a shorter time to complete
  • Undergoes frequent updates to improve the quality of services they provide


  • The tracks you upload are removed from their servers within 48 hours
  • Does not support bulk upload
  • The masters lack the “human touch” which is felt when the tracks are mastered by a human mastering engineer.

Aria Mastering

aria review

Aria Mastering is a new player in the online mastering industry. It is an automated intelligent online mastering platform. What makes it unique is the fact that although it implements digitally automated parameter adjustments and digital detection, its actual signal processing is a 100% top-of-the-line analog chain.

Aria Mastering has a bit of a curve when it comes to its use. It has four settings which are aimed at reflecting different mix approaches especially in regard to the management of the amount of dynamic range incorporated into the mixing process.

In addition to that, the mastering process is automated, making it easy to use. All you have to do is to upload your track and then wait for your track to be mastered. The mastering by Aria Mastering is real time.

After your tracks have been mastered, all your mastered files are supplied as 24bit 44.1 kHz WAV files and 16bit 44.1 kHz WAV files. You can also order your tracks to be supplied in MFiT and 48kHz files but for a small fee. In case you need your tracks in a different resolution, you can also contact them and they will supply them with no additional costs. Aria Mastering allows its users to preview the sections of their mastered tracks for free. After your song is mastered, a 15-second section is returned back to you for preview. However, only the first five previews are free, then you are charged $2 per preview for all subsequent previews.

aria UI

For a single purchase of your mastered track, Aria Mastering charges $35. There are also two tiers of subscriptions: $100 per month to download 25 mastered tracks and $250 per month to download 100 mastered tracks. The run time of each song is generally under 10 minutes with the option to run full albums simultaneously.


  • It uses high-end mastering 100% analog equipment during the mastering process
  • The time it takes to master tracks is significantly shorter than the time taken by human mastering engineers
  • It undergoes frequent updates to improve the quality of services it provides
  • You can run full albums at one go


  • It is expensive compared to other online mastering platforms.
  • The masters lack the “human touch” compared to when a track is mastered by a human mastering engineer


Maztr review

Maztr is an automated online mastering platform which was established in 2016. It has an intelligent engine with algorithms built to understand the needs of its users based on the settings of their projects thus helping you to get the best sound out of your recording.

Maztr also provides cloud storage for your tracks. If you are a Maztr user, you will be able to download your tracks from anywhere with an internet connection. Users get unlimited downloads of their tracks in 192k MP3 but the unlimited 320k MP3 and unlimited 16-bit or24-bit WAV masters are only available for download in the paid version.

Maztr lets its users choose the custom EQ settings, intensity, and genre, giving them control over the mastering process. This gives the users the chance to create their own sound, avoiding the generic sound usually felt in the masters of some platforms.

The payment plans for Maztr include: the Free plan where users get unlimited downloads for low resolution masters and get less storage, the Pro plan where users get to download mastered tracks of a higher quality and get more storage for $9.99 per month, the Pro Plus plan where the users get to download mastered tracks of a higher quality and get unlimited storage for $19.99 per month.

maztr website


  • Has a free account
  • It has an elaborate and affordable payment plan
  • It undergoes frequent updates to improve the quality of services it provides
  • Provides cloud storage for your tracks
  • Takes a shorter time to master than human mastering engineers


  • Does not support bulk upload
  • The masters lack a “human touch” which is felt in tracks mastered by human mastering engineers


MasteringBox review

MasteringBox is an instant online mastering service. It has an algorithm which uses artificial intelligence to analyze the spectral and dynamic characteristics of your track to determine the best settings to use to master your tracks.

MasteringBox supports bulk upload. Users are able to upload multiple songs, including an entire album, to be mastered simultaneously. This helps to save time since the process takes a much shorter time.

The payment plans available with MasteringBox are Basic, Pro, Unlimited, Studio. The basic plan costs 4 euros per month, the Pro plan costs 7 euros per month, Unlimited plan costs 14 euros per month and the Studio plan costs 29 euros per month. The privileges increase as one upgrades their plans.

masteringbox intro


  • Has an attractive user-interface which makes it easy for its users to understand
  • Offers bulk upload
  • It takes a much shorter time to master tracks


  • The masters lack the “human touch” felt in tracks mastered by human mastering engineers
  • It has relatively higher pricing compared to some of its competitors

Final Thoughts

Online mastering platforms do a good job improving the quality of a track. The master tracks much faster than when the same tracks are mastered by human mastering engineers. They have also managed to make mastering available to many artists.

These platforms also offer a cheaper alternative for mastering compared to human mastering engineers who are much more expensive.

Mastering platforms, however, have a lot of catching up to do since experienced human mastering engineers still produce tracks which are of much better quality. These platforms should carry out frequent platforms to improve the quality of the masters they produce.

I would suggest you use one of these online mastering platforms to master your tracks if you cannot afford a human mastering engineer or if you are short of time. However, if you can comfortably afford an experienced mastering engineer, you should master your tracks with them.

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Pro Tip: The Best Alternative to Online Mastering Services

eMastered, Landr, Cloudbounce are great, but they can be quite expensive after a few months

That’s why I strongly recommend you take a look at Ozone by Izotope. Just like online mastering platforms, it includes a one-click instant and automated mastering process that provides you an easy and fast mastered version of your track (with many juicy extra features).

But the huge difference is that you pay only once and you are set for life!

Of course, it’s more expensive that 1 month of subscription with an online platform, but in my opinion it’s definitely worth the price if you are interested to learn the basics of the tool.

That’s now what I use everyday in my workflow instead of eMastered or Landr, and I am so glad I made the change. With Ozone I saved hundreds of dollars and gained a great amount of creative freedom with my masters, so don’t hesitate to check it out!

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