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Cosynd Review: Efficient Way to Protect Your Music?


Being a content creator requires wearing a lot of hats. You’ll obviously have to create content, market your content and ensure that you receive credit for your hard work.

While most creators find copyright issues very confusing, it is still very necessary. Copyright protection gives a creator all the rights to not only reproduce the idea and commercialize it but also to be recognized as the creator.

This is why as a content creator, you need basic copyright protection.

The good news is that today, copyright protection does not have to be a physical transaction. With companies like Cosynd, things have become easier than ever.

Here is a detailed look at Cosynd to help you decide whether or not it is worth a shot.

What is Cosynd?

Cosynd is a legal services platform made for creators. It is a copyright protection group that simplifies two tasks for you.

First, it purposes to help you establish ownership of your copyrights. Secondly, it makes it easy for you to register your copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office. 

Most content creators don’t know that when they collaborate with other creators, all of them have an equal claim of ownership. Unfair, right? Creators can prevent this unfair split by using Cosynd’s copyright-related agreement templates.

Cosynd users can create, negotiate terms, and execute content ownership on the platform.

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How does Cosynd Work?

Simply put, Cosynd works by creating split sheets that clearly document ownership by percentage. A split sheet agreement is a document outlining the percentage that each collaborator owns in your work. 

Cosynd also outlines licensing rights. When using Cosynd to create agreements, you are required to follow the following steps:

Choose your content

You need to state what kind of work you created, whether it is musical, video, document/literature or image/visual art.

Select  your people

Organize your collaborators into groups. This makes it easy to create, discuss and implement agreements.

Select your agreement

Here, you can either create a new agreement or add your content to an existing Cosynd agreement. Cosynd has a standard suite of agreements that creators can negotiate and sign on the platform.

There are different types of agreements.

First, there’s the split sheet agreement which lists the percentage each collaborator owns.

The second one is the premium split sheet which establishes extremely important particulars about your content such as which collaborators are allowed to authorize your content, who has permission to use your name, how disagreements are controlled and so on.

The third agreement is the agreements on Work for Hire which summarizes the possession, range, and terms of the work to be completed when collaborating with a solo contractor.

Lastly, there’s the producer Agreement which highlights the scope, terms of work, and possession details between you and a producer as far as song production is concerned.

Select your terms

You will be required to fill out a questionnaire. A draft of your modified agreement will then be sent to your team for their review and input.

Registration of copyrights with Cosynd

Their registration process is very straightforward. You first have to select your content and tell Cosynd about what you want to register.

Give as much detail as possible. The next step is to describe your content. You will need to accurately explain not only how and when you created your content, but also what each person’s contribution amounted to.

This registration gives a public record of your ownership, to curb cases such as theft and loss of income. It can also serve as evidence in court in case anything goes wrong. It is also possible to register more than one title on a single application.

Data verification is the next step. You are required to add and validate the membership of your content.

The final step involves submitting copies of your content directly to Cosynd. Cosynd will file your application online and also work closely with you to resolve any difficulties or questions that may pop up.

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Creating unlimited copyright split sheets with your collaborators is free of charge.

Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office costs $25 per application. This includes the preparation, assessment, e-filing, and management of correspondence with the U.S. Copyright Office as required.

An extra U.S. Copyright Office filing fee of $35 or $55 per application applies.

To purchase a single premium agreement, you are required to pay $35 per agreement. They can be purchased individually without subscribing,

Having a premium subscription costs $150 a year.


  • Faster creation. You obviously want to be done with the organizational tasks as fast as possible for you to get back to creating more content. Luckily, Cosynd processes are very fast. To make the process even faster, you can add new content to already existing agreements. The process is very fast. So whenever you and your team are making something new, you don’t have to create new agreements or schedules.
  • E-Sign. Your agents can all sign your agreements online and have them stored on Cosynd. All your agreements are then kept safe in case you ever need to access them again. You don’t have to collect signatures physically.
  • Negotiate better. The negotiation process is easy on Cosynd. There’s no need for excessive calls, meetings, and emails. All these have been eradicated by consolidating consultations on Cosynd. You are now able to easily recommend terms, keep up to date with changes, have discussions online, and file the same for the sake of future reference. Make sure that everyone is right on track by working as a team to validate terms of agreement and ownership.
  • Easy to verify information. Cosynd requires real e signatures. This makes it easy to verify the contract especially on platforms like YouTube.


  • The platform does not allow collaborators to change their mind about the contract once it is already signed. 



Cosynd is a great platform that content creators can use to protect their work. Creating content is tricky enough without having to worry about people stealing your work.

As a creator, you should document ownership of your copyrights from the beginning of the process. Otherwise, you not only risk not only getting paid, but also losing your content altogether.

Take advantage of platforms like Cosynd to make this process fast and easy.

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