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7 FREE Online Audio Mastering Tools to Get a Quick Master of Your Track

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Mastering is an important final step in the creation of good quality music. Some of the tools and processes involved in mastering include compression, equalization, limiting, and stereo enhancement. Think of mastering as the final coat of varnish that polishes and optimizes the playback quality of your music on all devices. The word ‘mastering’ comes […]

Landr vs iZotope Ozone: The Ultimate Instant Mastering Tool is…

landr vs ozone

Mastering breathes a new lease of life into audio recordings, setting apart pro-level creations from amateurs and hobbyists. Although this used to be a very expensive undertaking not too long ago, these days, it is a lot cheaper. Plus, you have the option of engaging a human sound engineer or employing an online mastering software […]

Cloudbounce vs Landr: Which is the Better Digital Mastering Service?

cloudbounce vs landr

In music production, mastering is preparing and transferring recorded audio to a data storage after creating the final mix. This is the source from which all copies will be produced. The process requires precise listening, which is why mastering engineers have been doing it in high-tech studios. Equalization, compression and limiting processes have been evolving […]

Landr vs eMastered: Which One is the Best Online Mastering Tool?

eMastered vs landr

Ever tried mastering your own music? If you are an inexperienced artist producing from home, it probably comes out sounding quiet and limp compared to the hits you hear on the radio. You probably ask yourself where the difference is. Well, the difference is the mastering that has been done on the hits you hear […]

eMastered Review: Grammy Winning Magic or Only Hype?

emastered review

Do you ever listen to a music track and instantly go, oh that sounds really great! For those who do not know the ins and outs the music industry, and the processes that go into making an awesome-sounding track may wonder how do they do that. Some tracks just sound better than others. How do […]

Landr Review: The Best Automated Online Mastering Platform?


Mastering is the process of unifying an audio mix and the sound of the record, ensuring that there is consistency across the album. Normally, mastering is done by professionals known as mastering engineers. Mastering engineers unify various elements of an audio mix, edits the sound using audio engineering equipment into a final version of a […]

Cloudbounce Review: The Best Instant Audio Mastering for Your Music?

CloudBounce review

Mastering basically is the process of taking an audio mix and unifying the sound of the record, ensuring that there is consistency across the album and then preparing it for distribution. It is like Photoshop, but for audio, in that you optimize an individual track by compressing, adjusting the echo effect, equalizing or making stereo […]