Can You Earn a Living from Your Music with Only 1000 Fans? YES!

Have you heard about the concept of the “1000 real fans”? This theory comes from an article published in 2008 by Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired Magazine, which explains that you only need 1000 committed fans to make a full living from your music. You only need 1000 fans. Not 1 million, not 100,000, not […]

5 Essential Ingredients to Become a Successful Indie Artist

In the age of social networks and the Internet, independent artists have no excuse for not positioning themselves in the music industry of tomorrow. No more intermediaries, direct-to-fans is the royal way to break through! But in reality, what does it really take to stand out and put all the chances on your side? I […]

6 Methods to Fund Your Music Career and Have More Budget

Do you want to produce an album, go on tour, offer more merchandising, make a video clip? The problem is probably that you lack the budget. Cash. Financing. As we have seen so far, there are many ways to earn money as a musician. However, the question of financing a musical career is much more […]

The 7 Best Download Gates to Grow Your Fanbase Faster

download gate

The first step to figuring out which platforms are the best download gates is to understand what they are in the first place. Put simply, download gates are software tools that allow you to give away something in exchange for social interaction, usually accessible via a website. When it comes to music, they can help […]

How to make a Successful Press Kit (EPK)?

The press kit (also called press book, press kit or EPK) is an essential communication tool for musicians and music groups. It gathers all the necessary elements when contacting a media or music professional, in order to make the process credible and facilitate the process. This allows everyone to get to know your musical project, […]

How to become an artist-entrepreneur?

Music is a business… Some artists refuse to acknowledge the fact that music is not only an art, but also a business. To earn a living as an artist, however, it is necessary to understand that behind music lies a vast industry, a business like any other. To make a living from your art, creating […]

How to Book More Concert Dates and Play More Often?

In today’s music industry, concerts are an absolutely crucial source of income for musicians and music groups. Not to mention the promotional aspect. However, if you are reading these lines then you surely know how laborious and time-consuming it can be to search for dates. Competition is fierce, with supply far outstripping demand. This creates […]

The 10 Best Beat Websites to Sell your Instrumentals Online

sell instrumentals online

Advances in technology have opened up a lot of new avenues for musicians and music producers to make a living through their crafts. An entire cottage industry has developed around platforms that provide the necessary tools to build, market and sell beats online. It has proved to be a new avenue of getting your beats […]

Music Submit Review: A Legit Way to Promote Your Music?

music submit review

Once you have done the work of creating your music, your next battle is actually getting it heard and getting that exposure that no artist can survive too long without. Every musician wants to hear their songs played on radio stations all over and getting all the exposure they can get because this is the […]

12 Tips for Making the Most of Your Interviews as a Musician

When it comes to promotion and press relations, interviews are a must. This is good because if you are passionate about music, then you shouldn’t have any problem communicating around it. Isn’t that right? The problem is that it is not enough to tell what you want to tell. You need to adapt to your […]