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The 5 Best Music Marketers You Should Learn From


As an independent musician, you won’t always enjoy the privileges that musicians signed to a record label do. One such privilege is having a marketer for your music.

A music marketer will help get more people aware of your music. If you are just starting out as an indie artist, you are your own music marketer.

This means you have to come up with the right strategies to help you build and monetize your fan base.

Of course, this is not an easy task to accomplish. That’s why having a good music marketer by your side can go a long way in ensuring the growth of your career.

Here is a look at 5 of the best music marketers to help you figure out what they bring to the table.

Circa of Indepreneur

circa indepreneur

Kyle “Circa” Lemaire is an independent musician. He is the founder and CEO of Indepreneur, an online community for independent musicians.

He created the community to provide independent musicians with marketing strategies and solutions that would put your career some steps forward.

What Helped Circa Establish Himself as a Music Marketing Expert?

The training offered by Circa is well researched and easy to understand. He offers detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to go about any topic he speaks on.

Circa offers various courses on his site, all aimed at helping you build a wide fan base you can monetize.

  • Podcasts. The Indepreneur site has podcasts where Circa is featured, and he gives valuable insight on comprehensive marketing training. He also talks about how to use social media to your advantage, and how to put out your music.
  • Blog posts. The site also has articles, some of which are written by Circa, and some in which he is featured. The articles also have content of music marketing and effective ways of utilizing the fanbase like email marketing.

Also, Circa’s site has a few features that you can access, but you would have to be a subscribed member. There are training sessions, which are a cross between a step-by-step tutorial and a learners’ course on music marketing.

Out of the many training sessions, the ones that stand out are;

The fan finder method

This feature provides you with elaborate plans to reel in new fans. The plan exposes you to step-by-step methods of using Facebook video ads to get fans, a chance to review prior successful campaigns and an in-depth analysis of Facebook ads and analytics.

You also get over 4 hours of video training and downloadable resources to help you build a massive audience for your art, at a cost of $95.

The ultimate album launch

Whether you are just starting as an artist or you’ve been in the game for a while, this feature would increase your reach.

For $95, this feature provides you with proven strategies that you can apply to your situation, and samples of successful album launches that employed the same methods.

There is also a course that teaches you how to schedule and plan your album release while engaging your fans. This feature ensures the successful release of your projects while offering a post-launch analysis feature which will be useful when launching subsequent albums.

Fan page optimization

With this feature, you learn how to optimize your fan page and convert more listeners to subscribers and how to use your page’s insights to track your growth. Tips on how to get your page verified are also offered in this training feature. To access these services, you will have to pay $27.

Selling tickets for live shows

This training walks you through every step you need to set up an effective marketing campaign for your tours and shows, which will lead to you filling your shows.

There are tried and tested formulas for writing ad sales, creating sales funnels, and a tour planning spreadsheet to budget and plan for your tour. The use of this feature will cost you $95.

Spotify field guide

For $65, this feature provides you with the guidance you need to grow your following on the popular streaming site, Spotify. Every feature of Spotify, including the recommendation engine, and how you can use them to your advantage is explained.

There are also various campaign strategies to channel traffic directly from your social media to Spotify.

Ones and zeros 101

This training feature teaches you what data is important to you as an artist. With this tool, you can optimize your social media insights and analytics, and learn how to use data analysis platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. This training costs $45.

Strengths of Circa of Indepreneur

  • Circa’s site has multiple features that help you grow and capitalize on your fanbase.
  • The content on the site is very detailed and well explained.
  • All training sessions offered on Circa’s site have a 60-day full-refund return policy.
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Omari MC


According to its website, Omari MC is a ‘no-nonsense music promotion and marketing service. The owner, Nathaniel Omari Moore, began his music producing career at the age of 14 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Over time, he has worked with various record labels like Spinnin’ Records and VH1. He now offers top-notch music promotion services, thanks to his large network of influencers and a loyal fanbase behind him.

What Helped Omari Establish Himself as a Music Marketing Expert?

Nathaniel Omari has been in the music industry for a long time, and he knows the ins and outs of the business. The company has also ever been ranked ‘best music promo’ for years, and there has to be a good reason for that.


Depending on the site you want your music advertised on and the urgency you want to be given to your product, Omari MC creates the perfect advertising campaign for your music. The cost incurred depends on the site(s) you want your work promoted on.


There is also a blog, which has tons of articles, all with content you would like to read about. Some articles give music business and marketing advice, product reviews and tips on how to better your skills.


On the site, there is also a calculator that helps you calculate your expected income from royalties, depending on the streaming site.

There are also some products and services offered by Omari MC.


There are various video courses on how to grow your fanbase and how to make the most money out of your music career.


There are a couple of books available that aim to give you the skills you need to properly market your music.


Omari shows you how to harness the power of SEO (Search engine Optimization), which improves the quality of your site and leads to more visitors to your page.


In this feature, you get access to any tools you might need to make music. There is a wide array of instrumentals and drum kits you can choose from.

There are also singers, vocalists, songwriters, session musicians, and mixing and mastering professionals that you can work with.

Strengths of Omari MC

  • Omari has been in the music industry since he was 14 years old, meaning he has lots of experience when it comes to marketing.
  • His company has also been ranked ‘Best Music promo’ on Google, which means there has to be something they are doing right.
  • Numbers don’t lie, and the company boasts of over 40 million followers across Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and Instagram in their network.
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BrandMan Sean

brandman sean

Sean ‘BrandMan’ Taylor is a music branding and marketing expert. He has also written several books on the same topic.

