Indepreneur Review: The Right Music Marketing Partner For Your Carreer?

indepreneur review
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One of the most important skills that all musicians should possess is the ability to get their music heard. However, getting your music heard is usually hard especially for independent musicians who have to market their songs themselves, without the help of a record label.

Marketing your music is essential since it does not only help you make a name for yourself but also to make a decent income from your music.

One of the most effective ways to market your music is online is by starting to learn how to market it from the best in the game, such as the amazing people at Indepreneur. The following article is a review of Indepreneur’s IndiePro and its products.

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What is Indepreneur?

Indepreneur is an online music marketing platform which helps its users to monetize and build a fan base. It provides its users with a library of several important marketing strategies which independent artists can use to create listeners, fans and customers.

Indepreneur teaches strategies that actually work in music marketing to help independent musicians to outperform industry marketers and managers in their comprehensive library. The strategies focus on how independent artists can generate listeners, build fan relationships and maximize customer value.

Indepreneur’s Story

Indepreneur was founded by Kyle “Circa” Lemaire. Kyle Lemaire is an independent artist and songwriter who is also a marketing strategist. He has experience in providing solutions for small and medium businesses with marketing solutions for independent musicians.

All the trainings included in IndiePro

indeppreneur training

Messenger Marketing for Musicians

Messenger Marketing

Messenger Marketing for Musicians is a program from Indepreneur which promises to provide a cheap way to help independent artists to get 60% click rates and up to 90% click rates from their subscribers. It looks to train you how to build a chatbot for your artist page using ManyChat, a free chatbot software. The program purposes to help you start building conversations with your fans.

The training starts with an in-depth look at Messenger as a channel of communication and how you can utilize it in your music business. You will also learn about ManyChat, a chatbot-building platform, and its features.

You will then get to create your MusicBot. You will first have to use chatbot flows which are time-tested to build the initial set-up of your chatbot. You will then create a full welcome message flow to maximize the value of every listener that messages your page.

Next, you will then build your main menu to give your fans information, extra content and access to special promotions. The program also trains you to know how engaged a listener is by using a dynamic tagging system to send automatic messages.

The next thing to do is to learn how to create ManyChat’s growth tools and how they work and why they are an easy way to get subscribers. You’re also trained to build a comments-to-messenger growth tool and how to swipe and deploy their JSON growth tool flow to get new and free subscribers. You also learn to create Messenger Ref URLs to gain organic subscribers.

Messenger Marketing for Musicians also details on how to build a nurturing campaign or full album launch and deliver it automatically on a daily basis using ManyChat sequences. You also learn how to add payment buttons in order to make direct sales to your fans. It also provides details on how you can use Intel and subscription broadcasts to collect details such as email addresses and deliver content to your subscribers.

The Fan Finder Method

fan finder review

The Fan Finder Method is one of Indepreneur’s programs which promises to help independent artists gain more listeners and fans on a weekly basis without having to go through the trouble of hiring a publicist.

Fan Finder comprises of over four hours video training, four downloadable resources, and extra modules to help you improve your Facebook Ads proficiency and consequently expand your audience. Some of the topics covered include an 8-step framework to follow in order to expand your music business within a year, how to avoid making marketing mistakes and marketing tactics which you can use to your advantage without sounding too desperate.

The Fan Finder Method also gives guidelines on the optimum point for Facebook ads audiences to focus on when marketing. It also provides pointers on to create up to 40 audiences based on just 7 influence artists.

Fan Finder also details how Facebook ads and the algorithm involved works as well as the basics of configuring your business manager account. You are also provided guidance on the 12 countries you should focus on and which ones you would want to avoid since they have an overwhelming number of fake profiles.

indepreneur lessons

In addition to getting instructions on how to run a Fan Finder campaign, you will also get the chance to go over previous successful campaigns so that you gain more knowledge on the types of messages, audiences, and videos work best.

You are also provided with criteria to keep in mind in order to ensure that your videos will perform well on social media platforms. Fan Finder also includes headline writing methods that you can use to your advantage and potentially get over 1,000,000 views in less than three weeks.

Build your campaign by learning how to use Facebook ads manager to build a video view campaign that is performance-optimized. You will also get to learn the basics of stacking social proof so that all audience members can view every comment, reaction, and share that your video has earned over time. The “VV optimizer” spreadsheet calculator is another tool that you can use to build your campaign, functioning by measuring the performance of every audience across a variety of ad and audience metrics.

