Why does NO ONE watch at your Music Videos, Vlogs and Covers?

Getting started on YouTube when you’re a developing musician is not an easy task. Although it is the world’s largest online music platform, it is not uncommon for emerging musicians to experience repeated flops until they find the winning recipe. If they ever find her. It’s no secret, taking off on Youtube requires patience and […]

Best Alternatives to CD Baby: What are the Top Competitors?

cd baby alternatives

CD Baby is the largest online music store for musicians and bands. It allows them access and exposure to millions of music fans through the distribution of their music. It boasts of a community of over 650,000 musicians and over 9 million downloadable music tracks distributed to more than 100 digital music outlets worldwide. It […]

Branding: 4 Misconceptions that Hold Back the Musician

It is a fact, the music market is saturated and hyper-competitive today. Because of this, it’s no wonder you don’t easily get the visibility you think you deserve. Tens of thousands of independent artists like you are struggling at the same time to stand out and retain the attention of their potential fans to build […]

How to Write Songs That Are Memorable?

Some songs (whether we like them or not) all contain the same ingredients: lyrics that still resonate in the heart of our evenings 20 to 30 years after their release. Here are some tips to help you write a song that will be remembered. Be sincere with others, but also with yourself This is probably […]

How to Get Your Music on Spotify or Apple Music Playlists?

With the advent of music streaming platforms, playlists are at the heart of all attention. Although streaming does not allow nowadays to obtain a decent remuneration if you are an independent musician, the gain of visibility that you can have through playlists is far from negligible. And for good reason, as so many success stories […]

Best Tunecore Alternatives: Looking for a More Cost-Efficient Distributor?

tunecore alternatives

Online music distribution is a rapidly expanding industry. There are many music distribution companies formed to cater to the ever-growing demand. Distribution of music online is very convenient as it provides musicians, especially upcoming and independent artists, with a platform to reach a worldwide audience without having to go through a record label. One of […]

The 4 Golden Rules of the New Music Industry

It is no longer 2002. That is a fact. So why do we continue to look at the music industry as if it has not changed? Remember… In the 80s and 90s, most musicians had the goal of becoming rock stars by signing in record companies, only to tour and be broadcast on radio and […]

What is a Musicpreneur? Definition and Challenges

More and more musicians understand that it is now necessary to consider their musical project as a real startup. Thus, the term “Musicpreneur” has recently appeared in order to designate these artists taking full control of their musical business. Can the musician-entrepreneur save the music industry? Are we really moving towards a rise in power […]