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Beatstars Review: Still the Best Beat Marketplace for Producers and Artists?


For a long time, music producers have been largely misrepresented in the music industry.

This is despite them playing a very significant role in the music creation process. In the hip-hop world, for instance, it is the music producer who takes the least stake in a song. The only way that a music producer would make money in the traditional model of the industry is if they produce thousands of songs, and those songs have to be published and distributed properly.

However, this is beginning to change. Beat producers no longer have to wait for connections in the music industry to submit their productions to an artist. This article is a review of Beatstars, one of the leading online platforms that enable beatmakers to make and distribute their beats from their home studios.

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Beatstars website

What is Beatstars

Beatstars is a digital online marketplace, beat leasing platform, and hosting service which is designed for recording artists, producers, songwriters, and beatmakers to license their works to artists worldwide. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and was founded by Abe Batshon. The company has over 700,000 registered users, a number which Abe Batshon expects to double in the following year.

Abe Batshon says that his main aim for starting the company was to make life easy for music producers, songwriters, and independent artists in general. The company was founded in 2008. He presented the idea to famous producers such as multi-platinum producer Illmind and Grammy Award-winning producer Focus, who loved the idea of selling beats online.

What Beatstars offers is the ability to sell your beats with a non-exclusive license.

A non-exclusive license works in such a way that producers do not limit themselves to licensing a beat to just one artist. This is advantageous since you never really know how that beat will perform under that artist. Instead, with a non-exclusive license, you can sell the same beat to as many people as you like. This means that you can sell the same beat over and over again.

Beatstars helps to put money in the producers’ pockets. Beatstars ensures that artists have to purchase beats directly from producers. This means that producers no longer have to worry about other middle-men who have a tendency of exploiting producers.

beatstars profile

My story with Beatstars

I am a beats producer and I have been creating beats for almost three years now. It used to be a pretty tough business especially since I was following the traditional model of the industry. I first needed to have connections in the industry before I could land an artist. If I was lucky enough to land an artist, I would then have to work for extended hours with the artist in a studio under pressure to meet the deadline. It was very arduous at the time, yet I was making a very small amount of money.

I came across a Beatstars review by chance and what they were offering was intriguing. It claimed to give its users the chance to connect online, collaborate and cash in on beat production. It was what I was wishing for. I, therefore, decided to give it a try and I was impressed. I directly subscribed to the pro plan since I saw that Beatstars takes a 30% commission on all revenue generated by the beats of free users.

What impressed me was the fact that I get to keep 100% of all my earnings. I have been using Beatstars for several months and things have greatly improved for me. My beats have been able to generate more revenue than I initially used to make. I also get to interact with fellow beat producers which has been very resourceful.


Key Features of Beatstars

The main thing that Beatstars will help you do really well is selling beats. With an extensive network of distributors, Beatstars puts the power in your hands and allows you to control how your beats sale and how much money you make. Here are a few more key features that all help you do exactly this:

Blaze Player

One of the features that Beatstars has is the blaze player. These embeddable blaze players make it easy for you to sell your tracks online. Beatstars’ blaze players act as an instant beat store and allow your customers to download free beats, lease beats, or make offers to you for exclusive licenses.

Social connect

Beatstars encourages its users to think of its service as a community. Its users are encouraged to interact with each other for them to get noticed. The social connect feature in Beatstars helps to achieve this. Beatstars allows its users to communicate via private message. It also links with other social networks and allows the artists to communicate that way.

beatstars social

Collabos feature

The collabos feature is a new feature by Beatstars. This feature is specifically meant for artists who intend to work with a number of collaborators such as your producer, writer, label or engineer, and you need a way to split your music sales with them. The feature enables you to upload a track, assign your collaborators, to be able to sell your track and at the same time split the revenue among your collaborators with your defined percentages.


Beatstars also has a widgets feature. This feature enables you to embed widgets to any blog or website. The widgets are custom designed and responsive and are a great way to share and feature your music.

Memberships for Pro Pages 2

With this new feature, the users of Pro Pages 2 now have the ability to create on their pro page with their own monthly subscription business for their customers. With this feature, you get to choose membership package options for sound kits, beats, and free sample downloads. The payments will be made to producers via credit card on Stripe or through PayPal on the pro page. The maximum number of membership plans that can be created currently is 5.

This system of allowing Pro Pages 2 members to package free demo downloads, beats and sound kits in exchange for monthly membership fees from your customers makes Beatstars stand out from its competitors. You get to choose the number of kits or beats to include in your memberships. You, therefore, get to decide what you are confident you can provide for your members comfortably on a monthly basis. You also get to charge your members the amount that you feel is fit for the content of your package. The best part is that you get to keep 100% of your membership revenue, which is paid instantly to all your merchant accounts. With this feature, you can create a beat membership around a specific license such that the only thing included in the plan is the license.

beatstars pro pages

Soundcloud and Audiomack monetization

Another feature that Beatstars has is Soundcloud and Audiomack monetization. This feature allows your beats to generate ad revenue when people stream your music on Soundcloud and Audiomack.

How does Beatstars Work?

This section of the article will tackle how to publish your music online with Beatstars.

The first step before you even upload your first track is to sign up. When signing up, you can either sign up for the free, pro or unlimited options. If you want to test the waters, I would recommend that you opt for the free option.