You can purchase the Fan Finder Method for $95, or you can get it for free with a $37 per month subscription to IndiePro.

The Ultimate Album Launch

album launch

The Ultimate Album Launch is a program which promises to teach you how you can profit from an album release while at increasing your number of subscribers with new fans and customers.

It provides you with a detailed analysis of the Album Launch funnel on why it works and how you can apply it to your situation. You learn different launch types and their objectives so that you can choose your launch type depending on your fanbase metrics. You also get to see recent successive album launches to get a feel of how the strategy works.

The Ultimate Album Launch also trains you to choose products strategically for the release cycle of your album and the best way to organize the content for your launch. You also learn Indepreneur’s 4-fold content strategy for a successful launch which will make your audience build familiarity with your record. You also learn to use a launch schedule spreadsheet to oversee interactive features across the days of your launch.

The program teaches you a simple 3-step method to design and build beautiful web and landing pages in the shortest amount of time possible. You are also provided with a crash course on writing copy for email and Facebook Messenger and how to structure all your messages the right way. You are also taught how to create sales pages which are high-converting and have a single-platform design.

The Ultimate Album Launch then teaches you how to launch diagnostic walkthroughs and analysis formulas to identify issues in your funnel before they become problematic. You are also taught how to tweak your pages and messages to automatically launch as enlightenment for musicians.

Ones and Zeros 101

data musicians

Ones and Zeros 101 is a program by Indepreneur which promises to teach you how to profit from an album release and at the same time grow your number of subscribers with new customers and fans.

The program first gives you an in-depth analysis of audience data and teaches you how you can master it. You are then taught the data tools used to acquire and monetize music fans. You then learn to understand why activity data and audience data are the most valuable asset in any business.

Ones and Zeros 101 also gives guidelines on how you can properly configure and install your Google Analytics tracking on your YouTube channel and on your website. You also learn to know what Facebook Pixel does and how you can properly install it on your website to enable custom conversions and dynamic retargeting. You also get to learn how to install Facebook’s standard events code to enable you to track every subscriber and sale back to the source.

Ones and Zeros 101 also provides you with information on how to use Facebook’s data tools to track your website activity, revenue, listeners, interests, audience demographics, sign-ups, and more. You also get an entire crash course on the Google Analytics dashboard and how the campaigns, pages, and traffic sources are revealed. You are also taught how to track Messenger/email subscribers.

Ones and Zeros 101 also enables you to learn more about listener and fan data and prepares you for the new music business. You also get to learn about data points which help you save a lot of time and money looking at metrics which do not matter.

Fan Page Optimization

fanpage optimization

Fan Page Optimization is another of Indepreneur’s programs which provide information on how to convert your Facebook fan page from being inactive to being a gateway for converting new listeners.

It provides you with a breakdown of Edgerank, a Facebook Algorithm, and information on how it works. It also teaches you why the limiting of organic reach is actually advantageous to you and how you can utilize the newest page tools to your advantage. You are also taught to understand why a huge percentage of artist pages are useless and how you can make yours attract new listeners.

Fan Page Optimization also teaches you to configure your artist page to include the essentials and how to correctly write your own bio. It also helps you to get verified on Facebook and create a Vanity URL for your page to help you convert new listeners by having a review strategy.

This program also helps you create a page banner that is conversion-focused in order to convert the most casual page visitors into subscribers. You also get to stop losing the attention of your fans by unlocking the power of your page CTA button. You are also taught how to make your visitors aware of what you have to offer by displaying your top posts first.

Fan Page Optimization also gives you details on how to access the new advanced Page Insights to track your progress and goals better. You are also taught how to use numbers to drive changes. The program also teaches you how to come up with the most creative marketing campaigns.

Free S&H Funnel

merch musicians

The Free S&H Funnel gives you the basics of how to attract many customers by giving away back inventory for free in a manner that you still make a profit.

It teaches you when and why you should use it. It teaches you how to operate a Free S&H Funnel and take an approach to your fan base focused on growth which is based on numbers. You also get an in-depth breakdown of various tech tools which are used by successful online businesses to make a lot of money.

The program also teaches you to make a lot of offers in order to make enough sales. It teaches you to expertly design your Checkout Funnel in order to create customers at a profit.

