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Hypeddit Review: A Fan Building App for Your Music Career?


The growth of the online community has brought with it the age of music streaming and online radio platforms. Unlike the pre-internet period when an artist had to struggle to get his or her music to a deejay at a radio station or club, artists can now promote their music online through the streaming platforms.

One such platform is Soundcloud which is a darling for many; both artists and music lovers. You have probably set up an account on the platform and are continually uploading some of your new releases there, I did that too and still do. The platform is free and gives a chance for one to grow.

One thing that comes up when using this service, however, is the need to convert the downloads into a fan base that helps you promote your music or consumes it regularly. This has brought about the phenomenon we call fan-gating whereby artists like you and me offer our music for free download in return for a like, comment or share. This is not an easy task though and to help you make it all seamless, comes Hypeddit.

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What is Hypeddit?

Pronounced as “hyped it”, this is a fan-gating platform that helps you convert the downloads on your Soundcloud page to likes or comments. With Hypeddit, you get to move a step further from just sharing your music online and having people download it, to having them react to the music. As an artist, especially a new and upcoming one, reaction to your music means everything.

Creating a strong following starts from this, and this later transforms into more popularity, more consumption of your music and eventually more gigs. Getting likes on your Soundcloud page is a critical step in growing your music career.

You may be familiar with fan-gating from a few years back when Facebook allowed it on their site. If not, then this is what fan gating is all about. It is a way growing your followers and the number of likes that your music gets online. What you do is, you give an incentive to your fans to like your page and in return you allow them to download your music for free. This has to be exclusive and high-quality content. Of course, if you are reading this post, it means that you write and produce good music and that is why you want to bless more eardrums with it. It is a struggle for us artists to get the fans to like our music and therefore such a service as Hypeddit comes in handy.

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My Story

I will share with you a story of my musical journey. It was never easy I must tell you. Getting to where I am right now took tremendous effort and a lot of heart. When I started about five years ago, I had a couple of songs that I had written and some covers that I had done. The covers were doing well and had made me gain some popularity online. But I wanted to move on from just doing covers and releasing my music.

So I took a leap of faith and hit the studio and a month or two after first hitting the studio, I had two tracks out. Being unsigned, call it an independent artist, I had to promote my music. Here, you come to realize that records labels do help, but hey, as I said earlier, it’s all about heart. You can’t keep whining that you do not have a record deal. My greatest inspiration in music, Jay Z, made it without one anyway.

Mind you, back in the 90s; the game wasn’t as easy coming as it is right now. So after failing to get a record deal, I put my fist to my chest and said am doing this solo and am making it big. I went online and started searching for music platforms where I could share my music with fans. That’s when I bumped onto Soundcloud and registered with the streaming service.

After a month, I decided to upload my other track on the platform just to keep the fans on toes and ensure my name does not fade out. The second track did immensely well, and that is when I realized that I needed to do more to retain these fans that I was getting and learn from their feedback and even myself even more. I asked my producer to suggest some ways that I could do this. He told me that without a label this would be hard, but he recommended the use of Hypeddit to help me get more fans. I got home that day from the studio and went online to look for a Hypeddit review. I must admit that I wasn’t even halfway through the review when I opened another tab and started the registration process. What I was reading was, simply put, an answer to all of my questions as a struggling artist.

Once I had registered my account and linked my Soundcloud page to Hypeddit, what happened is the hype I was getting from my music shifted. It shifted from just being noise and intangible numbers to actual figures that I could work with to grow my career as an artist. I got more likes on my Soundcloud page, and my music even got shared on other streaming platforms and thus widening my fan base. It had never crossed my mind that as an unsigned artist I would get airplay and review from international fans, that was just a wild dream back then.


Features of Hypeddit

Enough with the noise about my musical journey, I could talk about that the whole day. Hypeddit has some great features that helped me when I was starting off and still prove valuable even up to now. Some of these features are;

1. Fan Gating

Fan-gating, as I had explained earlier, is a promotion technique whereby you offer fans the chance to download your music in return for a like. Previously, this was just limited to likes, but nowadays it has gone on to include comments, shares, and even emails. These fans become part of a community that helps you to promote your music and have a loyal fan base for each one of your releases.