What Helped BrandMan Establish Himself as a Music Marketing Expert?

BrandMan Sean often uses real-life case studies of some of your favorite celebrities, and some of his personal life experiences, to put his point across.

Sean’s main selling points are the books he has authored.

Master Music Branding

This book is considered the expert guide to an Artist’s image. Since how your audience receives your music is highly dependent on your image, this book advises on how to improve yours.

Master Music Networking Online: The Finesse Guide to music Industry Connections

This book contains tips and tricks to help you create long-lasting connections and friendships in the industry, which will in turn help to grow your career. This guide also contains direct emails to A&Rs, record label employees, playlist promoters producers, and potential sponsors.

Build-A-Brand Kit for Music Professionals

The kit has an elite branding package you can use to define what you want, which can, in turn, lead to partnerships and campaigns with widely recognized labels.

With the kit, you get templates to help build your brand, questions to help you customize your template to suit your brand, and a 30-minute video guide to customizing your video. The tool also saves you the money you could have paid to a PR and image consultant.

Strengths of BrandMan Sean

  • BrandMan Sean has written 3 marketing strategy books, which have sold extensively.
  • His network, BrandMan Network has several talented coaches, who are ready to answer any questions you might have.

John Oszajca


John is an American pop singer/songwriter, who was born in Hawaii. He was a major-label recording artist, who transitioned to an independent artist, and he attests that it was not an easy transition to make.

Today, John has a course called the Music Marketing Manifesto, which offers advanced strategies and tactics to sell your music online.

What Helped John Oszajca Establish Himself as a Music Marketing Expert?

John has been in the industry for a while, and he has ever been signed to a top record label. This gives him experience in how things work.

John also has a platform to communicate with you, a feature that is not offered by the other marketers.

The Music Marketing Manifesto contains a lot of products all intended to help you get the most out of your career.
There are some blog posts written by John himself, which have tips on how to grow and capitalize on your fanbase.

Free training video

There is a free video where John shares insight on how to earn money from your music without a record label, having to go on tour, press influence or radio airplay.

Also, John has a range of products that he offers, which are meant to serve musicians;

Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0 course

This course is intended to give you a systematic approach that is sure to consistently sell your music.

The course comes with a 25 step-by-step walkthrough of how you can create your successful campaign, and also watch him build a sales funnel from scratch. You will also gain access to a specially designed website template.

Insider circle

This is a community of artists, who come together and share concepts and marketing ideas. There, you will find access to insider interviews and training which will give you advanced strategies and techniques to successfully market your music online.

Music ads workshop 3.0

This is an online workshop with features that teach you how to create the perfect ad and drive traffic to it. Through the workshop, you learn how to target your ideal fan, budget for your ads and troubleshoot your ads to know why your campaign is a losing one. The workshop is available at $197.

One-on-one sessions

If you want to talk to marketing mogul John directly, there’s a way for that! You can book a private consulting session with him, and he can answer all the marketing questions on your mind.

A session will cost you $197 per hour, and all you have to do is select the day and time, which is cross-checked with his availability.

No-brainer PR

This is a Guaranteed Press service that offers guaranteed music review packages for indie artists. The service has a dedicated team of music critics who will review your music and submit it to a genre-appropriate website.

Strengths of John Oszayca

  • He has been in the industry for the better part of 20 years, which gives him experience.
  • John was once signed to a top record label, and he was later dropped after his album didn’t make enough sales. This also adds to his experience points.
  • Aside from his seminars, John offers one-on-one sessions with his clients.
  • His method of teaching also allows you to observe how he teaches, and this makes it easier to get concepts.
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Justin of JamMob

justin smith

Justin Smith is the founder and CEO of JamMob, a company that offers music marketing training for indie artists.

Their marketing service uses a teaching approach and is more focused on providing you with training materials to help you turn your passion into a career.

What Helped Justin Establish Himself as a Music Marketing Expert?

Aside from offering marketing advice, Justin also put together a list of other resources that would increase your publicity. This includes the review sites, blogs and curators provided on his website.

The Music Promotion Blueprint

This is an Ebook written by Justin. It contains strategies on how to help you build a loyal fanbase and connect with them, and how to promote and sell your music online. A copy of the book is available for free on the JamMob website.

Music review sites

On the website, there is a compiled list of sites where you can send your music to be reviewed by professionals for free and get more publicity. The sites are grouped by genre, making it easier to choose a site.

Music blogs

There is also a section that lets you find bloggers who write about your genre of music that you can reach out to. This also gives you more exposure and expands your fanbase.

Playlist curators

An easy way to increase the number of streams your music gets would be to get featured on an established playlist. However, it isn’t easy to find a curator who would be willing to feature your songs for free.

JamMob provides a list of curators who are willing to listen to your music and feature it on their playlists if they like it. This could result in a huge increase in your streams and followers.

Strengths of Justin of JamMob

  • Justin’s book is available for download free of charge.
  • On his site, there are sites where you can send your music directly to improve your popularity.
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In conclusion, although they are all impressive, my go-to music marketer would be John Oszayca. He has years of experience under his belt, and he has also worked under a label.

This shows how vast his knowledge could be. He also did some internet marketing, which makes him well versed in this particular niche.

Unlike the others, he also provides one-on-one sessions where you can discuss any questions regarding your music marketing.

I hope this review helps to guide your decision when it comes to choosing a music marketer who is at the top of his game.

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