The Free S&H Funnel provides you with a free funnel template which gives you access to the discounted ShareFunnels account where you can install your webpages. The Free S&H Funnel also enables you to create an order page which has high conversion rates which are designed to minimize distractions and to convert your fans into customers.

It also gives you tips on how to turn fans into customers by using the magic 9-word email. It also teaches you how to organize existing listeners and fans to an audience which you can communicate with. You are also taught how to design and launch a Facebook ad campaign.

The Buddy System

Buddy System indie

Another program which Indepreneur offers is the Buddy System, which aims to teach you how to profit from an album release and increase your number of subscribers with new fans and customers at the same time.

The Buddy System provides you with information on how best to understand any marketing methodology which is driven by relationship-building. It also teaches you to identify marketing methods which are practical and non-practical which apply to both businesses and independent musicians. The Buddy System also teaches you to understand strategies which will fit your marketing needs.

The program also teaches you how to build a fanbase while focusing on a relational perspective instead of a purely transactional perspective. It also teaches you to create a progressive relationship with your audience by providing the 8 steps of the buddy system and the psychology behind each one of them.

The Buddy System also advises you on how to identify the best tour routing and how to plan out your show marketing budget and how to strategize your system such that your music marketing is systematized and automated.

It provides you with everything you need to know before starting your own marketing campaigns. It also helps you to create a community around your fanbase such that your fanbase becomes supportive and builds upon itself over time.

Selling Tickets for Live Shows

Selling Tickets

Selling Tickets for Live Shows is another program by Indepreneur which gives you the nitty-gritty of live show marketing from Ticketing Platforms, Ads and Funnels, and Tour planning.

You get to learn how to use a 2-step direct sales funnel to convince your biggest fans and subscribers to attend your show. The Facebook events and events responses campaigns are crucial in driving social awareness, improving your chances to sell.

Selling Tickets for Live Shows also allows you to use Indepreneur’s tour planning spreadsheet to identify the best tour routes and how to plan out your show marketing budget. You also get to build a TourBot automation workflow which collects data from fans and bookers worldwide.

How to run your Music Business

how to run music business

How to run your Music Business is one of Indepreneur’s programs which helps you profit from your music business. It provides you with an Agile-Scrum framework which you can use to manage your entire music business.

It also teaches you to use the Kanban project management system and Asana for task management to help you focus on things that need the most of your attention. The program also teaches you how to claim your professional domain email and how to control it from the Gmail interface on your device.

Latest additions to the IndiePro library

Email Marketing for Musicians

email marketing musicians

Build an end-to-end automated fan-building sales-generating machine with the power of Email Marketing – and put your list to work!

Content Blitz Blueprint


Learn how to start a podcast, vlog, or weekly live stream and retain your fans attention year-round – become a content master!

IndiePro: The Last Music Marketing Program You’ll Ever Need?

IndiePro logo

For just $37 per month, IndiePro offers the most affordable yet powerful way to become a music marketing expert!

Based on our experience and the feedback of hundreds of other members, this deal is simply a no-brainer for anyone in this industry.

For only $37 per month, you get:

  • Access to ALL the trainings mentioned in this article (+ new guides every month) to make it easy to find a winning campaign strategy that’s right for you and build it. As they say, their trainings are tech-trainings, not overpriced pep-talks that just talk about the theory… Indiepreneur shows you, step-by-step, how to actually get this stuff DONE.
  • Access to members-only live trainings and Q&A sessions with the Indepreneur team (as well as outside experts who actually know what they’re talking about).
  • Access to the private Indies Facebook Group where you’re guaranteed to find the help (and likeminded peers) you need.
  • Access to exclusive deals and discounts on some of the most essential tools and services for musicpreneurs. They have sourced top-professionals in mixing, mastering, and production to get industry-level quality from your music.

That means that just $37/month gives you access to EVERYTHING you need to keep up-to-date on the latest music marketing strategies and tactics that have helped countless Indies grow their fan base.

So what are you waiting for? 😉

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Final Thoughts

Indepreneur is an amazing learning platform which provides very useful marketing strategies to independent artists helping them market their music better. The strategies help their music reach wider audiences and provides several marketing tricks which make the whole process much easier.

Indepreneur is aimed at independent artists who want to gain more listeners and consequently earn more income from their music. So if you fall under that category, don’t waste one more second and grab your IndiePro subscription!

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