The next step after signing up is to set up your account. You first click the “Account” icon and then you fill out all your information. This is to establish your identity so that when other artists visit your track or page, they can be able to know who you are. There is also a “Social Connect” tab which connects your social networks to Beatstars.

The next step you take after setting up your account is to upload your tracks. There are three methods which you use to upload your music; you can choose to import your tracks from Soundcloud, or you can upload a single track, or you can upload several tracks at the same time (bulk upload). For the case of importing your tracks from Soundcloud, you have to ensure that you have enabled downloads on your Soundcloud tracks for you to be able to import your tracks to Beatstars.

After uploading your tracks, there is information you need to fill. You need to ensure that you have included the track title, description, release date, and tags. You also need to include a price together with any additional custom leases you may want, whether you offer a free sample download or not, your selling preferences, track details such as the mood, the requirements for downloading, and collaborators on your track. You also need to include cover art for your beats, a zip of track stems, or a tagged MP3. Once you finish filling your details, you save the changes. Your beat is now ready to be listened to by the other Beatstars members. In addition, you can also share the URL of your track or the URL of your profile on your social networks to make your tracks available to non-Beatsars members.

The next step after uploading your tracks is to engage. You need to interact with other users of Beatstars in order to get them to notice your tracks. This is because just posting your tracks is not enough to get them sold. It is important to engage with the rest of the community since building relationships amongst other users of Beatstars increases the success rate of your tracks. You can engage with other users by liking and sharing their tracks, sending them a private message, commenting on their tracks, communicating with them using the chatroom, etc. You can even find out if other artists are interested in collaborating with you, hence building relationships with fellow artists.

There are several methods which you can use to make the most out of Beatstars. First of all, you need to have all your information up to date. You also need to make sure that the tracks that you upload are top-quality productions. This means that your beats need to have high-quality mixing. You also need to ensure that the tracks you upload are original.

Consistency is also very important. You need to have a consistent release schedule. You need to ensure that you release your beats at the same time, be it monthly or weekly. This is to ensure that your growing fanbase is regularly provided with fresh content to keep them satisfied. The other thing you also need to be consistent with is your style and sound. In order to ensure that your beats are released consistently, ensure that you have several beats ready before your first release so that you can have time to produce other beats as you progress.

Another way to make the most out of your tracks is to ensure that your tracks are optimized. You need to ensure that when people are looking for beats similar to yours, they find yours. This is achieved by using relevant keyword tags for your beats. You need to use three keywords per beat. In case you are having trouble in finding the proper keyword, you need to check the keyword tags of beats which match your style and use them. You should do whatever you can to make sure that your tracks are optimized.

Price and Plans

With Beatstars, there is either the free option or the pro plan. The free plan is the best option to start with especially if you want to gauge if what Beatstars offers caters to your needs. With the free option, you can upload up to a maximum of 10 tracks. You can also upload track stems. With the free option, you are paid instantly the moment your tracks start generating revenue. The payments are made through PayPal and Stripe. With the free option on Beatstars, you get to sell your beats on Beatstars Marketplace, which is available on both web and mobile devices. You also get to access the widgets by Beatstars. The tracks you upload can also get monetized on Soundcloud and Audiomack.

There are, however, a few services you will not be able to access. One such service is that you will not be able to sell sound kits on the platform. Another thing that you will not be able to sell is custom services. You will also not be able to access the pro page seller revenue share. In addition, Beatstars also takes up a 30% commission from all the revenue that your beats have generated, if you are under the free plan. You are also limited to only one embeddable blaze player. You can also get a maximum of only 5 private messages per month. You are also limited to a maximum of 2 license agreements for sale. You will also not have the ability to access both premium and sales statistics on your Beatstars account.

For the pro page plan, you can choose to either make your payments monthly or annually. You, therefore, get to pay $19.99 per month under the monthly subscription plan, or $179.88 per year for the yearly subscription, and you get to save 20% or more under the yearly subscription. You also get to gain access to an unlimited number of services.

For starters, you get to upload an unlimited number of tracks. You also get to upload the track stems. In addition, you can also sell sound kits and custom services. You also get to access 100% of the total pro page seller revenue share. The moment your tracks start to earn money, payments are made instantly through PayPal and Stripe. You also get to sell your beats on the Beatstars Marketplace, which is available on the web and mobile devices.

Another thing is that under the pro page plan, Beatstars charges you a 0% commission on the total revenue that your tracks have generated. This means that you get to keep 100% of your earning under the pro page plan. You also gain unlimited access to the embedded blaze player. In addition, you also gain access to an unlimited number of private messages in your Beatstars account. You also get an unlimited number of license agreements for sale. You also get to access both your premium and sales statistics. With the pro page plan, you also get to have 2 submissions per opportunity. You also get to have access to make use of the widgets by Beatstars. In addition, the tracks that you upload get monetized on both Soundcloud and on Audiomack.


  • If you have subscribed under the pro plan, you get to keep 100% of the sales
  • It has a free version
  • The Collabos feature allows for payment splitting among the collaborators
  • Provides a good market for music
  • Artists, producers, and fans are able to interact with each other


  • In the free version, Beatstars takes a 30% commission from all earnings
  • Beatstars is somewhat restrictive on package deals


Beatstars is arguably the best platform for beat producers to distribute their music with (even if Airbit is not very far behind). With it, you not only get to distribute your music, but you also get to interact with artists, fellow producers, and fans, thus increasing your exposure.

And in this industry, exposure goes a long way.

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