The fan-gating feature on Hypeddit works on multiple platforms from Soundcloud to YouTube, Spotify, and Mixcloud. This comes in handy in building a wide fan base as listeners may be on one platform and not be on another. With Hypeddit, no matter the platform that your fans are on, you are still able to reach them and get to know what are their sentiments are with regards to your music. The incorporation of multi-platform fan-gating also helps you boost the number of streams that you get online. One thing that is for sure in music is that the increase in streams represents progress which comes in very handy for upcoming artists.

2. Incorporates Algorithms for correct targeting

The best way to build a fan base is by targeting the right people with your music. Once you register on Hypeddit, one thing you can be assured of is that the fan base which you create loves and appreciates your music. Hypeddit prides itself in having enabled the artists on its platforms to create fan gates of up to 7 billion people. All this is achievable through the use of price and accurate digital marketing tools and strategies.

With this level of immersion what Hypeddit does is it allows you the peace of mind of writing and producing your music and them on their end focus on the leg work of getting your music out there for you. The use of real-time analytics makes for an even better fan targeting strategy that yields results for you. Upgrading to the premium package for a monthly fee of $9 promises to make the efficiency of these algorithms 300 times faster. This is something that I have experienced being a member of the platform.

3. Facebook Music Tab

One other stand out feature that you will often see in Hypeddit reviews, and a personal favorite of mine is the Facebook Music Tab. This is a revolutionary feature that allows you to present your music to your fans on Facebook via a custom music tab. This allows the fans to listen to the music and even download it straight from your Facebook page.

Fans can also share the download with friends on their timelines. We all know just how big an influence social media is in the current world. For us artists and creatives, Facebook Music Tab presents an opportunity for growth and Hypeddit is making it all possible through this revolutionary feature.


4. Blog Promotion

People streaming your music online is a good thing, but for any artist out there, getting your songs on playlists and blog reviews is a great thing. Hypeddit has a blog promotion feature that helps you submit your track to playlists on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify.

Additionally, you also get influencer feedback on how your track is performing. This helps you get an extra hand at promoting your music. Influencers have a massive following online and having them give feedback whether positive or negative can do a lot to help you grow your fan base. Taking full advantage of Blog Promotion feature on Hypeddit can be the difference between you making that big break as an artist or remaining in the same spot.

How Hypeddit Works

This service works in a very simple way. You have to have a Soundcloud page in place and a track uploaded to it first. Log on to the Hypeddit site and register your free account. You can choose to upgrade this later for $9 a month. Once you have set up your profile (fan gate), upload your song to it.

You will also need to embed a link to your Soundcloud page, specifically the song to your fan gate. Do the same even for your song on Soundcloud. Embed your fan gate link on the Download button. Now, share the link of your fan gate to as many people and social media platforms as you can. Each time a listener downloads your song from the Hypeddit server, this triggers an action that converts it into a like on Soundcloud. Same goes for when a listener on Soundcloud hits the download button, they get redirected to your fan gate to download the song and the like is activated.


What to Expect

With Hypeddit, the main thing that one can expect is an increase in the number of streams as well as downloads. This is because your music will be shared on multiple platforms and listeners will get a chance to listen to the music and download it. Each download will then convert to a Soundcloud like. You will also get a chance to have your track featured on various playlists on the major streaming platforms and get influencer feedback on it.


  • Free account.
  • Easy registration.
  • A friendly user interface.
  • Effective algorithms


  • Custom page branding is not possible on the free account.

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Final Verdict

The struggle is real for any up and coming artist. Aside from just uploading your music on music streaming platforms, getting a tool that helps you build a community of fans goes a long way in helping you grow.

What Hypeddit does is that it helps you turn listeners into loyal fans that will grow with you in your musical career. You get a chance to turn each download into a like, a share or comment. Get to know what fans feel about your music and what they are saying.

I do not need to mention how valuable feedback can be for any upcoming artist. If you want to write and produce better music, listen to the fans. But first and foremost, get the fans. Register on Hypeddit and let this platform help you reach more fans by using its digital marketing algorithms, fan-gating features, and blog promotions.

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