Why and how to create your artist website?

Develop your web presence? When developing an artist’s career, we generally want to build his presence on the web. The musician must be present where the potential fans are. This implies the creation of profiles on the most well-known (and useful) social networks for musicians: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram. The process of creating a profile […]

Indie Bible Review: Is this Music Directory Worth Your Money?


Since 1999, the Indie Bible has been the go-to reference for most independent artists. It has proven useful time and time again to various types of artists who are looking for specialized reference material. In a way, the Indie Bible has become a teacher to those who need guidance and counsel when it comes to […]

How to Get Feedback and Test Your Music Before Releasing It?

Do you want to put all the chances on your side to make your next single or album a success? So test your product and improve it before you release it. Indeed, as the Musicpreneur must behave like a start-up, he must understand the importance of feedback in his development, both in terms of technical […]

How to set up a team to start in music?

In the music world, the network is one of the most important aspects. It is by forging that you become a blacksmith, and it is by doing what the pros do that you become a pro, and that you increase your chances of living from your music. In the artistic world, you should not hesitate […]

How to Get More Fans of Your Music and Build Your Fanbase?

You want to develop your fanbase? Today, artists know that you have to build a community around your brand before you want to convince professionals or think about monetizing your music. What today’s musicians don’t know as much about is how to make your fan base grow. Indeed, here we are not talking about simply […]

The 7 Best Music Notation Softwares for High-Quality Charts

Music Notation Software REVIEW

If you compose music, then you probably know just how crucial music notation software is as a tool for your daily needs. This type of software plays an integral role in the creation, editing, printing, and sharing aspects of notations or sheet music for any genre of music or original composition. When selecting a notation […]

How to Develop a Musician’s or Band’s Marketing Plan

Regardless of your advancement in the music industry, if you are a musician or an independent band, you need to refine the marketing of your music. While I agree that the mere mention of the term “marketing” can cool three-quarters of artists who want to pursue a career, it is really what will make the […]