Facebook for Musicians: 11 Essential Tips to Nail it

As we have seen on several occasions, if you really want to pursue a career in music, you will absolutely have to create and promote your artist newsletter. That being said, Facebook still has undeniable qualities to engage your fan community and grow your music audience. Whatever people say, it would be impossible today to […]

Facebook advertising for Musicians and Artists: Why and How?

Facebook advertising, everyone talks about it, but what can we really accomplish with it? Should a musician, artist or music group necessarily buy Facebook advertising to promote their music on the platform? How to proceed? This is what we will see in this article. 1. Why use Facebook ads when you are a Musician? Facebook […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid to Make Facebook Ads Profitable for Your Music

More and more musicians are engaging in targeted advertising on the platform, but are quickly discouraged by their lack of results. They generate few clicks, their ads are expensive and finally they have the feeling that it is like throwing money away. This is extremely unfortunate because Facebook advertising is certainly the best way to […]

What is the Best Time to Publish on Social Networks if you are a Musician?

As we have seen on several occasions, establishing a content marketing strategy to promote your music online requires creating an appropriate content schedule. Musicians and music groups who understand this can then take full advantage of their music community management on social networks. However, a question very often arises when it comes to determining the […]

Branding for Musicians: 5 Elements of a Successful Brand Image

Whether you like it or not, as an artist you constantly represent your own brand and it is up to you to make sure that this brand image is relevant and catchy. The term “branding” is generally used to refer to everything related to the desired and perceived image of an artist’s project. Without any […]

Should You “Fake It Until You Make It” in Music?

Do you want to know a secret that many amateur musicians don’t know when it comes to advancing in the music industry? You have to pretend. Pretend to be as well online, at your concerts as with your network. As people say, “fake it until you make it”. This concept is extremely important to gain […]

4 Tips for Contacting a Music Blogger or Influencer

As I often explain to you, one way to quickly gain visibility is for your musical project to be promoted by a media (site, company or personality) that has influence in your musical niche. It’s not something obvious, but the potential is huge, as it allows you to reach a whole new community of targeted […]

7 FREE Online Audio Mastering Tools to Get a Quick Master of Your Track

free audio mastering tools

Mastering is an important final step in the creation of good quality music. Some of the tools and processes involved in mastering include compression, equalization, limiting, and stereo enhancement. Think of mastering as the final coat of varnish that polishes and optimizes the playback quality of your music on all devices. The word ‘mastering’ comes […]

How to Create a Cheap and Efficient Musician Website?

In this article, I will not talk to you again about the different reasons why you absolutely need an official website. Here, we will see in detail the different possibilities to easily set up your musician site, namely: Freemium all-in-one offers and hosting a website in WordPress. Create a musician’s website for free? I know […]